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Puerto Candelaria

Puerto Candelaria is an artistic and musical power, boasting a long and cherished past of hit songs and albums. From beloved classics to chart toppers, the storied history of this iconic Venezuelan act envelops many eras. Over six full-length LPs and countless hit singles, their discography is overflowing with delightful tunes. These magical melodies were composited in blood, sweat and tears by talented individuals who continue crafting music that takes the world for a ride. Even now, decades after inception, Puerto Candelaria continues to make valid claims on the highest echelons of universal music success.
Puerto Candelaria: A Colombian Music Group with a Unique Sound
Colombia has always been known for its love for music and dance. One music group that stands out in the Colombian music scene is Puerto Candelaria. Formed in 2000, the group has become one of the most recognizable names in Latin American music. With their unique style and infusion of both traditional and contemporary musical elements, Puerto Candelaria has managed to captivate audiences around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at the music group, explore their genre and best songs, examine their famous concerts, and offer an insightful critique.
Musical Biography:
Puerto Candelaria was formed by Juancho Valencia, a music composer and arranger, who aimed at creating music representing the roots, humor, and traditions of Colombian society. The group is known for its eclectic sound, which encompasses genres including Latin jazz, techno, and rock. The band members use various instruments, including accordion, guitar, horns, percussion, and vocals, to create a unique and exciting musical experience.
Music Genre and Best Songs:
Puerto Candelaria's music can be classified as mestizo, the fusion of different musical genres resulting in an original sound. They have created ten albums throughout their career, and some of their best songs, such as Cumbia del Asilo, La Guacharaca, and Yo Me Llamó Cumbia showcase the diverse influences that make up their sound - from traditional Colombian cumbia to jazz and funk.
Famous Concerts:
Puerto Candelaria has performed in various festivals and stages around the world, earning international recognition. In 2010, they performed at the prestigious WOMEX music festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in 2014, they participated in the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. They have performed alongside renowned musicians such as Totó La Momposina and Orishas, and have received awards like the Latin Grammy nomination in 2011 for their album, Sinfónico Ceremonial.
Puerto Candelaria's music is unique, innovative, and a breath of fresh air in the contemporary Latin American music scene. Their incorporation of traditional music and modern elements creates a sound that is both authentic and progressive. The group's performances are energetic and engaging, and their ability to connect with audiences is commendable. However, some critics argue that their diverse music genre and style can be confusing to some listeners and may not be easily accessible to the general public. Nevertheless, Puerto Candelaria continues to be celebrated by music lovers worldwide.
In conclusion, Puerto Candelaria is a unique music group that showcases the best of Colombian music traditions with modern vibes. Their sound is a testament to the rich musical heritage of the country while also boldly innovating with the infusion of different genres. With their energetic performances and celebrated albums, they have managed to win over audiences worldwide. Puerto Candelaria is an excellent example of how music can be a tool for uniting people from different backgrounds and cultures.


1 - Upa Beat
2 - La Tusa
3 - Como yo soy tan raro
4 - Cumbia Estelar
5 - Mono Loco
6 - Se Cae
7 - Porro Lateral
8 - La Colombina
9 - Cumbia rebelde
10 - Vuelta Canela
11 - Muerta
12 - Nocturno
13 - Sargento Remolacha
14 - En Barco
15 - Amanecer
16 - Amor Y Deudas - En Vivo
17 - Amor Fingido
18 - Bailando Asi - En Vivo
19 - Balkánica
20 - Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir
21 - Senderito De Amor
22 - Upa Beat - En Vivo
23 - La Fiera
24 - Cumbia Veracruz
25 - El Desorden
26 - Burro Detenido