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The Roots

The Roots have produced hits and albums throughout their illustrious career as one of the leading hip hop groups. From their Grammy Award nomination for You Got Me to highly acclaimed tracks like The Seed (2.0) and How I Got Over; there is no denying that The Roots' music represents the epitome of soulful vibes through funky tunes and beats. Throughout the decade, they have continued to hold a special place within the industry with its consistently strong discography delivering nostalgia to their fans all over the world. Their masterfully crafted tunes hold some of the most memorable hooks while often pushing certain boundaries. Simply put, they loom large as pioneers in lots of flavors pertinent to U.S. rap music today, proving themselves time after time as champions of rhythms, versatility, and lyricism mentioned amid multiple subgenres!


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Unpacking the Genius of The Roots: Critiques and Praises

When looking at popular music artists, it is often difficult to not be a bit critical of their sound and style. This is especially true of The Roots - an iconic hiphop group out of Philadelphia who have been making timeless music since the late 90’s. A lot can be said about their musicality and production choices to critique, but one cannot deny that they have had an incredible influence on modern rap culture with their genre-blending beats and socially aware lyrics. In this post, we will explore something critical, as well as something good in regards to The Roots so readers can learn more about why they have become household names all over the world!

The Roots have been an outstanding presence in the rap community since their emergence in the late 90s. Over the years, their intricate blend of jazz, funk, and soul has pushed the boundaries of what is expected of hip-hop artists. That said, it's not always gold when it comes to their sound and style. As listeners, it's important to take a critical eye when it comes to evaluating our favorite musicians to better understand the impact that their music has had on the industry. In this post, we will take a closer look at the genius of The Roots, investigating both their faults and praises as one of the most influential groups of our time.

The Roots have received a fair share of criticism over the years, with some claiming that their sound can be formulaic. Many of their songs follow a similar structure, with long instrumental breaks punctuated with the impressive lyrical delivery of frontman Black Thought. While this may be true to some extent, it doesn't necessarily detract from the complexity of their beats and the messages embedded in their music. The Roots have always been more about substance than style, and their consistency in that regard deserves recognition.

One of the things that make The Roots stand out from other hip-hop artists is their socially conscious lyrics. They have tackled a range of topics from police brutality to the socioeconomic challenges that marginalized groups face. Their music has often served as a voice for the disenfranchised. Their biggest hit, ‘You Got Me,’ featuring Erykah Badu on vocals, was inspired by a real-life experience of the group's drummer, Questlove. It tells the story of mistrust in a relationship and the tension that can arise from it. Through their lyrics, The Roots continue to challenge us to think about the world and the ways in which we engage with it.

An area where The Roots excels is their ability to blend genres. They have often used live instrumentation, and it is not uncommon to find a five-minute horn or guitar solo in their music. They have collaborated with artists from various fields, including folk, electronic, and even classical music. This blend of genres provides a rich and textured listening experience and has inspired many artists to experiment with different sounds.

When it comes to production choices, some would argue that The Roots can be a bit too experimental at times. This is evident in their album ‘Undun,’ which tells the story of a young man who goes through life trying to avoid risky behavior but ultimately gets caught up in the streets. The project is structured like an orchestral suite in reverse chronological order, with the ‘Redford’ suite closing out the album into silence. While it is a bold and innovative move, it could be argued that it takes away from the overall cohesiveness of the album. Nonetheless, the risk-taking is just one of the many things that make The Roots an exciting and innovative group.

In conclusion, The Roots have had an undeniable impact on the rap culture, and their blend of jazz, funk, and soul has pushed the boundaries of hip-hop soundscape. As music lovers, we should take the time to appreciate their innovativeness and complexity while taking a critical eye to the elements that are not as strong. Their socially conscious lyrics, unique sound, and approach to blending genres have inspired many artists following in their footsteps. Whether you are a fan of their music or just starting to explore their discography, there is no denying the genius of The Roots.
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1 - What They Do
2 - Break You Off
3 - You Got Me
4 - The Seed 2.0
5 - How I Got Over
6 - When The People Cheer
7 - Never
8 - Understand
9 - Guns Are Drawn
10 - The Next Movement
11 - Becoming Unwritten
12 - Double Trouble
13 - 100% Dundee
14 - Proceed
15 - Rock You
16 - Sleep
17 - Dynamite!
18 - Don't Say Nuthin'
19 - The Spark
20 - Make My
21 - Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New
22 - The Fire
23 - Act Won (things Fall Apart)
24 - 75 Bars (black's Reconstruction)
25 - Stay Cool
26 - Diedre Vs. Dice
27 - Without A Doubt
28 - I Don't Care
29 - The Otherside
30 - Tunnel Vision
31 - I Remember
32 - Doin' It Again
33 - Quills
34 - Rolling With Heat
35 - False Media
36 - Mellow My Man
37 - Somebody's Gotta Do It
38 - Thought @ Work
39 - Right On
40 - Pussy Galore
41 - Adrenaline!
42 - Don't See Us
43 - Section
44 - Don't Feel Right
45 - Silent Treatment
46 - Star/pointro
47 - Distortion To Static
48 - Step Into The Relm


2023-12-31 h: 19:00
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles (LA), US
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