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Ben Harper

Benjamin Chase Ben Harper (born 28 October 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Ben Harper is an artist who has achieved a successful music career. He's well known for writing and performing some of the best songs of all time. His music is rooted in blues, folk, soul, reggae, rock, and country; he excels at cutting to our core with lyrics full of emotion and purpose. His iconic songs have won him five GRAMMY awards and referenced by many other artists along their own paths in music.For decades, Ben Harper has followed his creative muse down roads only he can imagine advancing the melodies and celebrating feelings millions of fans know oh so familiarly.



The Not So Stellar Moments in Ben Harper's Discography

Are you a fan of Ben Harper's music? His soul-filled blues style has won fans all over the world since his early albums. But it turns out that even die-hard Ben Harper devotees may have to admit that, at times, the singer/songwriter is guilty of some rather dubious musical stylings! From questionable lyrics to occasional auto-tuning controversies, we put on our investigative cap and uncover some of the not so stellar elements in Ben Harper's discography…

Ben Harper is one of the most beloved musicians of our time. With his soulful voice and emotive lyrics, his music has touched the hearts and souls of fans around the world. However, even the most ardent Ben Harper fan would have to admit that there are a few questionable moments in his discography. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of these moments and explore what they reveal about the artist and his music.

The first area of concern in Ben Harper's music is his lyrics. While most of his songs are deeply poetic and meaningful, there are a few that fall short. For example, in his song Faded, Harper croons It's time to leave this town / It's time to steal away / Let's go get lost / Anywhere in the U.S.A. The lyrics feels trite and uninspired, lacking the depth and nuance that are hallmarks of Harper's best work. This is not to say that every song needs to be a masterpiece, but it's disappointing to see such a talented artist resorting to generic lyrics.

Another area of concern is Harper's use of auto-tune. While auto-tune can be a powerful and effective tool in the right hands, it can also be overused and abused. Harper has come under fire in the past for his use of auto-tune on songs like Rock N' Roll Is Free and I Don't Believe a Word You Say. Fans have criticized him for relying too heavily on the technology and not allowing his natural voice to shine through. While there's nothing inherently wrong with using auto-tune, it can be frustrating for fans who want to hear Harper's authentic vocals.

Perhaps the most controversial moment in Harper's discography is his collaboration with Charlie Musselwhite on the album Get Up! This album, which won a Grammy Award for Best Blues Album, features some of Harper's most experimental and polarizing work. On songs like We Can't End This Way, Harper incorporates electronic beats and synthesizers into his bluesy sound, creating a jarring juxtaposition that some fans found difficult to swallow. While this album was certainly a departure from Harper's usual style, it's also a testament to his willingness to take risks and try new things.

Despite these not so stellar moments, it's important to remember that Ben Harper is still one of the most talented and influential musicians of our time. His ability to blend blues, rock, and soul into something entirely his own is a testament to his unique vision and creativity. Whether he's exploring new sounds or sticking to his tried and true roots, Harper always manages to create something that is both powerful and emotionally resonant.

In the end, the not so stellar moments in Ben Harper's discography only serve to highlight his artistic evolution. They remind us that even the greatest artists can stumble and make mistakes, but it's how they learn from those mistakes that truly sets them apart. As fans of Harper's music, we can appreciate both the highs and the lows of his career, knowing that they all contribute to the rich and varied tapestry of his art. If you're a fan of Ben Harper, don't let these missteps discourage you – instead, let them inspire you to keep listening and to keep exploring the vast and beautiful world of his music.
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The Musical Life Story of Ben Harper: From Humble Beginnings to International Stardom

Music is an ever-evolving form of art that has the power to unite individuals and move them in ways that words cannot. One musician who has mastered this power is Ben Harper. Born in Pomona, California, in 1969, Harper's musical journey began at an early age and has since transformed him into a cultural icon. This blog will explore the life of Ben Harper, from his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs, and discuss his musical style and influences.

Ben Harper was surrounded by music from an early age; his mother was a pianist and his grandfather was an Alabama bluesman. Harper's passion for music blossomed when he was twelve-years-old and his family moved to Claremont, California. He began to learn the guitar and cultivate a love for folk and blues music. Harper's style grew over time to incorporate funk, soul, and rock, making him a unique and versatile musician.

Harper released his first album in 1994, titled Welcome to the Cruel World. The album fused folk and rock music, gaining critical acclaim and garnering a cult following. His follow-up album, Fight For Your Mind, is considered his breakthrough album, blending a mix of folk, blues, and rock, and featuring hit songs such as Burn One Down and Faded. Harper's popularity continued to grow with the release of The Will to Live and Burn to Shine.

Harper's most famous album, and possibly his most celebrated, is Diamonds on the Inside. Released in 2003, the album features a mix of styles including rock, folk, and reggae. The album was well-received, earning Harper two Grammy Awards, and featured hit songs such as With My Own Two Hands and Steal My Kisses. Even with all his success, Harper continues to push his musical boundaries with his later albums, including Lifeline and White Lies for Dark Times.

Harper's music style and influences are a reflection of his eclectic background. He grew up listening to blues and soul music, which heavily influenced his early albums. He has admitted to being inspired by Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix, among others. Harper's music is known for its heartfelt lyrics, emotional storytelling, and intricate guitar playing. Harper's live performances are especially known for their intimate, raw, and powerful energy.

In conclusion, Ben Harper is one of the most talented musicians of our time. He has managed to capture the hearts of fans worldwide with his unique style, engaging lyrics, and powerful voice. Regardless of the genre, Harper's music has the power to move listeners and make them feel something. As we continue to look forward to more music from this legend, we can only hope that his personal and musical journey continues to grow and evolve, inspiring future generations of musicians to reach their fullest potential.
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1 - Walk Away
2 - Diamond Inside
3 - Forever
4 - Waiting On an Angel
5 - Burn One Down
6 - Amen Omen
7 - Another Lonely Day
8 - Steal My Kisses
9 - By My Side
10 - Morning Yearning
11 - When She Believes
12 - Oppression
13 - With My Own Two Hands
14 - Ground On Down
15 - Gold To Me
16 - Fight for Your Mind
17 - Power of the Gospel
18 - God Fearing Man
19 - Please Me Like You Want To
20 - One Road to Freedom
21 - Diamonds On The Inside
22 - She's Only Happy In The Sun
23 - When It's Good
24 - Sexual Healing
25 - Bring The Funk
26 - Waiting For You
27 - Touch From Your Lust
28 - Everything
29 - The Three Of Us
30 - Blessed To Be A Witness
31 - Both Sides Of The Gun
32 - Alone
33 - Brown Eyed Blues
34 - Whipping Boy
35 - Picture Of Jesus
36 - Pleasure And Pain
37 - Temporary Remedy
38 - Beloved One
39 - Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
40 - Roses From My Friends
41 - Faded
42 - Better Way
43 - Please Bleed
44 - Jah Work
45 - Black Rain
46 - So High So Low
47 - Picture In A Frame
48 - In The Colors
49 - We Need To Talk About It
50 - Don't Take That A
51 - Fool For A Lonesome Train
52 - Crazy Amazing
53 - Ain't Too Proud To Beg