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Crazy and extravagant 80s, electro pop and retro sounds, a good taste a and adictive involvement. These are the HAIM the band. An experience for those who lived the 80s and for those who didn't, an imagination of them.

The Musical Journey of HAIM: A Biography of a Phenomenal Band

Some bands are meant to leave their mark on the music industry, and HAIM is undoubtedly one of those. Since its inception, the band has been captivating audiences with its unique blend of genres, rock groove, and soulful melodies. Further, the band has never shied away from experimenting with different music styles, breaking ground and winning fans all along. If you are a music lover, you must have listened to the incredible music of this band. But how did HAIM begin, what musical influences inspired them, and what led to their astounding popularity? In this blog post, we will explore the musical biography of HAIM, from their beginnings to their greatest hits.

HAIM is a band comprised of lead singer and guitarist Danielle Haim, drummer and percussionist, Este Haim, and guitarist and keyboardist Alana Haim. The sisters grew up in San Fernando Valley, where they played in the family band, Rockinhaim. Even at that young age, they were devout fans of classic rock and roll, jazz, and R&B. However, it wasn't until the sisters formed HAIM that they began to experiment with these inspirations. Their debut EP, Forever, released in 2012, showcased their uncanny talent for capturing both the seventies folk and rock sounds and the eighties American pop.

HAIM's debut album, Days Are Gone, released in 2013, was a commercial and critical hit. It features some of their most renowned tracks like the upbeat The Wire, the wistful Don’t Save Me, and the irresistible Falling. The album's sound heavily echoes the genre-bending spirit of the eighties and nineties, with elements of pop, R&B, and rock combined with the sisters' distinct vocals and harmonies. The album's overall feel was a tribute to the band's love of classic music.

After the astounding success of their first album, the band took a more significant risk with their second album, Something To Tell You, which was released in 2017. The album shows the band's growth since their debut, with exploration of emotional ballads and more exceptional instrumentation while still maintaining a distinct sound that made them so beloved. The album features hits such as Want You Back, Little Of Your Love, and I Want You To Know. The album showcases a side of HAIM that is more introspective while still keeping their pop roots.

HAIM has been influenced by many artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and Prince. You can hear Fleetwood Mac's influence in the band's harmonies and also their pop ballads. The jangly guitar lines, R&B grooves in Honey & I, and Prince-inspired vocal runs in The Wire highlight how thoroughly HAIM is influenced by different styles of music. They especially reshape and modernize a sound that is warm, genuine, and unmistakably their own.

In conclusion, HAIM is one of the most exceptional and genre-breaking bands of the past decade. They have evolved musically from their start playing in their family band to commercial success. Their unique blend of rock, pop, and R&B modernization all devoid of authenticity, which makes them incredibly endearing to fans all over the world. Their music has captivated audiences, taking them on a journey through nostalgia-filled soundscapes, evocative lyrics, and enchanting melodies. Indeed, HAIM's legacy will continue to grow with their exceptional musicality, undeniable genre-bending abilities, and unapologetic love for music tonight.
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1 - Falling
2 - Forever
3 - Don't Save Me
4 - If I Could Change Your Mind
5 - Go Slow
6 - My Song 5
7 - Honey & I
8 - Days Are Gone
9 - Running If You Call My Name
10 - Want You Back
11 - Better Off
12 - Little Of Your Love
13 - Summer Girl
14 - Nothing's Wrong
15 - Something To Tell You
16 - Ready For You
17 - Edge
18 - Night So Long
19 - Found It In Silence
20 - Now I'm In It
21 - Forever (lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
22 - Falling (duke Dumont Remix)
23 - Forever (dan Lissvik Remix)
24 - Hold Me
25 - Now I'm In It
26 - I Know Alone
27 - 3am
28 - Walking Away
29 - Kept Me Crying
30 - Fubt
31 - All That Ever Mattered
32 - Man From The Magazine
33 - I've Been Down
34 - Gasoline (feat. Taylor Swift)
35 - Leaning On You
36 - You Never Knew
37 - Falling - Duke Dumont Remix
38 - Another Try
39 - Hallelujah - Bonus Track
40 - Up From A Dream
41 - Right Now
42 - Now I'm In It
43 - Now I'm In It - Bonus Track
44 - Los Angeles
45 - Don't Wanna
46 - Gasoline
47 - Send Me Down
48 - The Steps
49 - Let Me Go
50 - Honey & I
51 - The Wire
52 - 3am (feat. Thundercat)
53 - Lost Track