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DJ Mujava


DJ Mujava is a celebrated artist, renowned for his influence on musical history and impact on modern music. From his critically acclaimed debut album Township Funk to his hit single Pox Magome. DJ Mujava has a long list of tracks that continue to make waves. His soft spots for afro tribalhouse and townsound have uniquely branded him as one of the most interesting producers in South African dance music trends. Upon listening, you can find traces of kwaito and township jazz, softened with groovy baselines and infectious synth lines while maintaining traditional Afropop hearbeats underneath. Everyone can agree that DJ Mujava's music speaks directly to the soul.
DJ Mujava: The South African Pioneer of Bacardi House
When it comes to Bacardi House music, DJ Mujava is one of the pioneers who led the way and influenced the music scene in South Africa and beyond. Born in Atteridgeville, South Africa, in 1985, DJ Mujava started making music when he was only 16, and in 2008, he produced Township Funk, a hit that put him on the map. In this blog, we will explore DJ Mujava's musical journey and highlight some of his best songs, main musical influences and even a famous concert, alongside a brief critic.
DJ Mujava's birth name is Elvis Maswanganyi, and he discovered his love for music in church, where he sang in the choir and played drums. When he was a teenager, he became interested in electronic music and started experimenting with Fruityloops software. His unique sound is a blend of kwaito, hip hop, and house that he called Bacardi House, and the genre quickly gained popularity across South Africa's townships.
DJ Mujava gained international recognition with the release of Township Funk in 2008, a driving, bass-heavy track that quickly became a club and festival favorite worldwide. It was listed amongst the best tracks of the decade by Pitchfork, FactMag, and the Guardian, to name a few. Since then, DJ Mujava has been widely regarded not only as a pioneer within South Africa's Gqom and Bacardi House scenes but also as an influence to the greater international electronic music scene.
In addition to Township Funk, DJ Mujava's discography is undoubtedly worth exploring. Tracks such as Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje, Please Mugwanti, and Spoko have received significant airplay and playtime by some of the world's leading DJs. These songs share the same audacity and charisma that made Township Funk an instant classic. Moreover, DJ Mujava's music is still making rounds in the top African DJs playlists, highlighting his lasting impact on South African and international nightlife.
As a pioneer of his genre, DJ Mujava receives admiration from various critical voices. His inspiration to fellow performers, music producers, and music consumers across South Africa and beyond was celebrated. His music accurately translated the experiences and emotions not only of his generation but also of all those who threw themselves to the dance floor. The energy that DJ Mujava puts on his tracks reflects his mastery around each sound to deliver his audience an unforgettable experience.
As for concerts, yet, DJ Mujava has topped some of the most iconic stages around the globe, including Glastonbury Festival and the Sonar Festival. For his 2011 set at Sonar, DJ Mujava had the crowd going wild with his pulsating beats and dynamic energy, highlighting his infectious sound and stage presence. The concert is still celebrated as one of his most remarkable performances and the fact that it's still referenced to this day is a testament to the impact that his music left on his followers and fans.
DJ Mujava has made an indelible mark on the South African and international music scene, with his unique sound and iconic tracks that continue to inspire and influence other artists. His Bacardi House genre helped bring the township sound to the world's ear and open up the possibility of African music to new markets. DJ Mujava's legacy continues to grow, with his concerts and music ingrained into the memory of the listeners who have had the pleasure of experiencing his unique sound live. The South African community continues to honor his contribution to the country's music culture. We look forward to even more thrilling and sensational music from this fantastic artist in the future.
1 - Township Funk
2 - Mugwanti (R3hab Remix)
3 - Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje
4 - Township Funk (Sinden remix)
5 - Please Mugwanti
6 - Township Funk (mark Pritchard's Version Excursion)
7 - Township Funk (skream Remix)