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Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier (born 1 February 1966, Boulogne-sur-Seine, France), also known as Choice, is a French techno music producer and DJ.



Laurent Garnier - The Pioneering King of Deep House Music

With many hit tracks in the early 1990s and a lifetime of music industry experience, Laurent Garnier is rightly considered to be one of the most influential figures in electronic music. His pioneering production skills have helped define an era and he has developed a strong fanbase around his deep house sound. But not everyone likes it; there are those who accuse him of rehashing ideas and others who believe that his style isn't modern enough. Here, we want to take time out to analyse both sides: what makes Laurent Garnier so great but also why some aren't feeling it.

Electronic music has come a long way since the early 90s, but some names stand out for their timeless contributions to the genre. Laurent Garnier's fandom is still growing even after decades of hits. He is a French DJ and producer who has earned global recognition for his deep house sound. While many consider him one of the greatest electronic musicians of all time, there are some who don't agree. In this blog post, we'll explore both sides of the debate and analyze why Laurent Garnier is so great and why some people aren't feeling it.

Let's start with what makes Laurent Garnier such a legendary figure in the music industry. In the early 1990s, he produced some of the most influential tracks in electronic music, including The Man with the Red Face and Acid Eiffel. These tracks have stood the test of time and are still played in clubs around the world. His deep house sound has inspired generations of musicians to follow in his footsteps. What sets Laurent Garnier apart is his ability to merge multiple genres, including techno, trance, and house, to create a unique sound that connects with his listeners on a deep level.

Laurent Garnier's contribution to electronic music goes beyond just producing great tracks. He has also been instrumental in shaping the genre, mentoring and supporting up-and-coming musicians. He has also created his radio show, PBB, which airs in France and reaches listeners worldwide, enabling him to share his music with the masses. Additionally, he is known for his ability to create special moments in clubs and festivals by perfectly tailoring his sets to the audience. Laurent Garnier is truly an experienced musician that has kept up with the industry throughout his career.

Despite all the accolades that Laurent Garnier has earned, some people still question his greatness. One of the main criticisms is that his sound can feel repetitive. Critics often accuse him of rehashing ideas that have already been done. But we must keep in mind, repetition is a staple in the electronic music genre; clarity, simplicity are major components of the genre which may make the sound repetitive at times, but a critical feature of the genre.

Another criticism is that his sound isn't modern enough. Some electronic music fans think that Laurent Garnier's deep house sound is outdated. In contrast, most of today's electronic music focuses much more on EDM and techno-pop style tracks. However, we must not forget that every sound has its unique touch, that differentiates it from others, and keeps its listeners coming back.

Laurent Garnier's influence on electronic music is undeniable. He has produced some of the timeless masterpieces that continue to inspire the next generation of musicians. His ability to create a unique sound by combining several genres, his global perspective, and his ability to read the crowd places him in a league of his own. However, it's essential to recognize that music is subjective, and some people may not enjoy his sound. Everything can be criticized, but Laurent Garnier's induction into the electronic music hall of fame is well-deserved. We look forward to seeing what further contributions Laurent Garnier has to bring to the industry. Till then, hit the play button on one of Laurent Garnier's tracks and let his deep house beats take you into a world of hypnotic relaxation.
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1 - The Man With the Red Face
2 - Crispy Bacon
3 - The Sound of the Big Babou
4 - City Sphere
5 - Forgotten Thoughts
6 - Communications From The Lab
7 - Downfall
8 - The Warning
9 - Unreasonable Behaviour
10 - Barbiturik Blues
11 - Dangerous Drive
12 - Coloured City
13 - Astral Dreams
14 - Flashback
15 - Huis Clos
16 - No Musik, No Life
17 - Last Tribute From The 20th Century
18 - Cycles D'oppositions
19 - Gnanmankoudji (horny Monster Mix)
20 - Feelin' Good - Edit
21 - Act 1 Minotaure Ex.
22 - Jeux D'enfants
23 - Dealing With The Man
24 - Greed (part 1+2)
25 - The Man With The Red Face (svek Remix)
26 - The Rise & The Fall Of The Donkey Dog - Husbands Remix
27 - 9.01-9.06
28 - Last Dance @ Yellow
29 - Raw Cut
30 - Le Voyage De Simone
31 - Wake Up
32 - Flashback (video Mix)
33 - Theme From Larry's Dub
34 - Desirless
35 - Sambou
36 - Deep Sea Diving
37 - Greed (avril Radio Mix)
38 - Shapes Under Water
39 - Bouncing Metal
40 - Sweet Mellow D
41 - From Deep Within
42 - Greed
43 - Pay Tv
44 - Back To My Roots (back To My Technodiziak Roots)
45 - The Man With The Red Face - Video Edit
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