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From the music you march to and that youÕd hear in red-lit locales, this musical genre finds the middle road where the piano steals the show, inviting the crowd to dance or just sit back and relax. If you're a fan of classic ragtime music, then you're in luck! There are numerous ways to listen to this wonderful, old- fashioned genre right at your fingertips. From vinyl records to paid streaming services, there are diverse options available for all ragtime fans out there! Plus, several covers and popular hits have been lovingly reinterpreted over the years so that you can hear the music with a hint of modernity. So pick up your turntable, power up the computer, or crack a cold one open: itÕs time to enjoy some swanky ragtime vibes! Ragtime is an old music genre, featuring syncopated or ragged rhythm and polyrhythm. It was born in the African American community in St. Luis, with Ernest Hogan as its father