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From Beginnings to Fame: The Musical Biography of Bro Safari

Bro Safari, a name that is known among electronic dance music lovers, has been a popular name in the industry for many years. While some of you might be already familiar with the name, others might not even have heard of him yet. In this article, we will dive into Bro Safari's musical biography, from his beginnings to fame. We will cover his early days, his most famous albums and songs, his growth as an artist, and his musical style and influences.


Bro Safari's musical journey started in the early 2000s when he first started experimenting with electronic dance music. He started with drum n bass and experimented with various other genres, which eventually led him to trap and moombahton. In 2012, he released his first album with UFO! named 'Animal,' which helped him gain recognition and popularity in the industry. After that, Bro Safari started releasing music on his own, and in 2013, he released his solo debut album 'Animal House' that was a huge success.


Bro Safari's most famous album to date is 'Collisions' released in 2014, which was a masterpiece combining various genres. The album featured collaborations with popular artists like UFO!, ETC!ETC!, and Valentino Khan. The success of the 'Collisions' album helped Bro Safari gain popularity worldwide, and he started performing at music festivals around the globe.


Among the most famous songs of Bro Safari, 'Scumbag' featuring his friend and collaborator Dillon Francis has been one of the most played dance tracks ever. The bouncy trap beat, combined with a catchy vocal hook, made it an instant crowd favorite. 'Follow,' 'The Drop,' and 'Bender,' all songs from his 'Collisions' album, also became fan favorites and helped him gain more fans and recognition.


Bro Safari has been an inspiration for many upcoming artists, and his unique blend of genres like trap, drum n bass, and dubstep has created a new sound in the industry. His musical style and influences come from various artists like Skrillex, Major Lazer, and Noisia, who helped him evolve into the iconic artist he is today. Through his music, Bro Safari aims to create the perfect soundscape where people can escape from their daily struggles and feel the joy of music.


Bro Safari has been an influential artist in the electronic dance music industry for many years now. His unique style and sound have inspired many young artists to experiment with new genres and sounds. From his early days experimenting with drum n bass to his rise to fame and the creation of masterpieces like the 'Collisions' album, Bro Safari has never failed to amaze us with his creativity and passion for music. All in all, Bro Safari is an inspiration to all those who love music and believe in their dreams.
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1 - The Drop
2 - Uncrushable
3 - The Drop (must Die! Remix)
4 - Cold Turkey
5 - That A$$
6 - Scumbag
7 - Bender
8 - Reality (feat. Sarah Hudson)
9 - Da Worm
10 - Follow - Zomboy Remix
11 - Spooked (feat. Dj Craze)
2017: Collisions
2013: Animal