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Regine Garnier

Unlock the world of African music with Regine Garneir. Her Nigerian R&B and Afrobeat musical styles take you to an intense emotional journey. Explore the afrobeat genre full of diverse vibes and harmonious melodies through Staimusic! Get lost in her captivating sound and experience a unique adventure in music listening. Start playing and be ready to shake your body with Regine's melody!


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Regine Garnier at the Berlin Music Video Awards


Regine Garnier interviewed by our blogger Sammy D


Regine Garnier. How she became a promising singer.

Regine Garnier is one of the promising new talents in the music industry. Born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, she absorbed the vibrant culture of folkloric and Latin rhythms from early childhood. Her music reflects Afrobeat and Latin American styles, even when incorporated into an underground sound, as evident in her latest single Offended.
She currently resides in London and continues her music career by performing live and achieving success day by day. Most recently, her song Without You was nominated for the Best Song category at the Berlin Music Video Awards.
With its reggae and Latin notes, Without You showcases Regine collaborating with Skales, a renowned Nigerian rapper, in the official music video. The energy they convey leaves a lasting impression from the very first listen.
The fresh and summery music made me dance as I listened to it, evoking a wonderful sensation. I had a genuine desire to meet Regine and conduct an interview with her.

Interview with Regine Garnier
My first interview with Regine Garnier was incredibly lively; yes, lively is the adjective that perfectly describes my state of mind. I saw her enter with her manager and followed her from a distance, taking the right moment to introduce myself.
The connection was immediate. Regine is a smiling, spontaneous girl. She makes you feel comfortable right away, and any hesitation I had initially about the success of my proposal for an interview vanished from the moment we greeted each other. After some initial chit-chat, I began asking her questions about her latest work, initiating our interview.
How does it feel to be nominated in the Best Song category with the track Without You at the BMVA?
First and foremost, it was genuinely surprising for me. It makes you feel great. Being recognized and seeing that people appreciate the music you're creating is something that brings happiness and satisfaction. It's my first time in Berlin, and I can say that reaching this point is a significant milestone for me.

Tell us a bit about your story. When did you realize you would become a singer?
I started singing when I was very young, at the age of 11. I loved music and sang out of passion, without thinking that I would pursue a professional career in the industry. During my teenage years, I moved to Paris, and one day I met two guys who asked me to join their group. They were rappers, and I was the singer.
It was exhilarating being together, writing lyrics, and singing... Until one day, one of them came up to me and said, You know, Regine, there's a big opportunity for us to perform at the Music Festival here in Paris. Of course, we went, and that was the first time I performed on stage.
It was so intense that in that precise moment, I realized that was where I belonged and what I wanted to do. From that day on, I never stopped making music.

In the song Without You, you sing alongside Skales. How did you two meet?
It was my producer who connected us to collaborate and shoot the official music video. We hadn't met in person before, not until I went to Nigeria to film the video. It was my first time visiting Nigeria, and it was exciting. Seeing how people live and getting to know their culture was very interesting to me.

What message do you want to convey to your audience through your songs?
Well, there's a fundamental message I want to convey to people, and that is unity. Love creates unity, brings happiness, and brings something special. Many of my songs are about love because it's a feeling that I personally resonate with and want to share.

Another message I feel compelled to give to anyone who wants to pursue a career in music is to never give up. It's a challenging path, but it's not impossible. If you have a dream that truly resonates with you, you have to persevere, not be intimidated, and one day you'll see that something will happen. We all have a destiny, and if we passionately pursue what we truly love, positive results can only be achieved.

For those who would like to start following you, where can they find your songs?
On social media, my profile is visible under the account Regine Garnier Official, and my playlist is available on all music streaming platforms.

Not all of us can put into practice what we want to do, but Regine shows us that with passion and self-confidence, we can achieve seemingly unattainable goals. It's fantastic how circumstances have aligned to bring her
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