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Amalthea is an artist with a distinguished musical history. From soaring ballads and captivating vocals to mellow beats and soothing lyrics, they have been captivating audiences all over the world for years. In 2021 they released their newest record featuring some of their absolute best songs and albums. With signature movements honed completely by themselves, Amalthea often defies the status quo while setting their own norms with refined music. We invite you to come listen to them, dig deep into the meaning of their melodies and fully experience anything that Amalthea has to bring to the table.
The Musical Journey of Amalthea: A Look at the Phenomenal Artist's Best Songs and Genre
Music is universal, and it's a language that everyone can understand and enjoy. For all the passionate music listeners out there, today we will be discussing one of the most influential artists in the music industry, Amalthea. Over the years, Amalthea has captivated audiences with her unique sound and unwavering passion for music.
Amalthea, whose real name is Amelia, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. From a young age, she had an intense love for music and started taking music lessons when she was just five years old. Her passion for music soon consumed her, and she started writing her songs when she was ten years old. Amalthea's talent and passion for music continued to grow over the years, and by the time she was in her early twenties, she decided to pursue music full-time.
Amalthea's music genre is an exciting mix of indie, alternative rock, and pop music. Her unique sound and style have made her stand out in the music industry. Some of her best and most famous songs include Lonely Nights, Love Drunk, Fool for You, and The One That Got Away. These songs have garnered thousands of streams on various music platforms, and they have become fan-favorites.
Amalthea is known for her live performances, and she always puts on a show-stopping performance. Her concerts are mesmerizing, and her energy on stage is infectious. One of her most memorable performances was at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, where she rocked the stage and had the crowd singing along to her songs.
Critics have praised Amalthea for her unique sound and captivating performances. She has been compared to some of the biggest names in the music industry, and many believe she is on the brink of becoming a global sensation. Her music speaks to people on a personal level, and her lyrics are relatable for many.
Amalthea's musical journey has been an inspiring one, and her passion for music has led to her creating some of the most beautiful and unique songs in the music industry. Her music genre is an exciting mix of indie, alternative rock, and pop music. Her live performances are mesmerizing, and her energy on stage is infectious. Amalthea is a true inspiration for all aspiring musicians out there, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this talented artist.


1 - The Fall
2 - Rain
3 - Vapour
4 - Harm
5 - Trachea
6 - Econ
7 - Intro
8 - Field
9 - Rust
10 - End
11 - Skuggorna
12 - Cloudy
13 - Hologram
14 - Gisela
15 - The Clank Of Chains Scared Him
16 - These Very Knives
17 - The King Takes The Queen
18 - Bring Me That Horizon
19 - Reciting Poetry With A Mouth Full
20 - A Valued Landscape
21 - Hidden Scent
22 - We Are Comedians
23 - We Share Laughter And Torment
24 - We Smile In Denial
25 - Post-mortem Portrait
26 - It Appears To Be Broken
27 - Dimman
28 - Decision Should Be A Desert Bright And Clear
2018: I
2018: Ii
2002: Kayros