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Neil Young

Neil Percival Young, OC OM (born November 12, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He began performing in a group covering Shadows instrumentals in Canada in 1960, before moving to California in 1966, where he co-founded the band Buffalo Springfield along with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay, later joining Crosby, Stills & Nash as a fourth member in 1969. Neil Young's talent knows no bounds – from the soulfulness of tracks like 'Needle and The Damage Done' to the high energy presence demonstrated in 'Rockin' In A Free Queen', Young is far from any one-trick pony. His albums encompasses a plethora of genres, solidifying his decades long career as one of the most prominent thoughtful rock icons of our age. Take his piano ballad 'After The Gold Rush', for instance: its sweet nostalgia mixed with lonesome profundity could transport any listener to another time and place. But it's Important not to forget the fierce guitar solos during songs like 'Cowgirl in The Sand': they demonstrate a unique blend of biting yet supple youth. So dig deep into Neil Young's comprehensive discography, but these best songs and music should always remain top priority.



Neil Young - A Look Into the Life and Legacy of an Iconic Rock Musician

Neil Young - a Canadian rock musician, iconic figure in the music industry, and prolific songwriter. His legacy has been celebrated for nearly five decades by critics and fans alike as one of the most influential musicians in history. Despite his impressive body of work, Neil Young's brash attitude often manifests itself through his words and actions at live shows; he is not afraid to get into spats with other musicians or even shout out objections during intermissions. In spite of this, it is impossible to ignore the power behind each performance - Neil Young's passion for music tests time again as audiences catch glimpses of an extraordinary musical journey every time they attend a show or listen to new material.

Neil Young is a household name to music listeners and fans all over the world. As a Canadian rock musician, he has built a legacy over the last five decades that has been celebrated by both critics and fans alike. His impressive body of work and prolific songwriting has made him one of the most influential musicians in history. His brash attitude and contentious nature are no secret to anyone who has attended one of his live shows, or followed his public outbursts. However, despite these seemingly negative attributes, there is no mistaking the power of Neil Young's performances and the enduring impact of his music. In this post, we'll take a look at the life and legacy of Neil Young and delve into what makes him such an iconic figure in the music industry.

Neil Young's journey into music started at an early age. Born in Toronto, Canada in 1945, his parents encouraged his interest in music and bought him his first guitar at the age of nine. By the time he was in high school, he was already playing in bands and writing songs. He eventually joined the band Buffalo Springfield, which gave him his first taste of success in the music industry. After leaving the band, he embarked on a solo career, which would lead to him becoming a rock music legend.

One of the most defining aspects of Neil Young's music is his distinctive voice and guitar playing. His songs are often infused with emotion and are deeply personal, reflecting his own experiences and views on the world. His songs carry a message, often with political and social undertones, that touch on themes of love, loss, and the human experience. The most successful songs of his career include Heart of Gold, Old Man, Cinnamon Girl, and Rockin' in the Free World.

Neil Young's numerous collaborations with other musicians have also contributed to his legacy. He has worked with fellow iconic artists such as David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash, and has formed bands like Crazy Horse and The Stray Gators. His collaborations with these artists have resulted in some of the most memorable moments in music history.

Despite his sometimes brash attitude, Neil Young has consistently expressed a dedication to using his music as a platform for social and political change. Much of his music has been influenced by his own experience of growing up in a changing world. He has used his voice to call attention to issues such as environmentalism, indigenous rights, and political corruption.

Neil Young's life and career are a true testament to the power of music and its ability to inspire, influence, and connect. His legacy as one of the most influential musicians in history is not only a testament to his talent as a songwriter and performer but also to his unwavering dedication to the causes and issues that he believes in. While his live performances may sometimes be contentious, there is no denying the power of his music and the impact that it has had on countless audiences over the last five decades. Neil Young is a true icon of rock music, and his legend continues to inspire and influence up-and-coming musicians and fans of all ages.
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1 - Hold Back the Tears
2 - Old Man
3 - My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
4 - Don't Spook the Horse
5 - The Emperor of Wyoming
6 - Heart Of Gold
7 - Roll Another Number (For The Road)
8 - The Needle and the Damage Done
9 - Philadelphia
10 - Southern Man
11 - Cortez The Killer
12 - The Losing End
13 - Harvest Moon
14 - Rockin' in the Free World
15 - Birds
16 - Gloria
17 - For the Turnstiles
18 - Heart Of God
19 - Sugar Mountain
20 - My my, hey hey - Out of the blue
21 - Cinnamon Girl
22 - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
23 - Out on the Weekend
24 - Down By The River
25 - Like a Hurricane
26 - A Man Needs a Maid
27 - Alabama
28 - Helpless
29 - Tell Me Why
30 - Ohio
31 - Downtown
32 - Johnny Magic
33 - Rockin' In The Free World
34 - After The Gold Rush
35 - Harvest
36 - Don't Let It Bring You Down
37 - There's A World
38 - Cowgirl In The Sand
39 - Words (between The Lines Of Age)
40 - Till The Morning Comes
41 - I Believe In You
42 - Comes A Time
43 - Are You Ready For The Country?
44 - Unknown Legend
45 - Cripple Creek Ferry
46 - Oh, Lonesome Me
47 - From Hank To Hendrix
48 - Walk On
49 - Mr. Soul
50 - On The Beach
51 - Pocahontas
52 - When You Dance You Can Really Love
53 - See The Sky About To Rain
54 - Hey Hey, My My (into The Black)
55 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
56 - The Loner
57 - World On A String
58 - Revolution Blues
59 - The Old Laughing Lady
60 - What Did You Do To My Life
61 - For The Love Of Man
62 - One Of These Days
63 - Try
64 - Four Strong Winds
65 - Hey Hey My My
66 - Country Home
67 - Love Earth
68 - She's Always Dancing
69 - The Painter
70 - Lotta Love
71 - Falling Off The Face Of The Earth
72 - Here For You
73 - Piece Of Crap