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Project 86 is an American Christian rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 1996. The band has released eight albums, which have collectively sold nearly 500,000 units worldwide, two EPs, two DVDs, and one live album.
Project 86 – A Musical Biography of the Christian Rock Band
Project 86 is a Christian rock band that started in Southern California in 1996. The band is known for its aggressive sound and Christian lyrics, which often deal with themes of faith, redemption, and perseverance. Over their more than two-decade-long career, Project 86 has released ten studio albums, won several awards, and played to packed audiences around the world. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the musical biography of Project 86, its genre, best songs, famous concerts, and a critical review.
Project 86 has been categorized as alternative metal, nu metal, and post-hardcore. Their style is hard-hitting, with crunchy riffs, punchy drums, and catchy hooks. The band's early sound was more heavily influenced by industrial music, while their later work has seen them incorporate elements of punk, grunge, and even electronica. Fans of bands like Linkin Park, POD, and Deftones will definitely enjoy Project 86's sound.
No discussion of Project 86's greatest hits would be complete without mentioning The Spy Hunter, which remains a fan favorite to this day. The track features hard-hitting drums, distorted guitars, and a soaring chorus that showcases lead singer Andrew Schwab's powerful vocals. Other standout tracks include One Armed Man (Play On), Fall, Goliath, Fall, and Evil, all of which showcase Project 86's aggressive sound and powerful lyrics.
Project 86 is well-known for their energetic and unforgettable live shows. They have played to sold-out crowds at numerous venues, festivals, and events around the world. The band's high-energy performances have been praised for their ability to get crowds moving and singing along. Fans of Project 86 can expect a show that is both musically and visually stunning, with a live setup that includes elaborate lighting, visual effects, and powerful stage presence.
While Project 86 has a large and dedicated fanbase, they have also been met with some criticism over the years. Some have accused the band of being too heavy-handed with their Christian themes, while others have criticized their reliance on aggressive instrumentation. However, the band's supporters argue that Project 86's sound and message are a unique and welcome change from the often cookie-cutter world of popular music.
Project 86 is a band that has made a lasting impact on the world of Christian rock music. Their aggressive sound, catchy hooks, and powerful lyrics make them a must-listen for fans of the genre. From their early industrial roots to their modern punk-infused sound, Project 86 has shown a willingness to experiment and explore new sounds. Whether you're looking for memorable tracks or an unforgettable live experience, Project 86 has something to offer. Despite ongoing criticism from some quarters, Project 86 remains a beloved fixture in the world of Christian rock, and their music will continue to inspire and challenge listeners for years to come.
1 - Fall, Goliath, Fall
2 - Evil (A Chorus of Resistance)
3 - Hollow Again
4 - Off The Grid
5 - Put Your Lips to the TV
6 - New Transmission
7 - Omerta's Sons
8 - Defector
9 - All Of Me
10 - From December
11 - Molotov
12 - Subject To Change
13 - My Will Be A Dead Man
14 - Illuminate
15 - Necktie Remedy
16 - ...And The Rest Will Follow
17 - Slaves to Liberty
18 - ... And Help You Sleep
19 - Something We Can't Be
20 - Doomsday Stomp
21 - The Spy Hunter
22 - Sincerely, Ichabod
23 - Cavity King
24 - The Forces Of Radio Have Dropped A Viper Into The Rhythm Section
25 - The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face
26 - The Sanctuary Hum
27 - Me Against Me
28 - Caveman Jam
29 - Stein's Theme
30 - Wordsmith Legacy
31 - Pull Me Closer, Violent Dancer
32 - Normandy
33 - Little Green Men
34 - Your Heroes Are Dead
35 - Caught In The Middle
36 - Safe Haven
37 - A Shadow On Me
38 - Destroyer
39 - Oblivion
40 - Set Me Up
41 - Chimes
42 - One-armed Man (play On)
43 - Ps
44 - The Butcher
45 - Sad Machines
46 - Open Hand
47 - Team Black
48 - Know What It Means
49 - Salem's Suburbs
50 - Chapter 2
51 - A Toast To My Former Self
52 - The Great Golden Gate Disaster