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Andy Chango

Andy Chango (Andrés Fejerman) nació el 27 de junio de 1970 en Buenos Aires (Argentina) y es compositor, cantante y músico.
Andy Chango: Celebrating the Life and Music of a Born Performer
Are you a music lover? If so, you may already be familiar with Andy Chango. He is one of the most talented artists in the music industry whose music genres include rock, punk, Latin American, and pop. Andy began his music career in Madrid, Spain, and has since moved to the US. Despite the challenges he's faced, Andy has never given up on his passion for music, which made him the success story, he is today. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at Andy Chango's life, his musical genres, best songs and performances, and what the critics have to say about his music.
Musical Biography
Andy Chango, also known by his real name, Andres Madrid, was born in the early 70s in Argentina. He moved to Madrid, Spain, as a child and that's where his love for music started. He began his music career as a teenager, playing several instruments. He played with multiple bands before he decided to go it alone. Andy moved to New York City in 1996 and began recording his debut album, Carnaval de Estrellas. Since then, he has released several albums that have been critically acclaimed.
Music Genres
Andy's music genres are unique and diverse. He is known for combining elements of rock, punk, Latin American, and pop. His music style is not easy to categorize because he does not follow the traditional rules of music. Some of his music is in Spanish, while others are in English, and some are in both languages. What makes his music stand out is that it always has a message and is very authentic to him.
Best Songs
Andy has released several albums, and many of his songs have been a huge success. Some of his most popular songs include No Te Pido La Luna, So Beautiful, Ferris Wheel, Lava Love, Me Gusta, and My Saw. These songs showcase his unique style, diversity, and the ability to tell stories through music.
Famous Concerts
Famous Concerts
Andy Chango is a born performer, and watching him live is an experience you won't forget. He has performed in many countries, including Spain, Latin America, and the United States. One of his most famous concerts took place at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2013. Andy's performance was so energetic and captivating that it left audiences wanting more.
Critics have recognized Andy Chango's unique style and musicianship. According to Venice Magazine, Andy Chango should be a household name, known for his unique blend of rock and Latin Jazz. The Miami Herald has praised Andy's ability to perform in both English and Spanish, saying that Chango sings with an honestly that's refreshing and exciting.
In conclusion, Andy Chango is a talented artist whose music transcends boundaries and language barriers. He has had a successful career, and his music has inspired many. He has released several albums, and each one showcases his unique style and message. From rock to Latin American music, Andy's ability to blend genres seamlessly has allowed him to connect with audiences worldwide. Andy's love for music and the desire to create something new, exciting, and authentic has made him a success story. We should expect big things from him in the future.


1 - Neuronas
2 - SNOB
3 - Madrid
5 - Demencia temporal
7 - Beber
8 - Salam Alecum!
9 - Relaciones peligrosas
10 - ¡viva El Progreso!
11 - Queda Muy Poco De Mi
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