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Laurel Aitken

Lorenzo Aitken (22 April 1927 – 17 July 2005), better known by the stage name Laurel Aitken, was an influential Caribbean singer and one of the pioneers of Jamaican ska music.



The Musical Biography of Laurel Aitken: From Early Beginnings to Famous Albums and Songs

Laurel Aitken is a name that every music lover should know. Not only was he one of the pioneers of ska music, but he was also a true ambassador of reggae music. Aitken had an incredible life story, including being born in Cuba to a Jamaican mother and a Cuban father, moving to Jamaica, then England, and later immigrating to the United States. His musical legacy left an indelible mark on the reggae and ska world. In this article, we'll explore the early beginnings of Laurel Aitken, his most famous albums and songs, and his musical style and influences.

Laurel Aitken was born on April 22, 1927, in Havana, Cuba. His mother was a Jamaican migrant and his father was a Cuban who worked for the railways. In 1938, Aitken and his family moved to Jamaica, where he grew up listening to calypso and swing music. He developed a love for music and started singing in local clubs at a young age. Aitken's Jamaican music influences would later shine through in his music.

In the 1950s, Aitken moved to England and became part of the Windrush generation. It was there that he began recording music under various labels, including Island Records, Blue Beat Records, and Melodisc Records. In the 1960s, Aitken's popularity skyrocketed with ska music. His music was unique and blended rhythm and blues with Jamaican ska music. Two of Aitken's most famous albums, Ska with Laurel and The High Priest of Reggae, were released during this time.

Aitken's musical style and influences were truly unique. He was known for his signature singing style, which was a blend of high-pitched yodeling and deep crooning. His music was heavily influenced by Jamaican ska, but he also incorporated elements of R&B, jazz, and blues. Some of his musical inspirations included Singing Cowboy Roy Rogers, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and swing music.

Laurel Aitken also had several hit songs throughout his career. Boogie in my Bones, Hey Bartender, and Jesse James were some of his most memorable tracks. Aitken also worked on collaborations, such as Sally Brown with The Skatalites and Skinhead Train with Symarip.

Laurel Aitken was a true legend in the reggae and ska world. His unique blend of music and his incredible life story left an indelible impact on the music industry. Not only was Aitken a pioneer of ska music, but he was also a driving force in the development of reggae music. His musical legacy, from his early beginnings in Cuba and Jamaica to his most famous albums and songs, is one that should be celebrated and cherished by music lovers worldwide.
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1 - Zion City Wall
2 - Haile Selassie (early Reggae)de Nordec45
3 - Hitchhike
4 - Mash Potato Boogie
5 - Sally Brown
6 - Honey Come Back to Me (with The Unitone)
7 - Sally Brown
8 - Skinhead
9 - Rudi Got Married
10 - Hey Bartender
11 - Mad About You
12 - Big Fat Man
13 - Boogie Rock
14 - It's Too Late
15 - Sahara
16 - Honey Girl
17 - Low Down Dirty Girl
18 - Madame Sorosie
19 - Perfidia
20 - Sugar Sugar
21 - Skinhead Train
22 - Boogie In My Bones
23 - It's Too Late
24 - Let My People Go
25 - Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor
26 - Street Of Glory
27 - Call The Doctor
28 - Quizás Quizás
29 - Bartender
30 - Aitken's Boogie
31 - Save The Last Dance
32 - Bad Minded Woman
33 - We Shall Overcome
34 - Ojos Sexys
35 - Looking For My Baby
36 - Little Sheila
37 - Bachelor Life
38 - Freedom
39 - Zion City
40 - Negro
41 - Hey Little Girl
42 - The Ska Is The Limit
43 - Woman Is Sweeter Than Man
44 - Jesse James
45 - Lonesome Traveller
46 - Pack Your Bundle And Go
47 - Pussy Price
48 - Honey Come Back To Me
49 - Nebuchadnezzar
50 - Take Off My Pyjamas