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The Musical Impact of Darude: Beyond Sandstorm

When you think about the Finnish music producer, Darude, one word comes to mind - and that word is “Sandstorm”. Yes, its true – this musician has become so closely associated with his bass-dropping trance hit from 1999 that it's almost impossible to hear his name without immediately flashing back to those iconic beats...read more
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Dark Tranquillity: Breaking Down the Depressing Name

With a name like Dark Tranquillity, you would expect them to make music that's super depressing and dark. But despite the name, they actually have some pretty eclectic tunes that will leave you feeling anything but tranquil! And while their lyrics may have slightly morbid subject matter (read: zombie apocalypses relationships gone wrong) it's an interesting twist on classic heavy metal themes—so don't let the doom-and-gloom title make you think otherwise...read more
Tag: Dark Tranquillity, music artist, best songs, artist career

Why People Love (and Hate) Danzig: A Look Into the Iconic Heavy Metal Artist

Are you a fan of Danzig? Do the heavy metal riffs and punk-inspired singing appeal to your musical tastes? Perhaps you just enjoy scaring yourself silly with the artist's dark lyrics. No matter what draws you to his songs, everyone has something both good and bad to say about this unique music artist...read more
Tag: Danzig, music artist, best songs, artist career

Something Critic and Something Good about Danny Brown

Hey, all you music fans! Are you ready to hear two sides of the story? It's time for another one of my Something Critic and Something Good about... series and this time I'm taking a deep dive into Danny Brown...read more
Tag: Danny Brown, music artist, best songs, artist career

A Critical Look at Daniel Bedingfield: The Pros and Cons of His Work

Over the years, singer and songwriter Daniel Bedingfield has been known for his powerful vocal range and eye-catching music videos. But what many music fans may not know is that there are both critiqued aspects as well as praised characteristics of this notoriously entertaining artist...read more
Tag: Daniel Bedingfield, music artist, best songs, artist career

Setting the Record Straight on D'Angelo's Underrated Tracks

If there is one thing that history can agree on, it's that D'Angelo has a unique sound. His soulful voice, exceptional songwriting ability and funky production are unmatched and have earned him the respect of the music industry - no small feat considering he debuted in 1995! But there are also plenty of critics out there who will gladly share their less than favorable opinion about D'Angelo's work...read more
Tag: D'Angelo, music artist, best songs, artist career

Damian Marley: The Good and the Bad of a Reggae Icon

Damian Marley is one of the biggest international reggae stars in the world, and his distinct style has been influencing generations since he first stepped into the music scene. Whether you love him or hate him (and let’s be honest here—there are very few people who don’t have some sort of opinion about his music!), this blog post will take a look at both the good and bad that Mr...read more
Tag: Damian Marley, music artist, best songs, artist career

Daft Punk: A Look Into The Iconic French Duo's Career

What would be a better way to start the week than talking about two of music’s most iconic figures, Daft Punk? That’s right--we are going to take some time today to discuss something critical and something good about this dynamic French duo. We'll dive into their history, successes, couple controversies they made along the way as well as explore why many of us still groove to their entrancing beats! So if you're curious about what makes these enigmatic robots tick musically speaking - or simply want some feel-good jams - then strap in because it's gonna be an electro adventure! Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo...read more
Tag: Daft Punk, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Enigmatic Soundscapes of Daedelus

Ahh, Daedelus. For those who are unfamiliar with the artist's work, one could say he is a bit of an enigma - creating music that ranges from distinctly experimental to even classical styles and has won him acclaim from both critics and fans...read more
Tag: Daedelus, music artist, best songs, artist career

Cypress Hill – A Controversial Legend of the Music Industry

With their unique blend of hip hop, rap, and Latin influences Cypress Hill has been making waves in the music industry since they burst onto the scene in 1988. From empowering social messages to raw lyrics about street life, this notorious rap group have developed a cult following throughout the years...read more
Tag: Cypress Hill, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Unforgettable Cyndi Lauper: An Ode to Quirkiness and Experimentation

If you’ve never heard of the multi-talented, one and only Cyndi Lauper, then you must be living under a rock! The singer-songwriter and iconic 80s figure has given us some of the catchiest pop songs that light up our playlists to this day. But even though most fans are aware of her chart success, there have been times when critics have felt her music was a little too quirky or experimental for their taste...read more
Tag: Cyndi Lauper, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Impact of Curtis Mayfield's Music: A Retrospective Look

Curtis Mayfield may be best known for his smooth soul sounds and positive messages about empowerment, but if you take a closer look at this legendary musician’s body of work there's quite a lot to uncover. From being criticized for trying too hard to push the boundaries of traditional music genres on one hand, to being praised as an unparalleled master of ‘smile power’ on the other hand, Curtis has undeniably left an indelible mark in the world of music...read more
Tag: Curtis Mayfield, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Love and Criticism of Cursive: A Look into the Indie-Rock Scene

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like for a band from the indie-rock scene to be considered one of the coolest acts in modern music, then look no further than Cursive. It seems that nearly everyone has an opinion on this Nebraska-based quartet, and while there are critics who say Cursive should have stayed underground forever, there are plenty of fans out there who are singing their praises...read more
Tag: Cursive, music artist, best songs, artist career

Culture Beat: A Look Back at Their Musical Legacy

If you're a fan of 90s' music, then one artist that likely pops into your mind is Culture Beat. These Euro-dance trailblazers were part of an era when club beats collided with synthpop – a match made in musical heaven! But it's impossible to deny that while some of their tunes have definitely stood the test of time, others haven't necessarily lived up to expectations...read more
Tag: Culture Beat, music artist, best songs, artist career

Beyond the Wall of Sound: Understanding and Appreciating Cult Of Luna

It's no secret that Cult Of Luna is one of the most highly divisive metal bands out there, with countless fans and critics alike debating their merits both musically and lyrically. While some praise them for producing complex works filled with intense emotions, others lambaste their habit of never deviating from their signature sound...read more
Tag: Cult Of Luna, music artist, best songs, artist career
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