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Chico Trujillo

Chico Trujillo is an iconic artist in Chilean musical history. He has released numerous acclaimed albums over the years that have solidified his place in the Latin music scene. These include classic works like “Grandes Éxitos” which featured massive hits such as “Cinco Pasitos”, “Hagámosla Como Munaicheras” and “El Borrachito”. Additionally Chico Trujillo has garnered much acclaim for several of his other albums since their releases, including 2012's pop-infused and truly unique “Regresa” and 2017's hauntingly beautiful “LaOCASÍON. With poignantly crafted lyrics and frequently relaxed instrumentals and beats, their songs have become a major part of household staples all across South America.listen Lastly, some of Chico Trujillo's commercially successful singles comprise of melodic cuts such as Contra El Tiempo, full length tracks like LaHumaracha and anthem-like numbers like Somos Americanors – all cementing the musicians sheer strength?and timelessness? in songwriting
Chico Trujillo - The Best of Chilean Music Scene<
When we talk about Chilean music, it's impossible not to mention Chico Trujillo - the renowned Chilean band known for its infectious beats and captivating rhythms. Their music is a blend of traditional South American styles with new-age reggae, ska, and rock melodies that can get anyone tapping their feet. This article is the perfect guide for music lovers who are curious to explore more about the roots of this incredible band. We will be discussing their biography, genres, famous concerts, and of course, their most popular songs.
Chico Trujillo is a band that has been creating music for over 20 years, starting in Valparaiso in 1999. Their name Trujillo comes from a character in a popular Chilean comic strip, and Chico Trujillo referred to him as the lead singer for the band. But it was in the year 2001 when various musicians from different Chilean cities joined forces to create the current band's lineup. Since then, the band has become an institution of contemporary Chilean music.
The band's music style is a fusion of different genres like cumbia, ska, and reggae. Their lyrics are relatable to the Chilean audience and tell real stories. One should understand that cumbia is an essential part of Latin America's history and culture. Chico Trujillo has added their unique style to this genre, and that's what makes them special.
Chico Trujillo has performed at various events, but their largest concerts were the Santiago Cultural Festival (2007) and the Vive Latino Festival in Bogota (2019). The band members are passionate about their craft and deliver an electrifying performance that lifts the audience's mood.
When it comes to their famous hits, La Escoba, Loca, and Gran Pecador always make it to the list. Songs like La Cumbia de la Cadenita and Sombrero have a unique flavor that will get your head bobbing to the rhythm.
It's a musical treat for those who want to discover new sounds and blend with an old-school charm.
Critics have praised the band for their authenticity and originality. Chico Trujillo has taken traditional music styles and fused them with contemporary genres to create a sound that is unique to the band. The band has been featured on various TV shows and documentaries as they continue to spread their musical magic to millions of fans around the world.
With their infectious beats and captivating storytelling, Chico Trujillo manages to capture the heart and soul of Chilean music. Their unique blend of traditional sounds with contemporary genres has garnered a huge fan base not just in Chile but around the world. Their concerts are a treat for music lovers, and their songs are timeless. If you're looking to explore more of Chilean music, Chico Trujillo should be on your radar.



Exploring the Musical Journey of Chico Trujillo - From Beginnings to Fame

Music can touch our soul and make us travel to different parts of the world without leaving our rooms. One of the most celebrated artists who have spread the magic of music across the world is Chico Trujillo. From his humble beginnings as a street musician in Valparaiso to become a household name for Latin American music lovers, Chico Trujillo has come a long way. In this blog, we will explore the musical journey of Chico Trujillo – from his beginnings to fame. We will delve into his most famous albums, his most sensational songs, and his musical style and influences, providing music lovers with a sneak-peek into his incredible world of musical creativity.

Chico Trujillo is one of the most celebrated musical performers from Chile. The band formed in 1999 in Valparaiso, with the vision of reviving the traditional Chilean cumbia. Over the years, the band has transcended boundaries to bring the musical flavor of Chile and Latin America to music lovers worldwide. The band draws influences from various musical genres, including reggae, ska, and rock. Their innovative musical style has earned them critical acclaim from experts and audiences alike.

Chico Trujillo's music is like a rollercoaster ride, jumping from one emotion to the other, making you groove to its beats and inciting you to rebel against the societal norm. His most famous albums include Chico de Oro, Mambo Mundial, and Cumbia Chilombiana. Each of the albums has its unique musical appeal and reflects the cultural diversity of Chile's music scene. Chico de Oro, the band's second studio album, is one of the most celebrated albums, featuring their iconic song Loca. The song is an epitome of Chico Trujillo's experimental style, blending traditional music with modern equipment to become a classic.

Out of the many Chico Trujillo songs, some have achieved cult status among Latin American music listeners. La Escoba is one of them. The song, which means the broom in Spanish, became a sensation in the early 2000s on the streets of Valparaiso. The rhythmic beats of the song and its accompanying dance steps made it a popular party number and spread its reach to other parts of Chile. Other popular Chico Trujillo songs include Gran Pecador, La Medallita, and Qué Bonito Tu Vestido.

Chico Trujillo's music is not just a fusion of various musical genres; it also reflects the cultural and societal diversity of Chile. His music speaks of love, loss, and rebellion, challenging the social norms and questioning the power structures. The band's music has been an inspiration to many and even led to the formation of a new musical style – the Chilenium Cumbia. Chico Trujillo's music has something to offer to everyone, irrespective of their musical taste or cultural background.

Chico Trujillo is not just a musician; he is an experience. His music transcends boundaries and connects with people at a deeper level. From the streets of Valparaiso to the world stage, his musical journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. The band's unique musical style, blending traditional music with modern equipment, has earned them critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Chico Trujillo's music reflects the changing cultural fabric of Chile and Latin America, making it one of the most celebrated genres. If you haven't listened to Chico Trujillo yet, we urge you to give it a try. You might just discover a new world of music that you never knew existed.
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1 - Medallita
2 - Loca
3 - La Escoba
4 - Sombrero
5 - La cosecha de mujeres
6 - No me busques
7 - Conductor
8 - Pollera Amarilla
9 - Calentones
10 - Lanzaplatos
11 - Los Sabanales
12 - Varga-Varga
13 - Regresa
14 - Sin Excusas
15 - El tren
16 - Mix Chilombiano
17 - Dolor
18 - Ahora Quién
19 - No Me Pregunten Cómo Es Mi Muchacha
20 - Y Si No Fuera
21 - Quémame Los Ojos
22 - Tus Besos Son
23 - Gran Pecador
24 - Mira Si No He De Venir
25 - La Fiesta De San Benito
26 - Me Convertiste En Santo
27 - Fuera De Mi Vida
28 - Cosecha De Mujeres
29 - La Pollera Amarilla
30 - El Eléctrico
31 - La Piragua
32 - A Mi Negra
33 - Tongoy
34 - Caleta Vargas
35 - Déjame Decirte Algo
36 - Malgeniosa
37 - Maria, Ria
38 - Cumbia Ácida
39 - Daniela
40 - Loco, Loco
41 - La Banda De Mi Vecino
42 - Asi Es Que Vivo Yo (sigue La Fiesta)
43 - Linda Secretaria
44 - Abajo Del Bote