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The Love-Hate Relationship with Disclosure's Music

Love them or hate them, Disclosure is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable names in music today. Emerging from England's underground house and garage scenes in 2012 with their debut album 'Settle', they have quickly become a commercial success — topping the UK charts with several smash hits and performing at some of the world's biggest festivals...read more
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Understanding the Positives and Negatives of Dirty Vegas' Music

If you have ever been to a nightclub or alt-rock show, then you know the name Dirty Vegas. This English-based electronic dance music trio has released award-winning hits like Days Go By and Electric Love, influencing fans from around the world with their unique style of groovy EDM...read more
Tag: Dirty Vegas, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Soundscape of Controversy: A Look into Dirty Projectors' Creative Approach

Dirty Projectors are a band whose music has drawn admiration and criticism from the indie rock scene. Some say that their music is overly experimental and difficult to follow, while others point out the inventiveness of both their moody lyricism and intricate instrumentation...read more
Tag: Dirty Projectors, music artist, best songs, artist career

Examining Critiques and Praises for Guitar Gods Dire Straits & Eric Clapton

When it comes to guitar gods in the world of music, Dire Straits and Eric Clapton have both earned their right to be mentioned amongst the best. They are two legendary acts that will definitely live on forever but, though they've been showered with exorbitant amounts of praise over the years, there's also a fair bit of criticism that has gone along with them as well...read more
Tag: Dire Straits & Eric Clapton, music artist, best songs, artist career

Trap revolution: How Musicians Can Use Instagram to Build Their Brand?

Promoting your music can feel overwhelming with so many platforms to choose from. But Instagram, with its over 2 billion active users, has emerged as a top choice for musicians looking to get their music heard...read more
Tag: Istagram, brand, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Legacy Of Dire Straits: A Comprehensive Look At The Iconic Rock Band

One of the most iconic rock bands of all time, Dire Straits defined the sound of a generation and continues to stand out in music history. From their first single Sultans Of Swing to their final album On Every Street, Dire Straits demonstrated incredible talent as songwriters and performers throughout their career...read more
Tag: Dire Straits, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Rise and Criticisms of Dir en Grey in Japanese Visual kei

Dir en Grey has been a leader in the Japanese Visual kei genre of music for over two decades, bringing their unique blend of metal and rock influences to an international fanbase. With such a long career, it is no surprise that Dir en Grey has had both its fair share of critics and fans who have embraced the group’s evolution...read more
Tag: Dir en Grey, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Captivating Story of Dionne Warwick - The Queen of Melodic Performance

No matter what generation you are in, chances are most likely that you have heard of the music artist Dionne Warwick. In her long career as a singer and actress she has earned staggering success along with some criticism all while providing us with enjoyable entertainment...read more
Tag: Dionne Warwick, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Divisive Career of Dion: Why He's a Timeless Artist

Dion is the type of legendary singer and performer who has been beloved by fans around the world for decades. Despite his immense success in popular music, he hasn't always received glowing reviews from critics...read more
Tag: Dion, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Legend of Ronnie James Dio: Examining the Controversial Icon of Metal Music

Rising to popularity in the mid-1970s with his iconic heavy metal voice, Ronnie James Dio has become emblematic of hard rock and metal worldwide. With an expansive discography that spans decades and a passionate following, it’s no surprise that many have conflicting views on Dio; some adore him while others find him too loud or even overrated...read more
Tag: Dio, music artist, best songs, artist career

Exploring the Sound of Dinosaur Jr.: Love Them or Hate Them

Dinosaur Jr. has been around for decades, and over that time they've developed a strong fan base, as well as plenty of people who don't particularly like their music...read more
Tag: Dinosaur Jr., music artist, best songs, artist career

The Enduring Legacy of Dinah Washington: A Tribute to a Jazz Legend

Dinah Washington was a legendary American jazz, blues and R&B singer, best known for her innovative style. Though she achieved success in the 1950s that endured long after her passing, she has been overlooked for critical appreciation in recent years...read more
Tag: Dinah Washington, music artist, best songs, artist career

Why Diiv is Both Right and Wrong for Indie Music Scene

Diiv has been a popular name in the indie music-sphere for more than seven years now. With their dreamy and slow post-rock sound, the band led by Z...read more
Tag: Diiv, music artist, best songs, artist career

Digitalism: Changing the Face of Modern Electronic Music

Digitalism have been changing the face of modern electronic music since they burst onto the scene in 2004. Their innovative sound stands apart from anything else out there, earning them both respect and criticism for their unique blend of electro-rock and synths...read more
Tag: Digitalism, music artist, best songs, artist career

Digable Planets - The Iconic Band of the 90s

With their iconic 1990s sound focusing on hip hop, jazz, and soul music influences, Digable Planets has left a lasting impression in the minds of many. The trio which was comprised of Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler alongside Craig “Doodlebug” Irving and Mary Ann “Ladybug Mecca Vieira vocalized amazing hits such as Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat), Rebirth Of Slick (Incense And Candles), and Where I'm From...read more
Tag: Digable Planets, music artist, best songs, artist career
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