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Artist: Atheist Album: Elements

Year: 1993
Duration: 41:54

Elements of Music: A of the Album by Atheist

Atheist is a progressive death metal band hailing from Florida. The band is known for its complex and technical music compositions with a unique blend of jazz fusion and metal. Elements of Music is their fourth studio album released in 1993; it features eight tracks containing intense instrumental passages and virtuosic musicianship. In this post, we will provide a of the album, give a brief history of the band and the music genre, determine the best songs of the album, discuss the most innovative parts, and provide a critic of the album.

A brief history of the artist

The band's history dates back to 1984 when Atheist was founded by Kelly Shaefer (vocals/guitar) and Steve Flynn (drums). Their debut album, Piece of Time, hit shelves in 1989 and became an immediate hit among niche metal audiences. Atheist proved its unique approach with jazz-inspired riffing and complex rhythms that set a new benchmark for technical death metal.

Music genre of the album

Elements of Music combines elements of various genres, such as jazz, progressive rock, and death metal. The album features fast rhythmic changes, unusual time signatures, and intricate guitar work that sets Atheist apart from other artists in the genre. The album also includes polyrhythmic drumming, bass-heavy grooves, and jazzy guitar solos that highlight the band's versatility.

The Best Songs of the Album

An Incarnation's Dream, Mineral, and Samba Briza are three standout tracks that showcase Atheist's abilities. An Incarnation's Dream showcases the band's signature sound with intricate riffs and intense drumming. Mineral is a groovy, bass-heavy track with a catchy melody, and Samba Briza features a Latin-inspired feel, thanks to the band's fusion techniques.

The Most Innovative Parts

The Most Innovative Parts

Atheist's music is known for combining complex instrumentation with jazz, funk, and fusion elements. The band stretches their limits on Elements of Music by incorporating speed-picking, odd time signatures, and jazzy melodies. The guitar harmonies and solos on each track are a highlight, especially in songs like Enthralled in Essence. Lastly, the seamless transition from death metal to jazz on Why Bother? reveals the band's musical prowess.

A Critique of the Album

Elements of Music is an album catered to a very niche audience who appreciates technical instrumentation. The album may be difficult to appreciate without a trained ear or without a deep interest in the metal sub-genre. The mixing of jazz, funk, and fusion into death metal may be too experimental for some listeners. As great as the musicianship is, the album lacks catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, which could be a deal-breaker for some.
Atheist's Elements of Music is a masterpiece of technical death metal with jazz and fusion elements. The album features intricate instrumental passages, memorable riffs, and blistering solos that showcase the band's musical prowess. The album highlights Atheist's ability to take the death metal genre to new heights. However, some listeners may find the album too experimental or painful to listen to repeatedly. Overall, Elements of Music stands as a testament to Atheist's technical and musical abilities and is highly recommended for those who love technical and progressive death metal.