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The Many Quirks of Camille Saint-Saëns: A Composer Too Clever for His Own Good

For those of you familiar with the works of Camille Saint-Saëns, one thing is for sure: it certainly won’t be a bore! Despite being formally trained at the Paris Conservatory during his younger days and later garnering much critical and popular acclaim in classical music circles, there are still plenty of quirks to admire about this iconic 19th century French composer. From his trademark 'shadowy mysticism' to absurdly lame puns, we'll explore in this blog post why Camille Saint-Saëns may just have been too clever for his own good sometimes…Classical music often gets the reputation of being serious and stuffy, but Camille Saint-Saëns breaks that mold...read more
Tag: Camille Saint-Saëns, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Beauty of Imperfection: Why Camera Obscura Is a Musical Masterpiece

If you're listening to Camera Obscura, you might not realize that we are witnessing a musical masterpiece- – or rather an unmasterpiece. While some would argue that the artist is upending traditional rules of sound and introducing something new, others may take pause at Camera Obscura's questionable inflections and lyrical inaccuracies...read more
Tag: Camera Obscura, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Obscurity of Cameo's Music: A Deep Dive into What Makes Him Unique

Let's just face it. When we listen to Cameo, something feels disappointing … and it has nothing to do with the band...read more
Tag: Cameo, music artist, best songs, artist career

Why We Love and Cringe at Calvin Harris feat. Example's Music

If you’re looking to make your next party pop, look no further than Calvin Harris feat. Example! With catchy lyrics and a bouncy beat, this music artist is sure to get the dance floor moving - but don't let all the fun fool you...read more
Tag: Calvin Harris Feat. Example, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Quirky Side of Calvin Harris - 5 Hilarious Moments

It's no secret that Calvin Harris has been on top of the music scene since his debut hit ''We Found Love'', but let’s be real here: he has some…interesting quirks. From his questionable fashion choices, to the often overproduced sound of his tracks, it’s hard not to laugh at him every once in a while...read more
Tag: Calvin Harris, music artist, best songs, artist career

Let's take a critical look at Calle 13: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected

If you’re a fan of Calle 13, prepare yourself for something unexpected; I’m about to launch into an entirely different way of looking at one of Latin America's most popular and talented artists. While everyone else is out singing Calle 13’s praises, it’s time to take off the rosy-colored glasses and take a look from another perspective – with just a touch of humor! Come along on my journey as I critique this unique musician who has made such an impact in the Latin music scene...read more
Tag: Calle 13, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Great Cake Deception: Why We Keep Listening to Cake's Subpar Music

Cake is a music artist the world loves - or maybe we’re just too scared to tell them that their songs aren’t all they think they are. We can all agree at least one of Cake's singles should have never made it past the recording studio, and yet here we are head-bobbing along with laughter in our hearts for an artist that still insists on putting out subpar tracks...read more
Tag: Cake, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Funniest Critiques of Cage The Elephant's Edgy Tracks

Cage The Elephant has been a renowned icon in the music industry since his debut album back in 2008, but even die-hard fans have to admit that not all of their songs could make your feet tap. While some may call them edgy, others argue that too much artistic license can ruin an otherwise good track -- after all, sometimes less is more...read more
Tag: Cage The Elephant, music artist, best songs, artist career

Want to Understand Why Some Caetano Veloso Fans Are Disappointed? Let’s Talk About It.

If you’re a fan of Caetano Veloso’s music, stop reading this post right now. The singer-songwriter from Brazil is known for his passionate delivery and unique genre-mixing sound, but this post isn’t here to sing the praises of one of Latin America's most influential artists...read more
Tag: Caetano Veloso, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Truth about Cab Calloway's Singing Voice

If you like jazz, chances are pretty good that you know who Cab Calloway is. He was a renowned figure and musician in the 1930s swing era, often referred to as The Hi De Ho Man due to his unique way of talking during performances...read more
Tag: Cab Calloway, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Not-So-Great Things About C2C: A Humorous Critique

Do you consider yourself a C2C fan? If your answer is yes, then there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve found yourself jamming out to one of their jams before. While it's hard not to appreciate the slick samples and the signature sound they bring with each release, there are still some things about this particular artist we can all poke fun at...read more
Tag: C2c, music artist, best songs, artist career

Laughing at Ourselves: Hilarious Observations about Buzzcocks

If you're a lover of loud guitars and catchy lyrics, then you've probably been an ardent fan of the historical punk rockers, Buzzcocks. From their revolutionary artistic style to their extended discography of tunes, there's no denying that they made an impressive mark on the music industry and its culture...read more
Tag: Buzzcocks, music artist, best songs, artist career

Shake Up Your Playlists with Busy P

Are you feeling like your music playlists have been getting a bit stale and repetitive? Well then, perhaps it's time to shake things up with some of Busy P’s beats! Whether you're just familiarizing yourself with this French producer or he's already in constant rotation on your daily drive, get ready for an entertaining ride as we dive deep into the remarkable artistry (or shall I say shenanigans?) of the one and only Busy P.As a music listener, we all have our favorite playlists that we listen to on repeat...read more
Tag: Busy P, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Phenomenon of Bush: Why You Should Give Them a Chance

If you’re a lover of music, then chances are you've heard of the phenomenon that is Bush. While many people can agree that he has had some major hits and released some amazing songs over the years, there is one thing that we can all agree on – if ever given the opportunity to write a sternly worded critique about his music career, it would more than likely end up being an absolute page-turner! Seriously though, while millions of listeners around the world have embraced Bush's musical creations with open arms, there are still those skeptics who remain unconvinced by his work...read more
Tag: Bush, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Critique of Burzum: Analyzing the Controversial Norwegian Black Metal Artist

If you're a fan of Burzum, the Norwegian black metal artist, then brace yourself – this post's about to get pretty rough. But fear not; we don't come with any malicious intent nor do we seek to cast any aspersions on his music! Quite the contrary - while much of Burzum's work has been embraced and adored by millions throughout its lifespan, there are plenty of people out there more than willing to poke some holes in it...read more
Tag: Burzum, music artist, best songs, artist career
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