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Them's catalog of music is bursting with infectious beats that get stuck in your head. From their hit single Insane Girl to their other headbangers like Heatwave, they never fail to provide the crowd a high energy atmosphere. But don't overlook their ballads, as their soulful lyrics and passionate melodies will tug at your heart strings. Whether you are listening to the upbeat or relaxed side of Them, there is no question why they have earned so much love from fans.



Them - The Good and Bad of Their Unique Sound

Them has been a popular music artist in the industry for quite some time, but many don't truly know what to make of their unique sound. Their avant-garde approach to songwriting is something that can be praised and critiqued all at once; it's an intriguing blend of traditional and experimental elements that leave fans yearning for more from Them each time they drop a new single or album. In this blog post, we'll examine both the good and bad aspects of Them's music, giving listeners an opportunity to form their own opinion about the controversial musician.

Them is a popular music artist that has been in the industry for quite some time, and their unique sound has always garnered mixed reactions. Their avant-garde approach to songwriting combines both traditional and experimental elements, making them a controversial, yet intriguing artist. Fans always eagerly await new releases to determine if they will be impressed or disappointed. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the good and bad aspects of Them's music, giving listeners a chance to form their own opinion about this fascinating musician.

One of the most notable aspects of Them's music is their unique vocal style. Some listeners find it to be a breath of fresh air, while others find it a little too strange. Them frequently employs unconventional vocal techniques such as screeches, whispers, and exaggerated intonation. Some describe it as a form of musical theater. Nevertheless, the execution of these unconventional techniques is always impressive, adding a dramatic flair to their songs.

Another attractive feature of Them's music is their unique blend of genres. Their music often brings together different musical styles to create something entirely new and unexpected. They combine pop, electronic, rock, and classical elements in a seamless and cohesive fashion, proving that they have a talent for creating unique sonic landscapes. Listeners always look forward to hearing what new musical fusion the artist has created.

Them's lyrics are also worth noting. Their songs often deal with philosophical issues, such as the meaning of life and death or the complexities of love and relationships. While some may find their lyrics a little pretentious, for others, they provide food for thought and a sense of intellectual depth that is often missing from pop music lyrics. Them's poetic and narrative lyrics often convey a sense of storytelling, leaving you enchanted and hooked until the very end.

On the downside, some critics argue that Them's music can be overly experimental and challenging. In their quest to be avant-garde, they sometimes lean too much into unconventional songwriting techniques, making their songs challenging for some listeners. Themes are known for their dislike for pop music conventions. They are unfazed by commercial success and can be quite unpredictable with their releases, leaving audiences unsure of what to expect. These challenging aspects of Them's music can alienate some listeners, leaving them not fully appreciative or understanding of the artist's sound.

To sum it all up, Them's music is both intriguing and polarizing. The artist's unique sound is challenging to take in, but it can also be gratifying for those willing to make the effort. The blend of traditional and experimental elements makes for an exciting musical experience that has won Them many loyal fans worldwide. It's safe to say that, love them or hate them, Them remains an artist that provokes strong opinions and discussion amongst music lovers.
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1 - I'm Gonna Dress in Black
2 - Head
3 - Gloria
4 - Here Comes The Night Ft. Van Morrison
5 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
6 - Baby Please Don't Go
7 - Here Comes The Night
8 - Mystic Eyes
9 - Don't Look Back
10 - If You And I Could Be As Two
11 - Go On Home Baby
12 - I Gave My Love A Diamond
13 - I Like It Like That
14 - Hey Girl
15 - Call My Name
16 - One Two Brown Eyes
17 - How Long Baby
18 - Philosophy
19 - All For Myself
20 - Black Widow Spider
21 - Could You Would You
22 - Richard Cory
23 - Baby Please Don't Go
24 - Gloria - Stereo Version
25 - Baby, Please Don't Go
26 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
27 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (feat. Van Morrison)
28 - I Can Only Give You Everything
29 - My Lonely Sad Eyes
30 - Just A Little Bit
31 - Don't Look Back
32 - Little Girl
33 - I Put A Spell On You
34 - I'm Your Witch Doctor
35 - I'm Gonna Dress In Black
36 - She Put A Hex On You
37 - Out Of Sight
38 - Bright Lights, Big City
39 - Bad Or Good
40 - Don't You Know
41 - Turn On Your Love Light
42 - I Got A Woman
43 - (get Your Kicks On) Route 66
44 - Hello Josephine
45 - Don't Start Crying Now
46 - Time Out For Time In
47 - Don't Look Back (feat. Van Morrison) - Mono Version
2000: Anticon