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Still Parade


The Captivating Artistry of Still Parade
Music is a language that speaks to the soul and touches the deepest parts of our being. It provokes emotions and memories we thought long forgotten and leads us on incredible journeys. One such artist whose musical creations embody this sentiment is Still Parade. This artist is often referred to as a musical journeyman, exploring various sounds, genres and influences to experiment on new sounds that define his unique artistry. In this piece, we delve into the captivating artistry of Still Parade; from his career history and life to his best tracks and critically acclaimed performances.
Still Parade began his musical career as a one-man band project by Niklas Kramer in 2012. He glides through genres, from psychedelic pop and shoegaze to dream pop, indie folk and beautifully crafted electronic-driven soundscapes. His music can be best described as a tapestry of metaphors, symbolism, and complex patterns that evoke a sense of nostalgia that cuts across diverse cultures and regions. The artist has been quite secretive about his life, but his music is a reflection of the places and events he has experienced. For example, songs like 07:41 and 06:41 evoke the sense of longing, of arriving somewhere on time and the inevitable feeling of letting go.
A standout feature of Still Parade's music is his impeccable blends of different genres creating a velvety sound, which has won the hearts of many music enthusiasts. Some of his best works showcase these blends and are worth checking out. They include Lessons, Fields, and Chamber, among others. In Lessons, he blends a folk style melody with a sweet dream-like pop sound to create an inspiring yet relaxing tune. In Fields, there is a refreshing jazz feel seamlessly integrated with an indie-pop melody. In Chamber, he experiments with a more electronic sound that is both ethereal and other-worldly.
One thing that defines Still Parade's music is his ability to convey complex emotions. Another thing that makes his music so captivating is his ability to make it sound live and intimate. He has had several critically acclaimed performances, including shows in Berlin, Tokyo, and New York, where he has left music lovers spellbound with his enthralling performances. One of his most memorable performances took place in Berlin in 2017, where he engaged the audience in an immersive music experience with his live band that was accompanied by emotional visuals.
Critics worldwide have acknowledged Still Parade's ability to innovatively blend various genres; his music has been described as emotional, intricate, and stunning. His music stands out among his peers, and it embodies the quintessence of the indie-pop scene. His life journey and passion for music are evident in the art he creates. Anyone who listens to his music is bound to be transported into a world of complex emotions and musical beauty, and for that, we cannot help but salute Still Parade.
There’s no doubt that Still Parade marches to the beat of his own drum, carving an original path in a sea of artists who are often driven by industry trends. His unique musical style, impressive live performances, and creative approach to blending genres make him a captivating artist. The artist's ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and convey complex emotions through his music is breathtaking. His journey in music so far highlights the difference one person can make in the world and proves that anything is possible if you follow your passion with a love of making beautiful things. If you are yet to discover the beauty of his music, we encourage you to give it a listen, as it is an absolute joy.
1 - Actors
2 - Fields
3 - Reunion
4 - Beach
5 - Chamber
6 - Health
7 - 7:41
8 - Walk In The Park
9 - Actors (dinnerdate Remix)
10 - Seasons
2015: 7:41
2014: Fields
2013: Actors