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Are you a fan of bully artist? Their musical history spans decades and they have many beloved songs and albums that are all classics. A true die hard, fan knows not only the best songs but can list out their available albums! Of which some still stand as the defining footprints of popular culture today.
Getting to know the musical genius Bully
The world of music is always welcoming towards artists who bring a fresh perspective to the table. One such artist who has managed to wow the musical world with their unique sound and style is the band Bully. Bully is an American rock band fronted by Alicia Bognanno. Their music has often been classified as punk rock and post-grunge, and their energy is electric. In this blog post, we will delve into Bully's musical biography, their best songs, their music genre and their famous concerts. We'll also take a closer look at their music and analyze why they are so popular within the music community.
Bully's musical career began when founder Alicia Bognanno moved from Minneapolis to Nashville, where she worked as an engineer at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio. This provided her with the tools and experience to let her create her music that was unlike anything else out there. She started as a solo artist but later decided to form a band in 2013 with Reece Lazarus on bass guitar, Clayton Parker on guitar and Steward Copeland on drums. From there, they released their first album named Feels Like, which was received positively by critics.
Bully's music is raw and straightforward, often described as a mix of punk rock and grunge. Their songs are characterized by loud, distorted guitars and pounding drums, with Bognanno's vocals both commanding and vulnerable. They have a no filler approach to songwriting, always pushing themselves to make each song the best it can be. Some of the artist's most famous songs include Trying, I Remember, and Milkman. These tracks are a perfect representation of their signature sound.
When it comes to concerts, Bully's shows are high-energy and intense. They always bring their A-game to the stage, leaving their fans no choice but to be swept up in the frenzied atmosphere. Their concerts always sold-out in just a few minutes. Their fans can't get enough of their charismatic and sig-thinking performing style. During their performances, Alicia Bognanno displays a combination of electrifying energy, vulnerability, and sincerity, which is why her fans hold her in such high esteem.
Critics of Bully have nothing but good things to say. An article in Pitchfork praised their recent album SUGAREGG, calling it a loud, snarling display of rock'n'roll vitality. Another review in The Guardian noted that the group has transformed from a promising indie-punk band into a full-blown, fire-breathing arena force. It's rare to see such universal acclaim in the music world, but Bully has managed to win over critics from all walks of life.
Bully's contributions to modern music are nothing short of remarkable. Their sound is unique and different, bringing an edge to the contemporary rock genre. The band's energy and passion are infectious, making it impossible not to get swept up in their live performances. We hope this blog post convinced you to take a look at Bully's music or, if you're already a fan, to appreciate their work even more. Bully is a band that continues to push boundaries and create masterful music that will be appreciated for years to come.
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Bully: A Comprehensive Critique

It's no small feat to attempt a thorough critique of the talented and enigmatic indie-rock stalwart, Bully. While her brand of fiery alt-pop songwriting has continued to surprise listeners and top charts since 2013, there are certainly unique aspects that can be considered both beneficial and detrimental for fans and critics alike. We’ve taken some time to deep dive into the music output by Bully in order to identify both what we view as positive attributes of her sound – whether it’s in regard to composition or lyrics – as well as areas that could benefit from more attention moving forward. For diehard followers on one side, or skeptic newcomers on the other, this is our comprehensive look at something critic and something good about Alabama based artist Alicia Bognanno’s project—Bully!

Bully, the brainchild of the talented Alabama-based singer-songwriter Alicia Bognanno, has been making waves in the indie rock scene since 2013. Her fiery alt-pop sound has captured the hearts of millions of listeners, and her music has consistently topped charts. However, while her music is undeniably impressive, there are certain aspects of it that can be deemed both advantageous and disadvantageous.

In this comprehensive critique, we take a closer look at the music output by Bully to identify both the positive attributes of her sound, whether it’s in composition or lyrics, as well as areas that could benefit from more attention in the future. We’ve put together this article for both die-hard fans and skeptical newcomers alike - so whether you're a longtime listener or just getting introduced to Bully's music, we’ve got you covered.


One of the most striking aspects of Bully’s music is her incredible ability to blend and mash melodies and rhythms from various genres. From punk rock to grunge to folk, Bognanno has the ability to compile it all into something that sounds unique and fresh. If you’re not a fan of one genre, odds are you’ll still find something to love in Bully’s music.

Additionally, the intense emotion that is prevalent throughout her music is what sets her apart from many of her peers. The instrumentals of her music aren’t overbearing, which allows Bognanno’s voice and lyrics to occupy the center stage. Nothing is off-limits in her lyrics, which are oftentimes centered around personal experiences and emotional turmoil. Many of her songs deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, and heartbreak. These topics are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever gone through any kind of emotional struggle.


Bully’s music is no doubt something that is meant to be felt more than understood. However, this doesn't mean that her lyrics are lacking! In fact, the lyrics of her songs provide an insight into the inner turmoil experienced by the artist. Her songs feel like confessional diaries where she lays out her raw emotions for all of us to see.

Bognanno’s lyrics are often packed with clever wordplay, deep metaphors, and striking imagery. They have the ability to be both poignant and humorous at the same time. Her ability to convey complex emotions in such a concise and thoughtful way is something that separates her from many other artists.

Bognanno’s lyrics are often packed with clever wordplay, deep metaphors, and striking imagery. They have the ability to be both poignant and humorous at the same time. Her ability to convey complex emotions in such a concise and thoughtful way is something that separates her from many other artists.

Areas that could benefit from more attention:

One thing that stood out to us while analyzing Bognanno's music is that there is a bit of a compositional plateau – that is, she seems to have a specific formula that she follows to great success, but lacks the inclination to try something different. In other words, while her music is great, it all sounds a bit too familiar and predictable at times.

Another area that could use some improvement is her vocal delivery. While her singing style is unique and emotive, there are moments where her voice cracks and misses notes. While this can add to the overall angst of the song, it can also come off as distracting.

After deep diving into Bully’s music, it's undeniable that Alicia Bognanno is an incredibly talented musician. From her ability to blend and mesh various genres to her intensely personal and emotional lyrics, her music is nothing short of a revelation. While there is always room for growth and improvement, this should not detract from the fact that Bully is a musical powerhouse worth listening to. Whether you're already a fan or have yet to discover her, we highly recommend giving her music a try. You won't be disappointed!
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1 - Trying
2 - Milkman
3 - Brainfreeze
4 - Sharktooth
5 - I Remember
6 - Feel The Same
7 - Where To Start
8 - Too Tough
9 - Reason
10 - Six
11 - Trash
12 - Running
13 - Picture
14 - Kills To Be Resistant
15 - Every Tradition
16 - Prism
17 - Guess There
18 - Hours And Hours
19 - Seeing It
20 - Blame
21 - Focused
22 - Poetic Trash
23 - Hate And Control
24 - Not The Way
25 - Spiral
26 - Either Way
27 - You Could Be Wrong
28 - Come Down
29 - About A Girl
30 - Turn To Hate
31 - Hard To Love


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