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Underground music

Underground music ir our channel dedicated to netlabels/netaudio, urban and underground music. Music is often hidden away, lying untouched beneath the surface. Uncovering its secrets can be a thrilling adventure as you search for treasure from eras past or explore shaking new sounds. Caverns echoing with melody that resonate and take flight far below the bustling streets of cities are found in underground music. For those brave enough to delve deep, this genre reveals unique rhythms to be enjoyed around bonfires and in impromptu basement shows, giving energy and soul to full moons and starry nights alike. Prepare yourself to head down into twists and turns of horns, keys, strings and vocalsÑthe wonders that lay beneath await discovery like rare diamonds unearthed by hungry excavation crews. Playlist featuring the best underground music tracks. Explore the latest subculture movement in underground music, and discover the most exceptional tracks in this unique genre.