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Tippa Irie (real name Anthony Henry) is a British reggae singer and DJ from Brixton, South London. He first came to prominence in the early eighties as an MC on the South London reggae soundsystem Saxon Studio International.
Taking a Closer Look at Tippa Irie: A Reggae Legend
When it comes to reggae music, Tippa Irie is an icon. Raised in London, this British-born artist has made a name for himself in the industry, captivating audiences with his distinct sound and powerful lyrics. With over three decades in the game, Tippa Irie has won the hearts of many music lovers and there's no doubt that he's here to stay. In this blog post, we'll dive into Tippa Irie's musical biography, explore some of his best songs, talk about his music genre, touch on some of his famous concerts, and share a critic's thoughts on his work. Get ready for some music education!
Tippa Irie: A Musical Biography
Born in London, Tippa Irie, whose birth name is Anthony Henry, grew up listening to music that would end up shaping his own sound. Over time, he discovered his love for reggae, dancehall and dub music and started performing for audiences at local clubs and dance halls. In the 1980s, after working as a DJ on various pirate radio stations, Tippa Irie's career took off. He became known for his distinctive fast-chat style, which incorporated elements of Jamaican patois, and appeared on tracks with some of the biggest names in reggae music. After releasing his debut album, Is it Really Happening to Me in 1986, he continued to release music at a consistent pace and became a reputable musician in the reggae scene.
Tippa Irie's Best Songs
It's hard to pick just a few of Tippa Irie's best songs because he has so many great tracks. However, some of the most memorable include Hello Darling, Complain Neighbour, and It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best. These songs showcase his ability to blend social commentary, humor, and cultural references in his music, which has really helped to set him apart from other artists in his space.
Tippa Irie's Music Genre
Tippa Irie is known for his contribution to the dancehall/rub-a-dub genre of reggae music, which incorporates the use of digital instrumentation and sounds. He's also known for his fast-chat style, which incorporates elements of toasting and call-and-response techniques.
Famous Concerts
Tippa Irie has performed at many well-known events and festivals throughout his career. In 2011, he performed at the Notting Hill Carnival, one of the largest street festivals in Europe, and regularly performs at events such as Samfest, Bestival and ReggeaGeel.
A Critic's Review
According to critics, Tippa Irie's music is both uplifting and socially conscious. It's not just about partying, but about spreading awareness about the struggles of everyday people. His music is also renowned for its ability to bring people from various cultural backgrounds together, and is credited for its contributions to British music. Overall, critics agree that Tippa Irie is a reggae legend with a career that has stood the test of time.
If you're a lover of reggae music, then Tippa Irie is definitely an artist that you should have on your radar. He's made a name for himself through his distinct sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful performances, and has managed to stay relevant throughout his career. By looking deeper into his biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic's review, it's easy to see why Tippa Irie has become such an important figure in the reggae music industry. So, go ahead and stream some of his music, and let yourself be transported into the reggae world of one of the greatest fast-chat style DJs of all time.
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2024-08-11 h: 19:00
Jazz Cafe
London, UK
1 - Lyric Maker
2 - Hello Darling
3 - Rebel On The Roots Corner
4 - Complain Neighbour
5 - Sleng Teng Finish Already
6 - It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best
7 - All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme
8 - Robotic Reggae
9 - Tippa Vex
10 - Left The Tippa
11 - Ready Fi Tippa
12 - Everyday
13 - War
14 - Praises
15 - Football Hooligan
16 - It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best
17 - Bad Boy
18 - Talk The Truth


2024-08-11 h: 19:00
Jazz Cafe
London, UK
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