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The very best of garage punk

A selection of the best garage punk artists. If you want an amazing listening experience, look no further than the vibrant world of garage punk! Featuring a number of brilliant and severely underappreciated artists from all across the globe, garage punk possesses a fast-moving sound centered around fuzzy guitars, driving beats and unique instrumentation. With no regard for rules or trends in various mainstream circles, some of the best groups flourishing within this genre are those who are bold enough to explore attractions ranging from the heavy riffs of 90s alt rock all the way to noticeable 60s surf vibes. Consequently, a selection of these dazzling innovators provide us with an idea that all expressive forms are key when creating music.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Evil - The Devil wants me
2-The Pirates - Blood Gets Thin
3-The Pirates - Humming
4-The Pirates - Dry Wings
5-Flight - The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room)