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Kelsey Lu

In the Spotlight: Kelsey Lu's Musical Journey
If you are a music lover who likes to explore new sounds and styles, then you have probably heard of Kelsey Lu, the talented vocalist, cellist, and songwriter from North Carolina. With her mesmerizing voice, soulful lyrics, and unconventional approach to composing music, she has accumulated a cult following and critical acclaim in the past few years. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Kelsey Lu's musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic of her work.
Kelsey McJunkins, known by her stage name Kelsey Lu, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1989. She grew up in a creative and supportive family, where she learned to play the cello and experimented with different art forms. After studying classical music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she moved to New York City to pursue her musical career. There, she met Devonté Hynes (aka Blood Orange), who produced her debut EP, Church, in 2016. The EP includes four songs that showcase Kelsey Lu's unique blend of R&B, folk, and gospel influences, accompanied by her cello and ethereal vocals.
One of Kelsey Lu's most renowned songs is Morning After Coffee, a haunting ballad that addresses the themes of self-discovery, vulnerability, and emotional healing. The song features a stripped-down arrangement, with the cello providing a melancholic backdrop to Kelsey Lu's introspective lyrics and delicate voice. Another standout track from Church is Time, a bluesy, gospel-inspired anthem that showcases Kelsey Lu's impressive range and dynamic control. The song builds to a cathartic climax, with Kelsey Lu belting out the chorus, Time take me higher!
Kelsey Lu's music defies easy categorization, as she seamlessly blends elements of various genres into her own unique style. Her music draws from folk, R&B, neo-classical, and alternative pop influences, creating a sound that is both contemporary and timeless. Kelsey Lu's artistic vision extends beyond her music, as she often incorporates visual elements into her live performances and music videos. Her avant-garde look and experimental approach to fashion have earned her attention from the fashion industry, including features in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
One of Kelsey Lu's most memorable performances was at the Pitchfork Music Festival in 2019, where she mesmerized the crowd with her powerful voice, emotionally charged lyrics, and theatrical presence. Accompanied by a full band, Kelsey Lu performed several songs from her debut album, Blood, including the anthemic Foreign Car and the sensual Poor Fake. The album showcased Kelsey Lu's growth as an artist, with more complex arrangements, introspective lyrics, and a bolder sonic palette.
A critic of Kelsey Lu's work might argue that her music can be inaccessible to some listeners, with its dreamlike quality and unconventional song structures. However, Kelsey Lu's fans appreciate her fearless experimentation and willingness to push boundaries, both in her music and her visual art. Kelsey Lu's music speaks to a generation of listeners who seek authenticity, vulnerability, and personal growth, and find it in her soulful voice and poetic lyrics.
Kelsey Lu's musical journey is one of artistic evolution and experimentation, as she continues to push boundaries and create music that defies easy categorization. From her debut EP, Church, to her latest album, Blood, Kelsey Lu has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase for her soulful vocals, cello playing, and poetic lyrics. With her avant-garde fashion sense, visually stunning live performances, and willingness to explore new sounds and styles, Kelsey Lu is a rising star in the world of alternative pop music.


1 - Shades Of Blue
2 - Morning After Coffee
3 - Dreams
4 - Due West
5 - Foreign Car (nar X Adr Exhaust Diffusion Mix)
6 - Due West (lafawndah Remix)
7 - Why Knock For You (dixon Retouch)
8 - Poor Fake (omar S Remix)
9 - Poor Fake - Omar S Remix
10 - Due West - Lafawndah Remix
11 - Visions Of Old
12 - Liar
13 - Empathy
14 - Time
15 - Morning Dew
16 - Down2ride
17 - Atlantic
18 - Kindred Ii
19 - Too Much
20 - Due West - Skrillex Remix
21 - Blood
22 - Why Knock For You
23 - Kindred I
24 - Pushin Against The Wind
25 - Let All The Poisons That Lurk In The Mud Seep Out
26 - Foreign Car
27 - Rebel
28 - Poor Fake
29 - I'm Not In Love
2019: Blood