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Red Zebra


Red Zebra is a talented artist that has created amazing albums and songs over the years. Musically, his history speaks for itself. He has many outstanding and well known compositions that have caught the attention of fans worldwide. A few popular songs include “My Heart Beats”, “Mansion in the City”, and “Without You Here”. His albums are just as impressive; some favorites being “The Path to fame”, “Authority”, and “It Won't Last Forever. Red Zebra's music will stand out among listeners of all genres for years to come.
Red Zebra - The Rise and Fall of a Belgian Punk Rock Band
If you are a punk rock music enthusiast, then you have definitely heard of the legendary Belgian band, Red Zebra. Formed in 1978, the band achieved great success throughout the 80s with their punk rock anthems and high-energy performances. However, like all great bands, their time in the limelight was short-lived, and they were soon forgotten. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the artist Red Zebra and dive into their musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic.
Red Zebra was formed in 1978 by four punk rock devotees from the Bruges area of Belgium. The group was heavily influenced by bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Ramones. Their debut album, Bastogne, was released in 1980 and made a significant impact on the Belgian music scene. However, it was their second album, Maquis, released in 1981, that propelled them to the top of the charts. The album featured some of their most iconic songs like I Can't Live in a Living Room, The Art of Conversation, and Man Comes from Apes.
Red Zebra's music can be classified as a blend of punk rock and new wave. Their sound was unique and instantly recognizable, driven by catchy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and the distinct vocals of frontman, Peter Slabbynck. Unlike other punk rock bands of their time, Red Zebra's music had a more melodic undertone, making them more accessible to a broader audience.
Red Zebra's most famous concert was a performance at the legendary Leuven festival in 1981. The band was at their peak, and the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd were electrifying. This concert is widely regarded as the defining moment of their career and cemented their status as one of the most influential punk rock bands of their time.
When it comes to their best songs, Red Zebra's discography is jam-packed with punk rock anthems and new wave classics. Their 1981 song, I can’t live in a living room, is considered their most iconic hit. It got released as the lead single from Maquis, and it-got huge recognition from music lovers. From a critic’s perspective, Red Zebra’s music can be described as raw, energetic, and uncompromising. The band's music resonated with punk rock fans worldwide, and their influence can still be heard in modern punk rock and new wave bands.
Red Zebra may have disbanded in the late 80s, but their music is timeless. They were trailblazers of the Belgian punk rock scene, and their innovative sound influenced many bands that came after them. Their impact on the punk rock music genre cannot be denied, and their music continues to inspire and empower a new generation of musicians worldwide. If you're a punk rock music lover, Red Zebra should be on your playlist. Their music is a testament to the power of punk rock and the enduring legacy of a band that defined a generation.
1 - I Can't Live In A Living Room
2 - Innocent People
3 - Graveyard Shuffle
4 - Bastogne
5 - Beirut By Night
6 - I'm Falling Apart
7 - Polar Club
8 - Don't Put Your Head In a Bucket
9 - Shadows of Doubt
10 - TV Activity
11 - Lust
12 - Paradise Lost
13 - Ultimate Stranger
14 - Behind Bars
15 - Small Talk
16 - True Poseurs
17 - Always
18 - Search Party
19 - Montenegro
20 - I Can't Live In A Living Room
21 - I'm Falling Apart
22 - The Beauty Of The Beast
23 - Art Of Conversation
24 - Man Comes From Ape
25 - The Art Of Conversation
26 - Mice And Men
27 - Don't Put Your Head In A Bucket
28 - Spit On The City
29 - I Can't Live In A Livingroom
30 - John Wayne
31 - Apollo 451
32 - 05 Saint With A Gun
2003: Maquis
1997: Mimicry