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Eels: A Musical Biography and Best Songs
Mark Oliver Everett, known as E, is the founder of Eels. He is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has earned critical acclaim over the years. The band is famous for its unique sound, blending rock, alternative, and indie pop genres. In today’s blog post, we'll talk about Eels' musical biography, their most popular songs, and their best-known concerts.
E formed Eels in 1995 after writing and producing songs in his home studio, which caught the attention of record labels. The first album, Beautiful Freak, was hugely successful, and songs like Novocaine for the Soul and Susan’s House became instant hits. The band continued to release albums in the subsequent years, with each one garnering critical acclaim. The band's constantly evolving sound and style have made them a favorite among music listeners worldwide.
Eels' music is a distinctive blend of melancholic lyrics, quirky instrumentals, and an indie rock sound. Their songs often grapple with themes of love, loss, and introspection. The band's somber yet uplifting music has been labeled, sadcore, and it is a genre that has become synonymous with the band's name.
Eels has produced some of the most iconic songs of the alternative rock music scene. Fresh Blood is a standout track from the 2009 album, Hombre Lobo. The song is a metaphoric representation of forbidden love and the need for freedom. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues from the 2000 album, Daisies of the Galaxy, is another popular hit. The song is an amalgamation of optimistic rock and melancholic pop that showcases E’s musical versatility. The band's popular song, Last Stop: This Town, from the album Electro-Shock Blues, is a beautiful ballad that resonates with many listeners.
One of the most memorable concerts in Eels' history is the 2006 show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. It is a concert that was recorded for the documentary, Eels With Strings. The performance showcased the band's musicianship and their ability to masterfully blend their original material with string arrangements. In addition, the concert featured some unique covers such as The Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer In The City and Prince’s Raspberry Beret.
Critics have praised Eels for their musicianship, lyrics, and live performances. However, E’s self-referential and personal lyrics about his family and life have been one of the reasons why the band has become one of the most influential alternative bands of our time. The sensitive and highly emotional themes of his music have resonated with countless people, making Eels the embodiment of what it means to create authentic and relatable music.
Eels has been a significant force in alternative music for over two decades. The band's unique sound, innovative arrangements, coupled with E’s personal lyrics, have made them part of music history. With an ever-growing catalog of hit songs and memorable concerts, Eels is a band that will continue to inspire and influence generations of music lovers who appreciate authenticity and creative expression.
1 - Fresh Feeling
2 - My Beloved Monster
3 - I Need Some Sleep
4 - Susan's House
5 - I Like Birds
6 - Saturday Morning
7 - Beautiful Freak
8 - Flyswatter
9 - That Look You Give That Guy
10 - Fresh Blood
11 - Rags To Rags
12 - Guest List
13 - Last Stop: This Town
14 - It's A Motherfucker
15 - 3 Speed
16 - Spunky
17 - Hey Man (now You're Really Living)
18 - Trouble With Dreams
19 - Cancer For The Cure
20 - Grace Kelly Blues
21 - Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
22 - Packing Blankets
23 - Losing Streak
24 - P.s. You Rock My World
25 - Railroad Man
26 - Christmas Is Going To The Dogs
27 - Ant Farm
28 - Blinking Lights (for Me)
29 - Bus Stop Boxer
30 - My Descent Into Madness
31 - Wooden Nickels
32 - A Daisy Through Concrete
33 - Tiger In My Tank
34 - Dead Of Winter
35 - Something Is Sacred
36 - Prizefighter
37 - I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
38 - Climbing To The Moon
39 - Electro-shock Blues
40 - That's Not Really Funny
41 - Daisies Of The Galaxy
42 - The Sound Of Fear
43 - Manchild
44 - Hey Man (now You're Really Living)
45 - Mental
46 - Flower
47 - Not Ready Yet
48 - Love Of The Loveless
49 - Your Lucky Day In Hell
50 - Susan's House
51 - Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
52 - Novocaine For The Soul
53 - Anything For Boo
54 - Are We Alright Again
55 - Friendly Ghost