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The Trashmen - A Surf Rock Legend
When we think of surf rock, one name that comes to mind is The Trashmen. This American band from Minnesota became famous for their hit song, Surfin' Bird in the 1960s. However, that was just the beginning of their successful career in the music industry.
The Trashmen's musical biography is a fascinating story of a group of talented musicians who came together to create a unique sound that captured the attention of the world. The band was formed in 1962 by school friends Tony Andreason, Dal Winslow, Steve Wahrer, and Bob Reed. They started playing local gigs in Minnesota and gained popularity through their performances. In 1963, they recorded their first single, Surfin' Bird, which quickly rose to the top of the charts and became their signature song.
The Trashmen's music genre was primarily surf rock, a genre that emerged in the early 1960s that incorporated elements of rock and roll with an emphasis on guitar-driven instrumentals. The Trashmen's music was characterized by its use of reverberation and distortion effects that gave their songs a distinct surf rock sound. Their music was not only popular in the United States but also gained a following in Europe and Japan.
One of The Trashmen's best songs, aside from Surfin' Bird, is Bird Dance Beat. This instrumental track features catchy guitar riffs and a danceable rhythm that showcases the band's talent. Another notable song is King of the Surf, which pays tribute to the surfing culture that surf rock was inspired by. It features lively guitar riffs and a driving beat that captures the energy and excitement of surfing.
The Trashmen played many famous concerts, including the 1966 Teenage Fair in Minneapolis, where they shared the stage with The Beach Boys. They also toured with other famous surf rock bands of the time, including The Surfaris, The Chantays, and Jan and Dean. Their live performances were high-energy and exciting, showcasing their talent for playing both instrumentals and vocal tracks.
As for the critics, The Trashmen received mixed reviews from music critics. Some critics praised their ability to capture the essence of surf rock, while others criticized their lack of innovation in the genre. However, their influence on the development of surf rock cannot be denied, and their music continues to be celebrated by surf rock fans.
The Trashmen may have started as a local band playing gigs in Minnesota, but their unique sound and catchy tunes quickly gained a global following. They made their mark in the music industry by infusing rock and roll with the surf culture, creating a sound that was both exciting and unique. Their music continues to entertain music lovers to this day. So turn up the volume on Surfin' Bird and let The Trashmen take you on a ride.


Next Concert
2024-05-11 h: 17:00
Twin Cities, US
1 - King Of The Surf
2 - Bird Dance Beat
3 - Kuk
4 - Henrietta
5 - Bird Bath
6 - It's So Easy
7 - Malaguena
8 - Sleeper
9 - Money
10 - Walkin' My Baby
11 - Dancin' With Santa
12 - Bad News
13 - Ghost Riders In The Sky
14 - On The Move
15 - Hava Nagila
16 - New Generation
17 - Green Onions
18 - Peppermint Man
19 - Greensleeves
20 - Walk Don't Run
21 - Bird Diddley Beat
22 - Whoa Dad
23 - Baja
24 - Real Live Doll
25 - Lucille
26 - Mind Your Own Business
27 - Heartbeat
28 - Wild Cat Loose In Town
29 - Be True To Your School
30 - Bird '65
31 - Think It Over
32 - Walk Don't Run
33 - Surfin' Bird (demo Version)
34 - Bird Dance Beat (demo Version)
35 - A-bone
36 - Stick Shift
37 - Misirlou
38 - It's So Easy
39 - My Woodie
40 - Miserlou
41 - Tube City
42 - Surfin' Bird


2024-05-11 h: 17:00
Twin Cities, US
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