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The Ting Tings: A Musical Journey of Indie Pop

If you're a fan of indie pop, you've probably heard of The Ting Tings. This English musical duo has been making waves in the music industry since their debut in 2008. With their unique sound and quirky style, they've captured the hearts of audiences around the world. In this article, we'll take a look at the musical journey of The Ting Tings, from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs.

Blog Body: The Ting Tings are made up of Katie White and Jules De Martino. The two met in Manchester, England in 2004 while White was playing guitar for the girl band TKO. They quickly formed a musical bond and started writing and recording together. In 2007, they signed with Columbia Records and released their debut single That's Not My Name, which topped the UK charts. This was followed by their debut album We Started Nothing in 2008, which also reached number one in the UK and became a commercial success worldwide.

The Ting Tings' musical style is a mix of indie pop, dance-pop, and electronic music. Their sound is characterized by White's distinctive vocals, De Martino's drumming, and their use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines. They cite their influences as varied as punk rock, hip hop, and 80s pop music, which can be heard in their music.

After the success of their debut album, The Ting Tings released their second album Sounds from Nowheresville in 2012. The album features a more experimental sound and a departure from their earlier work. It received mixed reviews but still managed to produce a number of hit songs, including Hang It Up and Give It Back.

In 2014, The Ting Tings released their third album Super Critical, which was produced by Andy Taylor of the band Duran Duran. This album has a more disco and funk sound and features collaborations with musicians such as Chic's Nile Rodgers. The album was well-received by critics and fans, who praised its upbeat and funky style.

Some of The Ting Tings' most famous songs include That's Not My Name, Shut Up and Let Me Go, Great DJ, and Hang It Up. These songs are catchy, upbeat, and full of energy, which makes them perfect for dancing and singing along to.

Conclusion: The Ting Tings have had a long and successful career in the music industry, thanks to their unique sound and style. Their music is a blend of various genres, which makes it accessible to a wide range of listeners. Their influence can be heard in the indie pop music of today, and their legacy will continue to live on in the years to come. If you haven't already, give The Ting Tings a listen and discover the magic of their music.
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1 - Shut Up And Let Me Go
2 - Great Dj
3 - Be The One
4 - We Walk
5 - Fruit Machine
6 - Keep Your Head
7 - Traffic Light
8 - We Started Nothing
9 - Impacilla Carpisung
10 - Hands
11 - Hang It Up
12 - Hit Me Down Sonny
13 - Silence
14 - Soul Killing
15 - Wrong Club
16 - Give It Back
17 - Guggenheim
18 - One By One
19 - Great Dj (calvin Harris Remix)
20 - Help
21 - In Your Life
22 - Do It Again
23 - Super Critical
24 - Silence (bag Raiders Remix)
25 - Estranged
26 - Communication
27 - Hang It Up (inertia Remix)
28 - Give It Back (demo)
29 - Ain’t Got Shit
30 - Standing In The Way Of Control
31 - Hang It Up (shook Remix)
32 - Daughter
33 - Only Love
34 - Great Dj (7th Heaven Remix)
35 - Failure
36 - Hang It Up (ckb Remix)
37 - That's Not My Name (tom Neville's Nameless Vocal Mix)
38 - Wabi Sabi
39 - Blacklight
40 - That's Not My Name - Radio Edit
41 - Green Poison
42 - That's Not My Name (la Riots Remix)
43 - Anyway I Can
44 - Great Dj (original Radio Edit)
45 - A & E
46 - That's Not My Name