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The Dark Side of 2Pac: Questionable Decisions of a Hip-Hop Icon

Do you remember when 2Pac was the king of hip hop? While he's had many hits and iconic albums, today we're going to take a step back and throw a little shade on ol' Tupac. Hold onto your hats because it is time to be critical of one of rap's greatest icons! Even though his legacy will live on forever in our hearts, you have to admit that there were some questionable decisions made during his time as hip-hop royalty...read more
Tag: 2Pac, music artist, best songs, artist career

An Honest Critical Reflection on the Music Group 2 Unlimited

Who remembers the 90's music group 2 Unlimited? Chances are if you lived through the era, you probably heard their hit songs more times than you can count. Whether it was on the radio or at a family gathering, it seemed like they were everywhere! While we may have enjoyed singing along to their catchy lyrics and beats, let’s take a look at their not-so-stellar efforts with an honest critical reflection of this once iconic music act...read more
Tag: 2 Unlimited, music artist, best songs, artist career

16 Horsepower - Are They Really That Great?

If you find yourself randomly singing along to a melancholic folk-rock tune from the late 90's, there is no doubt in my mind that it'll be one of 16 Horsepower's iconic songs! From their original line up to their band controversial and unpredictable break-up, this Colorado 3-piece is nothing short of cultural royalty. But while they may have created some truly remarkable music over the years, let me tell you why I think these legends often get too much praise...read more
Tag: 16 Horsepower, music artist, best songs, artist career

Why 10cc Isn't As Perfect As You Think

Are you a fan of classic rock? If so, chances are good that the 1970's British band 10cc has come up in conversation. From their hit songs like I'm Not in Love to deep cuts like Rubber Bullets, they have become one of the most recognizable and beloved bands of their era...read more
Tag: 10CC, music artist, best songs, artist career

Unpacking the Strange Tricks of And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

Ah, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. The definitive post-punk rock band known for their cinematically bombastic live performances and their ambition to push the envelope just a little bit farther than generations prior...read more
Tag: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, music artist, best songs, artist career

Exploring the Quirky World of John Martyn

Ever heard of John Martyn? No? Well, you don't have to be too disappointed - even though this musical legend has some truly beautiful and timeless tunes, he's not without his quirks that make him a bit of an acquired taste. Don't worry if your head is already spinning at the thought; just sit back, relax, and join us as we take a tour through the rocky world of what it means to really be a fan of John Martyn...read more
Tag: John Martyn, music artist, best songs, artist career

Mexican Music Is Taking Over the World

Music is a universal language that brings people together regardless of race, nationality, or background. Throughout the years, we have seen the rise of different music genres that have gained worldwide recognition and success...read more
Tag: world music, universal, mexican music, peso pluma

The Pitfalls of AI in Music: Why It’s Not the Future You Think

Recently, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music has gained popularity. Using AI to create music promises to streamline the music-making process and revolutionize the music industry...read more
Tag: Ai music, future of the music, artificial intelligence, Creativity

The (Hed) Pe Musical Career: A Critical Review

Are you ready to break down the musical career of the controversial (Hed) Pe? We all know them for their crazy blend of punk rock, hip-hop, rap metal and reggae, but the real question is – should we even be talking about them at all? We’ll take a close look at their music and discuss whether they are worth our attention or not. Prepare yourselves for an honest opinion that has been fueled by an abundance of research...read more
Tag: (Hed) Pe, music artist, best songs, artist career

Elvis' Manager Keeps the King of Rock 'n' Roll from Going Global

Elvis Presley's music has spanned generations, but the King of Rock 'n' Roll never had the chance to entertain audiences outside of North America. That's because his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, refused to let him tour internationally due to his own legal issues...read more
Tag: Elvis Presley, Colonel Parker, King of Rock 'n' Roll, music facts

A Reflection on the Past Decade (2010) of Music: Good Times or Great Ones?

It's been 10 long years since we all tried to look cool at those high school dances, argued over which soda was better (I'm still #TeamMountainDew) and dreamed of some day making our mark on the world. While it may have taken us a decade to get here, there are undeniably some things that haven't changed much in the ten-year span - like music...read more
Tag: 2010, last decade, music chart, trends

Italian Trap - A Ferocious Blend of Passion and House Beats

Italy is home to some of the world's most iconic musical genres, such as opera and classical music. However, there's a new genre on the scene that's taking Italy by storm - Italian Trap...read more
Tag: Italian Trap, deep basslines, italy, trap

Get to Know Gangsta Rap: The History, Major Artists & Best Songs

ake a deep dive into this controversial rap genre and get the lowdown on its evolution. Learn about the biggest artists in gangsta rap, their top songs, and explore both sides of the debate...read more
Tag: gangsta rap, hip hop music, violence, Compton

Beyoncé: Love or Loathe?

Beyoncé is a household name, there's no arguing that. But what is it about her music that makes it so popular? Is it the catchy lyrics, the dance-worthy tunes, or the inspiring messages? Many music listeners have become die-hard Beyoncé fans over the years, while others remain skeptical of her success...read more
Tag: Beyoncé. love, pop star, review, singer

Blink 182: The Evolution of a Punk Band

Blink 182 is a pop-punk band that rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s. They started as a small, local punk band but soon became a household name with their catchy anthems and energetic live shows...read more
Tag: Blink 182, punk band, critic, punk rock, comercial
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