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A Critical Look at Barenaked Ladies’ Music

Are you a fan of the Canadian music group, Barenaked Ladies? If so, then you know they possess some truly unique beats and relatable lyrics that even the most die-hard fans can jam out to. But despite all its glory and fame in certain circles, there are many critiques to be had for this quirky artist- make sure you have your headphones on for this one...read more
Tag: Barenaked Ladies, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Phenomenon of Bush: Why You Should Give Them a Chance

If you’re a lover of music, then chances are you've heard of the phenomenon that is Bush. While many people can agree that he has had some major hits and released some amazing songs over the years, there is one thing that we can all agree on – if ever given the opportunity to write a sternly worded critique about his music career, it would more than likely end up being an absolute page-turner! Seriously though, while millions of listeners around the world have embraced Bush's musical creations with open arms, there are still those skeptics who remain unconvinced by his work...read more
Tag: Bush, music artist, best songs, artist career

Exploring Charles Mingus: The Great Musician and His Imperfections

Few jazz musicians can match the musical greatness of Charles Mingus, but even the famed composer wasn’t perfect. While his innovation and artistry have earned him legions of fans, here we want to explore those moments where things might not have gone as planned—the times when he may have been a bit off-key or perhaps just played one too many notes...read more
Tag: Charles Mingus, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Legacy of Helmet: Examining the Successes and Failures of an Iconic Band

If you’re a fan of hard rock, Helmet’s unmistakable sound is likely familiar to your ears. Their use of crushing distortion and aggressive riffs has become an influence for many artists since their formation in the late 80s...read more
Tag: Helmet, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Good and the Bad: A Closer Look at Jimmy Page’s Legacy

As one of the most iconic and influential artists in rock history, Jimmy Page has been recognized time and again for his extensive contributions to the music industry. With a resume full of accomplishments ranging from pioneering classic guitar riffs to producing some of today’s greatest hits, it is no surprise that fans across generations can all agree on something—Jimmy Page is an incredible musician...read more
Tag: Jimmy Page, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Enduring Legacy of Led Zeppelin: A Closer Look

Led Zeppelin is one of the most iconic classic rock bands in the world. With an unmistakable sound that has influenced genres including hard rock, heavy metal and alternative, they have created some of music history’s defining moments – from “Stairway to Heaven” to “Immigrant Song...read more
Tag: Led Zeppelin, music artist, best songs, artist career

Balancing the Good and Criticism of Marilyn Manson as an Artist

something critic and something good about the music artist: Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson is an extraordinary artist who has a career spanning over almost three decades. He has been able to gather a massive following of fans who adore his alternative and gothic style of rock music...read more
Tag: Marilyn Manson, music artist, best songs, artist career

Page: A Nuanced Appreciation

If you're an avid music listener, chances are you've already heard of the amazing artist Page. With her silky smooth voice and inspiring lyrics, she quickly became a household name among R&B fans all over the world...read more
Tag: Page, music artist, best songs, artist career

Perfume: The Controversial J-Pop Group You Can’t Help But Love

If you love music, Perfume is a band that you have to know about. This J-Pop group consists of 3 talented artists: Kashiyuka, A–chan and Nocchi, who have been creating hit after hit since their debut in 2001...read more
Tag: Perfume, music artist, best songs, artist career

The Heavy: A Musical Journey Full of Diversity and Experimentation

If you're a fan of musical diversity and experimentation, you'll find much to love about The Heavy! Comprised of Kelvin Swaby (vocals), Dan Taylor (guitar/keys), Spencer Page (bass) , Chris Ellul (drums) & Hannah Collins (multi-instrumentalist). This eclectic English indie rock band have been dishing out soulful melodies, blues-infused riffs and socially conscious lyrics since 2007...read more
Tag: The Heavy, music artist, best songs, artist career

Exploring the Timeless Music of The Legendary Yardbirds

The Yardbirds are a legendary band that has been influencing modern rock and roll for more than half a century. As one of the most influential bands of all time, it's hard to deny their significance in music history and culture...read more
Tag: Yardbirds, music artist, best songs, artist career

Black Africa

The kids are wearing pitched slippers, chasing a ball on a bumpy field or playing with a stick. They wear colorful T-shirts...read more
Tag: happy, waiting, modernity-falsity, needs of the system, africa

A dive into Italian electro rock with oZZo

Hi Ozzo! Your project particularly focused our interest as we share your origins in Milan’s hinterland, and we are friends of Rho’s Rock’n’Roll Club, too…:)What does Milan’s province represent for you? Hi guys! I’m not a “ghetto boy wannabe” saying suburbs is my life. Since I was young, I have tried as much as I could to spend all my free time in Milan (the biggest city closer to my town)...read more
Tag: ozzo, electro rock, interview, new bands, italian bands, music contest, rock bands, new rock wave, electronic rock

3 Great Apps to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument (aka I want to be a musician in the indie rock scene)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, but it seems like there’s no time in the day? Between responsibilities, children, and everything your life demands, maybe it seems like dabbling in the musical arts isn’t on the cards. But as an adult learner, it’s more than possible for you to quickly, effectively, and astutely pick up an instrument — and all you need is a smartphone, a popsocket stand and the motivation to create and then play the music that you know is in your heart...read more
Tag: indie rock, musician, great apps, play a musical instrument

Interview with a new emerging country rock artist, Matt Westin

We have had the pleasure to interview Matt Westin, a country-rock artist from Pittsburgh, PA. We love his quality country groove, especially we like the vocals and the songwriting...read more
Tag: emerging rock artist, country music, interview, new rock music

A new great electro pop artist, Sarah P.

Today we interview a young artist from Greece who represent a new way of interpreting electro pop. We love the fierce strength of her lyrics, the feminine power of her personality and the fluent and direct messages and critics that we find in her songs...read more
Tag: electro pop, hipster, synth, interview, femenine power

Sweet HayaH

Today we present you the inspiring story of Sweet HayaH band. Originally formed in 2011, Sweet HayaH’s founding members were lead vocalist and keyboardist Nehal (pronounced Knee-Hell) Abuelata, guitarist Devin Moreno, bass player Aaron Marquez, and drummer Josh Gardner...read more
Tag: alternative rock, happyfeelings, positivemessages, newband

Business Management 101: Making Sure You Get Paid - part 2

An accountant may also recommend diversifying your payment methods to help accommodate a wider range of clients. This means opening the doors to eChecks, mobile apps, email invoicing, credit cards, and recurrent payments...read more
Tag: pop, money makers, business, how to be paid

KISS drummer Eric Singer is now an honorary police officer.

Police Chief Terry David Lynch from the Wharton police department had the privileged to do, the swearing in shortly before KISS’s End of the Road concert at Houston’s Toyota Centre on Monday. The concert occurred at 9th September and all this happened while Eric Singer was in a full Catman makeup and the police chief wearing a KISS t-shirt...read more
Tag: heavy metal, kiss, hard rock, eric singer

Looking for advice? Maybe music can be of help!

While I’m writing this, I am listening to Django Reinhardt’s songs coming right out of a Staimusic playlist. The playlist goes on endlessly, but I’m not really listening to it, it’s just the music I love to have around...read more
Tag: mental health, music therapy, Betterhelp, iso principle, slow listening, advice

Berlin Music Video Awards, an international festival that honors Music Videos.

Producers, directors, labels, and production companies come together every year at the Berlin Music Video Awards to showcase their nominated music videos and network with other professionals. It's like the Oscars, but instead of films, music videos are celebrated...read more
Tag: Berlin Music Video Awards, festival, interview, Regine Garnier

Al Green: The King of Soul Who Refuses Your Requests

Ahhh Al Green, the King of Soul. His velvety voice has captivated audiences for years with his melodic tunes that make your head bob and your heart soar...read more
Tag: Al Green, music artist, best songs, artist career
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