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White Lies: A Journey Through Their Musical Biography
For those who love indie rock music, you’ve probably heard of the band White Lies. They are a British trio consisting of singer and bassist Charles Cave, guitarist Harry McVeigh, and drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown. Since their formation in 2007, they have released five studio albums, each with a distinct sound and style. With their rich vocals and guitar riffs, White Lies has become one of the most respected acts in indie rock music.
At the beginning of their career, White Lies released their first single, Unfinished Business in 2008 in the UK. This single became an instant hit, and their debut album, To Lose My Life released in 2009, introduced the band to the world. The album reached number one in the UK music charts and spawned the hit singles, Farewell to the Fairground and To Lose My Life. With the album’s darker, post-punk sound, it was no surprise that music critics hailed them as the heirs to Joy Division.
In 2011, White Lies released their second album, Ritual which showed a slower, darker sound, placing emphasis on synth and atmospheres. With tracks like Bigger Than Us and Strangers, the album showcased McVeigh's powerful vocals and the band's ability to create an ambiance that had not been explored in their previous works.
The release of Big TV in 2013 marked a turning point for the band. The album had a more experimental sound that allowed them to venture further from their post-punk origins. The album's strength lies in the interconnected stories woven throughout and imaginative lyrics, making it a remarkable addition to their discography.
In 2017, they released their fourth album, Friends, which saw the band head in an entirely new direction with a completely different feel. With more upbeat and positive vibes, it was refreshing to see the guys step out of their comfort zone. Tracks like Take It Out On Me and Don’t Want To Feel It All are excellent examples of their upbeat, synth-pop sound.
Most recently, they released their fifth studio album, Five in 2019. Its a resonant album that has a more massive sound produced by Ed Bueller (previously worked with Arctic Monkeys) the album features rock anthems and lyricism that tackles perception, the illusion of the future, and working hard to achieve what might not be feasible. The track Tokyo is a stand-out song with an intro that feels unique to their earlier sound.
In conclusion, it’s easy to see why White Lies has become one of the best indie rock bands; the band's ability to experiment and innovate while maintaining their distinctive sound is impressive. They have proven time and time again that they can evolve their music while still retaining their trademark atmosphere and sound. Moreover, their catalog offers a diverse selection of music catering to a wide range of audiences. Whether you’re a fan of post-punk rock or synth-pop, White Lies music spans both worlds. They are the perfect band to check out if you’re looking for music with personality, atmospheric soundscapes, and powerful lyrics.
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The Musical Odyssey of White Lies: A Journey Through Influences, Famous Albums, and Iconic Songs

Music sets the tone of our lives. It accompanies us through all types of emotions, whether we’re getting ready for a workout, dancing like no one is watching or even mourning the loss of someone dear to us. And when it comes to White Lies, the British indie band has known its way around our musical souls for over 10 years. Tom McFarland, Charles Cave, and Harry McVeigh are the masterminds behind this successful trio that has shaken the music scene since their beginnings. In this article, we will dive into the musical odyssey of White Lies, to explore their influences, most famous albums and songs.

White Lies made their way to the scene back in 2007. Right from their first performances, their style was described as a throwback to the early 80s era of post-punk, goth, and new wave. However, their first album To Lose My Life stands on its own, not only due to the music, synthesizers, and keyboards but also thanks to its themes of death, darkness, and escape. The public instantly felt the energy and the emotions behind this sound, and the band became an instant success with singles like To Lose My Life, Unfinished Business and Farewell to the Fairground.

White Lies’ sophomore album, Ritual, was released in early 2011, representing a shift towards more diverse rhythms and a livelier vocal presence by Harry McVeigh. This brought more overall diversity to the sound of the band. The single Bigger than Us was the perfect introduction, an already well-known hit that set the tone for the album. With songs like Bad Love, Holy Ghost, and The Power & The Glory the album showcased their musical prowess and cemented their place in the musical landscape.

Their third album Big TV, released in 2013, presented a sound that still feels familiar to White Lies fans. However, their overall sophistication matured, with lyrics delving into deeper themes and more complex song structures. The hit single There Goes Our Love Again is undoubtedly one of the most iconic compositions of the band, and it is impossible to resist its reverberating beats and unforgettable melodies. The album also features other top hits like First Time Caller and Don't Want to Feel It All.

In 2016 the White Lies released their fourth album Friends. A striking return to the band's roots, combining slow burners with 80's pop in a way that only White Lies can deliver. With its new wave/ post-punk sound, the band pushed their limits, exploring trails that led to the synthy and dark Take It Out On Me'' and the indie rock anthem Hold Back Your Love. Overall, the album’s themes were profound, exploring loneliness, loss, identity and challenging the notion of what a friend even means.

White Lies' musical odyssey is a journey worth experiencing. Across their four albums, they created music that is an ode to the past while infusing it with their own unique flair. From the early days of To Lose My Life to the more recent Friends, the band has set themselves apart from other bands with their musical elegance and thought-provoking lyrics. It is impossible to choose a single favorite album or track from this haunting British group. From hits like To Lose My Life’’ and ‘’There Goes Our Love Again to deeper cuts like Holy Ghost and ‘’Don't Want to Feel It All, White Lies has a song for every mood and every emotion, making them a band that will stay with us for years to come.
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1 - To Lose My Life
2 - Death
3 - Farewell To The Fairground
4 - Unfinished Business
5 - A Place To Hide
6 - From The Stars
7 - Fifty On Our Foreheads
8 - The Price Of Love
9 - Bigger Than Us
10 - Nothing To Give
11 - Strangers
12 - Is Love
13 - Holy Ghost
14 - Peace & Quiet
15 - Streetlights
16 - Bad Love
17 - The Power & The Glory
18 - Turn The Bells
19 - There Goes Our Love Again
20 - Come Down
21 - Death (crystal Castles Remix)
22 - Getting Even
23 - First Time Caller
24 - Mother Tongue
25 - Change
26 - Space I
27 - Be Your Man
28 - Tricky To Love
29 - Goldmine
30 - Heaven Wait
31 - Space Ii
32 - Numb
33 - Taxidermy
34 - To Lose My Life (filthy Dukes Remix)
35 - Actors In The Park
36 - Keep It Together
37 - Goldrush
38 - Bringing Me Down
39 - Big Tv
40 - You Still Love Him
41 - Death (chase & Status Remix)
42 - Come On
43 - Morning In La
44 - Don't Want To Feel It All
45 - Swing
46 - Take It Out On Me
47 - E.s.t.
48 - Hold Back Your Love
49 - Tokyo
50 - Is My Love Enough?
51 - Only Ones Who Know (arctic Monkeys Cover)
52 - Time To Give
53 - Summer Didn't Change A Thing
54 - Death (chase & Status Remix)
55 - Believe It
56 - Falling Out Without Me
2019: Five
2016: Friends
2013: Big Tv
2011: Ritual
2005: White Lies


Trondheim, Norway
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