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The Musical and Controversial Journey of $uicide Boy$
If you’re a fan of the modern rap scene, then you might have come across the controversial and innovative sounds of $uicide Boy$. This hip-hop duo emerged in 2014, comprising of two amazingly talented musicians, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim. They have carved a niche for themselves in the industry with a unique blend of punk rock and gangsta rap. Despite being roped in to play at various American music festivals, the duo has a dark side to their image, which is a testament to their music that creates a sense of community and belonging among thousands of their fans.
The music of $uicide Boy$ is inspired by the hardships and trials of life, their early-life experiences with addiction, and dark themes of existentialism. Their music may not be everyone's cup of tea, however, those who appreciate their honest and desolate lyrics can't stop listening to their songs. Their honest approach to their music has allowed them to carve out a loyal following with countless fans. Ruby and Scrim have this amazing ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level by sharing the realities of life without sugar-coating it.
One of their most popular tracks, Paris, has generated over 150 million views on YouTube, and their hit song Kill Yourself, Part III is also a fan favorite. Their work can be characterized as an honest and dark representation of the human psyche, with lyrics that often dwell on themes such as depression, crime, and addiction. In a genre dominated by auto-tunes and trap beats, their style of rap has gained immense popularity and set them apart from the rest. $uicide Boy$ have created a unique sound for themselves, combining punk and hip-hop, which breaks the norms of what most people would consider a typical rap song.
The duo's live performances are worth mentioning, their concerts are quite the experience, filled with energy and intensity. The band has played at numerous concerts around the United States, Mexico, and Europe, offering fans a selection of their best hits. Their live sets are nothing short of an entire production with walls of death and mosh pits breaking out during some of their most popular performances, further cementing their relevance to the punk rock scene. Seeing $uicide Boy$ live in concert is something any fan of the band would doubtlessly appreciate.
So, what's the verdict on $uicide Boy$? It's understandable why some people do not resonate with their music, however for others, they couldn't imagine living without it. Their music is a perfect blend of despair and hope, and with over 500 songs featuring some of the best lyrics, they offer a genre-defying style. Ruby and Scrim go beyond just singing or rapping, their music is a form of therapy to their fans who know what it's like to go through life's struggles. They give people a voice of hope that they're not alone in this world, and no challenge is greater than what they can handle.
The music of $uicide Boy$ embodies the struggles of life and offers an emotional release to its fans through their music. They have created a unique rap genre of their own, defying traditional music with their style of blending punk and hip-hop. They live up to their name by delivering music that speaks to their fans, fans that are seeking a community who understand what they are going through. This is a musical duo that you need to listen to appreciate their artistry at its fullest.
1 - I Hung Myself For A Persona///now I'm Up To My Neck With Offers
2 - 2nd Hand
3 - New Chains, Same Shackles
4 - Germ - Here We Go Again
5 - Breakdalaw2k16 (feat. Pouya)
6 - O Pana!
7 - Magazine
8 - The Nail To The Cross [prod. Dirty Vans]
9 - Jon Voight (live Fast, Die Young)
10 - Paris
11 - To Have And Have Not [prod. $lim Gucci]
12 - Tulane
13 - Fuckthepopulation
14 - The Crescent Moon And The Rising Sun
15 - Ugly
16 - Exodus
17 - All My Life I've Wanted A Chevy. I Ended Up Driving The Camaro Off The Causeway Bridge
18 - Lte//gloss Of Blood
19 - I Miss My Dead Friends
20 - X Black Smurf - Free Gucci
21 - Dead Batteries
22 - Rag Round My Skull
23 - Clouds As Witnesses
24 - Kill Yourself (part Ii)
25 - X Black Smurf - $moke Break
26 - X Black Smurf - Black $uicide
27 - Lemon $lime
28 - Hair