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Vince Taylor

Vince Taylor (14 July 1939 – 28 August 1991), born Brian Maurice Holden, was a British rock and roll singer.
The Legendary Vince Taylor: A Look into His Musical Biography, Best Songs, Music Genre and Critic Review
Music lovers are always fascinated by people who've made significant contributions to the music industry, those who have left a lasting impact long after they're gone. One such artist is Vince Taylor, a legendary figure in the world of rock music. Born Brian Maurice Holden in London, England, Taylor is widely celebrated for pioneering a unique music genre that became a powerhouse in the 50s and 60s. In this blog post, we'll delve into Vince Taylor's musical biography, explore his best songs, music genre, and take a look at some of his famous concerts. We'll also take a look at the criticisms he faced and the impact he's left on music history.
Vince Taylor first rose to fame in the early 60s with his brand of rock music. His musical influences were drawn from genres like rhythm and blues, jazz, and rockabilly, which he fused to create a sound that was pure rock and roll. Despite starting his music career in the UK, Taylor made a significant impact in France, where he lived for the latter part of his life. That said, Taylor's career was plagued with both successes and controversies. One of his most famous concerts, the Olympia in Paris in 1961, stands out as one of the best moments in his career.
Taylor's best songs continue to be timeless classics that still receive airplay today. One of his most popular ones is Brand New Cadillac, which still invokes the same energy as it did when first released. Another iconic song is Jet Black Machine, which reflects Taylor's passion for fast cars and rock and roll.
Despite his success, Vince Taylor faced harsh criticism throughout his musical career. Some critics were outright dismissive of his music, claiming it lacked depth, while others felt he was too commercial and a sellout. However, even with such detractors, Taylor's music continues to remain relevant long after his death.
Taylor's music genre broke barriers, and he was among the first to pave the way for a rock sound that was universally appealing. His pioneering work inspired countless other artists who continued in his stead, such as David Bowie, who cited Taylor as one of his influences. He inspired the entire world of rock, and his contributions will continue informing the genre for generations to come.
Vince Taylor was truly a musician ahead of his time. His work was instrumental in defining the world of rock, and his contributions continue to resonate in the music industry to this day. In the end, he left behind an extensive catalog of timeless music that never seems to go out of style. Even with criticism, his career remains one of the most celebrated in the world of music. It is hard to imagine a world of music as we know it today without his influence. Vince Taylor will always be remembered as a pioneer in rock music, a shaker of foundations, and a true original.


1 - Hello Mary Lou
2 - Brand New Cadillac
3 - Twenty Flight Rock
4 - Right Behind You Baby
5 - I Like Love
6 - Sweet Little Sixteen
7 - Trouble
8 - Memphis Tennessee
9 - My Babe
10 - Jezebel
11 - Endless Sleep
12 - Summertime
13 - Ready Teddy
14 - Mimi
15 - Rockabilly Kid
16 - Love Me
17 - Cadillac
18 - Maybellene
19 - Say Mama
20 - Shaking All Over
21 - I'll Be Your Hero
22 - Jet Black Machine
23 - Pledging My Love
24 - Move Over Tiger
25 - Blue Jean Bop