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Valerio Scanu

Valerio Scanu: An Italian Musical Icon
Music has the power to transport us to another world, evoke emotions, and create memories. One such artist who has the ability to do so is the Italian singer Valerio Scanu. For over a decade, Valerio has been gracing music charts and concert stages with his mesmerizing voice and unforgettable performances. This article will take a deep dive into Valerio's musical journey, genre, and his best songs along with some iconic concerts and critical analysis.
Valerio Scanu's Musical Journey:
Valerio first came into the limelight when he won the eighth edition of the Italian talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2009. He started his musical career by releasing his debut single called Sentimento in the same year, which became an instant hit. Since then, he has released numerous albums and singles that have become chart-toppers. Valerio has participated in many music festivals and concerts across the globe, gaining a huge fan following.
Best Songs:
Valerio's music is an amalgamation of pop, rock, classical, and electronic styles. Some of his best songs include Ricordati di noi, Il Mio Fiore Nero, Per tutte le volte che, Credimi ancora, Lasciami entrare, and Libera mente. These songs showcase his vocal range and soul-stirring lyrics that touch the heart of music lovers.
Music Genre:
Valerio's music is mostly pop, but he has experimented with different genres. His music incorporates elements of rock, electronic music, and classical music. His unique style is loved by many music enthusiasts.
Famous Concerts:
Valerio has performed at several concerts that have left his fans amazed. In 2015, he performed at PalaLottomatica, Rome, and it remains one of his most iconic concerts. His performances are unparalleled, and he never fails to mesmerize his audience with his voice and aura on stage.
Critical Analysis:
Valerio Scanu's success in the music industry is credited to his versatile voice and passion for music. He has been praised for his authentic style, powerful voice, and ability to evoke emotions through his music. Critics have also noted that his music has evolved with time, and he is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles.
Valerio Scanu has established himself as one of the most prominent Italian singers of our time. His music has touched the hearts of millions of people, and his contributions to the music industry are undeniable. With his unique style and passion for music, Valerio Scanu has set a benchmark in the world of music, and he continues to inspire music lovers across the world.


1 - Ricordati Di Noi
2 - Lasciami Entrare
3 - Parole Di Cristallo
4 - Sui Nostri Passi
5 - Miele
6 - Finalmente Piove
7 - Come Fanno Le Stelle
8 - Capovolgo Il Mondo
9 - Ed Io
10 - Per Tutte Le Volte Che...