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These New Puritans

We've spoken about them before but let's take another look: These New Puritans. Their artistic and musical history is an incredible one. We don't know much about the future, but we can wax poetic over some of their best songs and albums. From fierce techno rhythms to spacious ambient soundscapes, they deliver something enthralling every time; a sonic journey into effortless yet often melancholic composition. Let's delve into their vast discography, a rich palate of electro dreaminess just waiting to tantalize your ears!

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Lost Angel




These New Puritans: The Innovative Sound of The Modern Music Industry

Listeners, if you have been looking for a new and captivating artist to listen to then look no further – These New Puritans are revolutionizing the modern music industry. From their unique blend of styles that incorporate elements from experimental pop, post-punk and art rock, they continuously push the boundaries of traditional genre conventions and create something truly remarkable. Not only is this English band passionate about creating innovative sounds but also striving to deliver complex layers of artistic messages in each song. Although some may be critical towards their nonconformist sensibilities or divisive lyrical content – there is plenty to appreciate about These New Puritans’ revolutionary sound and multifaceted approach towards creative expression. Read on as we go one step further by discussing both something critic and something good about this exciting artist!

Innovation in music often comes once in a while, and These New Puritans are no exception. The band, hailing from England, has made their mark in the music industry with their unique blend of experimental pop, post-punk, and art rock styles. It's no wonder that they have gained a considerable following in recent years. Not only do they create powerful, innovative sounds, but they also pack layers of artistic messages in each song. However, like any groundbreaking music artist, they have also faced criticism. Today, we will discuss both the good and the bad when it comes to These New Puritans.

One of the criticisms leveled against These New Puritans is their nonconformist sensibilities. Some listeners may find their music to be too edgy or inaccessible, especially for people whose taste leans more towards mainstream music. But, this may also be a strength of the band, as their music has a certain rawness and unpredictability that sets them apart from their peers. They have been able to maintain their indie vibe even as their popularity grows.

One big positive to consider about These New Puritans is the way they push the boundaries of genre conventions. Their music is a mix of so many styles, intricate and often dense. They are not afraid to experiment nor are they afraid to take chances with their music. Their music features complex layers of sound that may take several listens to fully unpack. It’s fascinating how they can make it all come together with such a powerful, relevant message that touches the lived experiences of many people today.

Another area where These New Puritans shine is the uncompromising, divisive lyrical content in their songs. Their lyrics often deal with topics like politics, love, and life in the contemporary world. But, these lyrics may not be for everyone, as some people may consider them to be too avant-garde and out of touch in some cases. However, others may find the lyrics to be both insightful and thought-provoking, with a unique perspective that offers a refreshing reflection of society.

Another positive to note is how these songs all tie-in ultimately to one overarching concept, both in themes and sound. This is quite remarkable when you consider how many artists tend to create a series of unrelated singles devoid of cohesion. With These New Puritans, you don't just get a song; you get a whole experience.

There are pros and cons when it comes to These New Puritans, as with any modern artist. The band is not a one-dimensional musical group, and they're not afraid to go where others have not dared to go. On the flip side, to many, they may be too unconventional or divisive that grabbing the attention of many music lovers worldwide. However, leaving behind the status quo and doing what's never been done before is at the very core of what music innovation is about. These New Puritans have proven themselves capable of doing exceptional things musically, and their revolutionary sound is something that will undoubtedly win them more fans worldwide, even among the naysayers. They have already established themselves as one of the most vital and innovative modern bands out there today, and chances are they are not even done making their mark yet.
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1 - Elvis
2 - We Want War
3 - Colours
4 - Attack Music
5 - Hologram
6 - Swords Of Truth
7 - Three Thousand
8 - Time Xone
9 - Fragment Two
10 - En Papier
11 - Infinity Ytinifni
12 - Numerology (aka Numbers)
13 - Mkk3
14 - Canticle
15 - White Chords
16 - 5
17 - Costume
18 - Navigate-colours
19 - The Light In Your Name
20 - Organ Eternal
21 - V (island Song)
22 - Spiral
23 - Drum Courts - Where Corals Lie
24 - Nothing Else
25 - Dream
26 - Orion
27 - Fire-power
28 - Doppelgänger
29 - This Guy’s In Love With You
30 - £4
31 - C. 16th ±
32 - Field Of Reeds
33 - Infinity Vibraphones
34 - Into The Fire
35 - Where The Trees Are On Fire
36 - Inside The Rose
37 - Anti-gravity
38 - Beyond Black Suns
39 - Chamber
40 - Lost Angel
41 - A-r-p
42 - Six
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