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100% made in Italy living and working in Berlin

Let's Dance! That's what you'll often hear if, one day, you will run into me. I don't like boredom and who know me know it very well!

Always passionate about art and in love with music. Too out of tune to sing, but good enough to write, the idea popped into my head during Lockdown. Thinking of unknown talents who have no support and are, very often, unmotivated. Thinking about how lucky I am to live in a city like Berlin, where dreams can still come true.

By sharing nightlife, trends, info on events, and telling stories of those who, by starting to play in the streets, have made music their job, I want to help to increase the Beat to all those who hear the groove inside!

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon

Regine Garnier. How she became a promising singer.
Regine Garnier is one of the promising new talents in the music industry. Born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, she absorbed the vibrant culture of folkloric and Latin rhythms from early childhood...read more
Berlin Music Video Awards, an international festival that honors Music Videos.
Producers, directors, labels, and production companies come together every year at the Berlin Music Video Awards to showcase their nominated music videos and network with other professionals. It's like the Oscars, but instead of films, music videos are celebrated...read more
Tag: Berlin Music Video Awards, festival, interview, Regine Garnier
Event not to be missed. here's what's happening in Berlin from june 14th to 17th: music and creativity will take center stage.
If you already have plans to visit Berlin or if you're considering it, you absolutely mustn't miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most anticipated international festivals of the year. From June 14th to 17th, Club Gretchen will host the Berlin Music Video Awards...read more
Tag: Berlin Music Video Awards, Festival, movies, videos
The music in Berlin has never stopped even with the lockdown. Crossing from La Fête de la Musique to a wide range of streaming events, there's no shortage of rhythm! Remembering the famous song Summer Of ‘69, how would be that lyric if we turn it into Summer Of 2020? Well, certainly not as sparkling as the one proposed by Brian Adams at the time… One thing for sure didn't change...read more
Tag: Berlino, Fête de la Musique 2020, coronavirus, estate
Piero Pirupa, an Italian Dj/Producer of Techno-House, honours the “Bel Paese” by winning the 1st position in the video category “Most Bizzare”. Every year a mix of international artists come together in Berlin to attend the awards ceremony of the “Best Video Of The Year”...read more
Tag: musica a berlino, Berlin Music Video Awards, dj pirupa, techno, house, scena berlinese
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