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Mister Sir releases the powerful 'Sleep' album! “I’m walking down the street, singing like there‘s nobody here” is the inaugural line from 'Oh, The Payday! (Midnight),’ the first single from Mister Sir’s debut release, Sleep (Sunset Recordings). There are very few powerful hard rock acts that are truly celestial with the soaring, forceful, and radiant lead vocals like that of Anton Serov, but he is more than just the vocal artist in the the Russian progressive post-hardcore trio Mister Sir; this band made up with Anton Serov along with his band mates, Andrew Triphonov & Sergey Rokhmanyuk, have put together a strong album with songs sung in both English and in the Russian language. The band has constructed some of the strongest hard rock songs the music industry has seen in a new band in decades. Their lyrics in every song are deep while they draw that elegant accessibility with soaring guitar work, great overall comradery in how the band plays together as a unit, and airy symphonic signs of heftiness in each track. The songs in English that Mister Sir convey are their own unique and powerful sound, and are filled with a sense of strength and color that will gain them fans of hard rock music in the United States and from all over the world. The new album 'Sleep,’ was released by Sunset Recordings. It is a strong album even by the standards of the top metal and hard rock acts ever to gain prominence in the music industry. And, it is one of the strongest albums heard in those genres in decades. The beautiful vocal pattern on the lead vocals makes it not only a strong album, it also makes it a unique sounding album. (Anton) Serov and the band (Andrew Triphonov & Sergey Rokhmanyuk) no doubt explores what are colorful elements, and the overall sound is quintessential Mister Sir. (Anton) Serov has developed an artful sound with the band in general by constructing layers of harmonies on top of some intense guitar playing with solid drumming and a hardcore bass sound. The entire album is melodic and again, very strong. What is truly unique is how the album is made up with seven (7) powerful songs in English, and after a break in the middle of it with lights sounds on a track named 'Pulses', those seven (7) songs are also done in Russian making up the fi
1 - Sandaksatru (REM)
2 - Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)
3 - Please, Stop This