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Berlin Music Video Awards

Each year, the Berlin Music Video Awards draw music aficionados from across the world for a weeklong celebration of the art of music videos. By bringing together some of the industry's greatest minds and fostering creative collaboration, it serves as an opportunity for both budding musicians and exceptional directors to get noticed. The diverse program includes screenings and award ceremonies featuring content from up and coming musicians as well as established veterans of the craft. Attendees have access to many workshops designed using experimental approaches that aim to highlight and share the very best in current filmmaking talent. As well as these, chances exist to strut your stuff down bthe catwalk or preview upcoming releases during live DJ's sets. Contestants can submit their work into many categories such as Best Director or Best Cinematography, amongst others. With this amazing festival, there is still hope that appreciation for craftsmanship, innovative communication, and originality will continue to be vividly displayed at major events around the globe

Celebrating the Art of Music Videos at the Berlin Music Video Awards
Music videos are an essential part of the music industry. They are the ultimate visual representation of a song, immersing the audience in a world of storytelling and creativity. One celebration of this art form is the Berlin Music Video Awards, which brings together artists, directors, and music lovers from all over the world. With a diverse program of screenings, workshops, and award ceremonies, it is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the latest trends in music and film-making.
The Berlin Music Video Awards is an annual event that celebrates the art of music videos. It offers a platform for both emerging and established musicians and directors to showcase their creativity and talent. The event takes place over a week and features screenings of music videos in different categories. The categories include Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Animation, among others.
The festival is also an opportunity for filmmakers and musicians to participate in workshops that focus on experimental approaches to filmmaking. These workshops are designed to share the latest filmmaking techniques, promote collaborative partnerships, and showcase the most innovative minds in the industry.
One of the unique aspects of the Berlin Music Video Awards is that it isn't just about music and film. It is also a chance for people to interact with fashion, photography, and art. The festival includes a runway show where designers showcase their latest collections, and live DJ sets provide a platform for musicians and DJs to preview their upcoming releases.
Furthermore, the Berlin Music Video Awards supports and encourages cross-cultural collaborations and diversity. It is an inclusive event that nurtures talent from all backgrounds and fosters a community of creativity and inclusivity.
In conclusion, the Berlin Music Video Awards is an excellent event for anyone interested in music, film, fashion, and art. It celebrates the art of music videos and provides a platform for emerging and established artists from around the world. The festival is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and connect with creative minds in the industry. If you love music and culture, this is an event you won't want to miss!



Berlin Music Video Awards, an international festival that honors Music Videos.

Producers, directors, labels, and production companies come together every year at the Berlin Music Video Awards to showcase their nominated music videos and network with other professionals. It's like the Oscars, but instead of films, music videos are celebrated. If you want to learn more about how the festival unfolds, you can read my previous article:
Event not to be missed. here's what's happening in Berlin from june 14th to 17th: music and creativity will take center stage(check it out in this page)

As always, the festival took place at Club Gretchen. The outdoor area was transformed into a meeting zone for interviews and relaxation, providing the perfect opportunity to make new connections while lounging on deck chairs and enjoying food trucks. The first day was quite exciting; it felt like going back to school, but that's what Berlin does—it has a way of evoking past emotions.I had no expectations other than being able to interview some of the artists on the agenda. Shortly after my arrival, I immediately recognized Regine Garnier.
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Event not to be missed. here's what's happening in Berlin from june 14th to 17th: music and creativity will take center stage.

If you already have plans to visit Berlin or if you're considering it, you absolutely mustn't miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most anticipated international festivals of the year.
From June 14th to 17th, Club Gretchen will host the Berlin Music Video Awards. Four days of pure music and more!
It's a unique opportunity to simultaneously meet a mix of established and emerging artists from around the world who will perform live and entertain you with shows and performances.
What makes this festival unique and special is that it won't only feature musicians, singers, and DJs from various music genres, but it will primarily serve as a meeting point for all professionals and enthusiasts in the music and entertainment industry. Producers, directors, labels, and production companies will come together to present their nominated music videos and network with other professionals.
For the eleventh edition of BMVA, the official video selection is divided into 16 different categories. Throughout each day of the event, screenings will be organized based on the respective competition category, interspersed with performances and special events.

You're probably wondering about the structure of the festival. In this article, I'll provide you with the following previews of what to expect:
1. Everything you need to know before attending the Berlin Music Video Awards
2. If you're a film lover, here's who you'll find on the jury deciding the best video of the year
3. Special events and new features for the 2023 edition
4. A final surprise

Everything you need to know before attending the Berlin Music Video Awards
How will the festival days unfold in detail?
What I can guarantee is that every day, starting from 4:30 PM, there will be a succession of various entertainments, including screenings, live music performances, conferences, workshops, and much more.
You will have the opportunity to directly interact with some of the best emerging and established professionals in the music industry.
Of course, there will be food and beverage stands; everything is organized to make your days unforgettable.
Tickets are still available and can be purchased online via Eventbrite or through the Facebook event.
Regarding the categories and nominations of the videos in competition, I would like to highlight some names among the well-known artists who will be present:
• The Weeknd (Best Animation)
• Grimes (Best Art Director)
• Oliver Tree (Most Trashy)
• Sam Smith (Best Cinematography)
• Tayce (Most Bizarre), ospite speciale per l’edizione di quest’anno.

If you're a film lover, here's who you'll find on the jury deciding the best video of the year
here are some prominent names you will find among the jury members who will decide the best video of the year:
Jan Burda: Award-winning Compositing Supervisor in the field of visual effects for film. With a filmography of over 70 films, he has worked on the seventh season of Game of Thrones, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Pacific Rim. Last year, he worked on the Burning Vecna sequence in the fourth season of Stranger Things.
Benjamin Seide: Visual Effects Supervisor, researcher, media artist, and educator. He has contributed to over 100 projects, including short films, commercials, critically acclaimed television series, and feature films by renowned directors such as Wim Wenders, Roman Polanski, JJ Abrams, and notably the acclaimed visual effects of Hugo by Martin Scorsese.
Julia Patey: Canadian director who has been living and working in Berlin for 10 years. In 2018, her video "Art School - Ballerina" won in the BMVA Most Bizarre category. She has collaborated with artists such as Universal Germany, Erika Lust, and Till Lindemann (Rammstein).
These jury members bring their expertise and experience to evaluate and select the best video of the year, adding to the prestige and credibility of the Berlin Music Video Awards.

Special events and new features for the 2023 edition
If what you've read so far isn't enough to meet your expectations, get ready because there will be some not-to-be-missed events and encounters:
The "Glittering Carpet" fashion show on the BMVA runway. Talented fashion designers present some models from their original collections every year. Creativity and style are integral to every music video and performance, so what better opportunity than this to showcase alternative designs?
The conference on artificial intelligence. On June 16th, as part of the "Experimental Culture Day," the first BMVA Summit on the impact of AI on the creative processes of music videos will take place.
The Animation seminar. New for 2023, this seminar will delve into the incorporation and innovations of animation in the current artistic format of music videos.

These special events aim to enhance the overall experience of the festival by offering unique and engaging opportunities for attendees to explore the intersections of fashion, technology, and creativity within the realm of music videos.

Final surprise
If you won't be in Berlin during these days, don't worry, I'll be there for you, and I'll keep you updated with many more articles, interviews, videos, and photos.
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See you soon, Sammy D
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