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Lou Reed

Lewis Allan Lou Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013) was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Lou Reed is a highly accomplished musical artist with an expansive catalogue of memorable, influential tunes. He was prolifically prolific, releasing 26 studio albums between 1964 and his death in 2013; 13 of those releases attained varying levels of commercial success. Amongst some of Lou Reed's most celebrated songs are Walk on the Wild Side, Satellite of Love, and Perfect Day. Legacy wise, he achieved critical points for pushing boundaries by blending a distinctive synthesis of rock, punk, jazz and classical music into one style. No musician has ever quite managed to sound like Lou Reed, showcasing how impactful and innovative his work was during an artistic career that shaped the soundscapes of more than one generation.



The Unparalleled Legacy of Lou Reed: A Look into the Life of a Genre-Defying Icon

When it comes to iconic songwriters, Lou Reed ranks among the greatest of them all. His genre-defying fusion of rock music and classical literature has earned him a special place in music history as an artist who could capture complex feelings that other lyricists often overlooked. But unlike many legendary figures, Lou Reed's career is also characterized by its fair share of controversy — from his vocal support for LGBT rights issues to his addiction struggles throughout the years — which is why this blog post outlines both the creative genius and rockstar attitude that made him how he is remembered today. From creating groundbreaking records to leading crusades for social justice causes, there can be no doubt that Lou Reed was one of a kind!

As far as iconic songwriters go, Lou Reed truly deserves a place among the greatest of all time. Throughout his career, he left an indelible mark on the music industry through his genre-defying fusion of rock and classical literature, making him a special artist who could capture complex feelings that other lyricists often missed. But Lou Reed's legacy also includes a fair amount of controversy. He was known for his outspoken support of various social justice causes, including LGBT rights and addiction struggles, which only adds to his unique story as both a creative genius and a rockstar. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the life and legacy of this one-of-a-kind artist who forever changed the course of music history.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1942, Lou Reed grew up in a middle-class Jewish family. He was exposed to music early on in his life, and by age 14, he had already formed his first band. In 1964, he teamed up with John Cale to form The Velvet Underground, a band that quickly became the darlings of the New York underground music scene. Their unique style, which combined rock music with avant-garde experimentation and a literary sensibility lauded by prestigious poets such as Delmore Schwartz, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg, paved the way for generations of alternative musicians to come.

Despite the band's lack of commercial success at first, The Velvet Underground quickly gained a cult following thanks to their gritty, dark, and poetic sound. Lou Reed was the driving force behind their music, penning lyrics that were often provocative and insightful, touching on taboo subjects like drug use, prostitution, and homosexuality. He became known for his ability to capture the gritty and complex underbelly of urban life, drawing inspiration from the Beat poets and other literary influences.

Lou Reed's solo career was just as impressive. He went on to release over 20 albums, each showcasing his keen eye for storytelling and songwriting excellence. His style ranged from punk rock and folk to glam and experimental, making him a true chameleon of the music scene. Some of his most famous albums include Transformer, Berlin, and New York, each of which remains a masterpiece of its own.

But as much as he was known for his musical legacy, Lou Reed was also a passionate advocate for social justice causes. Throughout his career, he used his platform to advocate for gay rights, drug addiction treatment, and HIV/AIDS awareness. His 1972 song Walk on the Wild Side became an anthem for the LGBTQ community, featuring the gender-nonconforming Holly Woodlawn, who he called one of his muses, and who he dedicated the song to. He was also a staunch supporter of the smaller, lesser-known bands and fought for their recognition and success.

In conclusion, Lou Reed was a true artist, one who embodied both the spirit of rock and the soul of literature. His work continues to inspire new generations of musicians, writers, and activists alike, and his outspoken advocacy for social justice causes has left an indelible mark on the world. Although he left us in 2013, his music and message still resonate with millions of fans worldwide, proving that true creative genius is always timeless. Lou Reed was, and always will be, one of a kind.
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1 - Walk On The Wild Side
2 - Perfect Day
3 - Satellite of Love
4 - Vicious
5 - Andy's Chest
6 - Make Up
7 - Wagon Wheel
8 - I'm So Free
9 - New York Telephone Conversation
10 - Goodnight Ladies
11 - Lady Day
12 - Men of Good Fortune
13 - Caroline Says II
14 - How Do You Think It Feels
15 - Coney Island Baby
16 - Andy's Chest
17 - I'm So Free
18 - Hangin' 'round
19 - Berlin
20 - The Gun
21 - Dirty Blvd.
22 - Caroline Says I
23 - Sweet Jane
24 - The Kids
25 - Sad Song
26 - This Magic Moment
27 - Charley's Girl
28 - The Bed
29 - Street Hassle
30 - Romeo Had Juliette
31 - Sally Can't Dance
32 - Oh Jim
33 - Halloween Parade
34 - Crazy Feeling
35 - Walk On The Wild Side - 2003 Remaster
36 - Heroin
37 - Lisa Says
38 - Wild Child
39 - Last Great American Whale
40 - I Love You, Suzanne
41 - Busload Of Faith
42 - Endless Cycle
43 - I Love You
44 - There Is No Time
45 - Ocean
46 - Kicks
47 - I Can't Stand It
48 - I Wanna Be Black
49 - Beginning Of A Great Adventure
50 - Dirty Boulevard
51 - Rock 'n' Roll
52 - Martial Law
53 - Sword Of Damocles (externally)
54 - Trade In
55 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
56 - Mama's Got A Lover
57 - My Friend George
58 - Waves Of Fear
59 - Call On Me
60 - Guilty-song