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Aimless Device

Aimless Device is an artist whose music has become a part of history. Far and wide, people have actively explored the revolutionary tunes crafted by Aimless Device throughout the years. Of their releases, many of their best songs and albums have made a lasting impact in the industry due to their unique style of flair. It almost seems as though they are capable of aspiring emotion through sound itself! The success of hteir masterful creations heavily resonates with those who enjoy diving into soundscapes that truly enhance music listening experience.
Rocking with Aimless Device: A Musical Journey through their Biography, Best Songs, and Concerts
Music is the language of our souls, and when it rocks, it's a delightful experience no one wants to miss. This blog is all about the electrifying music of one of the most happening bands of the rock world - Aimless Device. If you are a fan of rock music, then sit tight, grab your headphones, as we tune into the journey of Aimless Device.
With over a decade of music, Aimless Device has made a significant impact in the industry. The band's music genre is primarily rock, and their sound is a blend of heavy guitar riffs, pounding beats, and devilishly good lyrics. The band is influenced by some of the most iconic rock bands like AC/DC, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Kiss.
Aimless Device's lead singer, Rich McCoy, is regarded as the voice behind the band's rise to fame and his high-pitched vocals have a distinctive quality that has fans hooked. The band's guitarist, Bobby Joel, is the man behind the electrifying guitar solos that give their songs a unique character. The rhythm section of the band is composed of Gerald Carter on bass and Robby Ray on drums, who provide an unbeatable beat.
The band has released more than four albums and has given us some of the best rock songs of all time. Their first album titled 'Burnout' was released in 2010 and consisted of high-energy rock music and lyrics inspired by the struggles of everyday life. One of their most acclaimed songs from this album is 'On The Run' which gained the attention of the mainstream audience with its electrifying guitar riffs and catchy chorus.
Their next album, 'Lone Rider' (2012), showcased the band's versatility with a mix of hard rock and blues. The opening track 'Good Times' infused country-style music with rock, and this blend brought a unique texture to the band's repertoire. Another hit from the album is 'Lost in Tonight' that presents the band's romantic narrative while showcasing their enigmatic sound.
The band's latest album, 'Fuse,' was released in 2020, and it resonated with a lot of fans with its introspective lyrics and refined sound. The track 'Fading away,' which was released as the lead single, became an instant hit and climbed the music charts. It showcased Rich McCoy's amazing vocal range and the band's unparalleled talent in creating a relatable sound.
Aimless Device has performed in numerous concerts around the world, and their live performances have been critically acclaimed. One of their best performances was when they performed at the Wembley Stadium in London in 2016. The concert had over 90,000 fans in attendance, and their performance was electric, to say the least. This event put the band on the global map, and they have been headlining major concerts ever since.
In conclusion, Aimless Device's music has had an indelible impact on the rock world. From their hard-hitting lyrics to their electrifying guitar solos, their music is a journey that fans don't want to miss. With over a decade of music, Aimless Device has become a household name in the rock music scene. If you are someone who loves good music, add Aimless Device's songs to your playlist now!


1 - No Friend Of Mine
2 - Waterloo Bound
3 - Heart of Gold
4 - Heat
5 - Shellshock
6 - The Fuck
7 - World of Coats
8 - No Heroes
9 - Hyena
10 - Fun
11 - Cry
12 - Break a Leg
13 - Till The Rain Falls
14 - Two's A Crowd
15 - Better Off Cold
16 - Up In The Plane
17 - Fat Men's Bread
18 - Bad Times Ahead