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Tom Jones

Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, OBE (born 7 June 1940), known by his stage name Tom Jones, is a Welsh singer. Tom Jones is a well-known singer that has enchanted audiences for decades. His eternal classics such as It's Not Unusual have achieved worldwide fame and entered the vocabulary of popular culture. An iconic artist,he has not rest on his laurels and continued to lead in new music trends. From rock to folk, and country to salsa, Tom has crafted innumerable masterful tunes which grant him continuous recognition and demand for tours around the globe. His greatest acolyte number top list goes inarguably include songs like Delilah, Sex Bomb, or most recent released single Talking Reality Television Blues. Solidifying him ad industry presence with signature tunes, cover versions by numerous artists reiterate the staying power of his music.


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The Tom Jones Debate: Is He Still A Legendary Singer Or Past His Prime?

Tom Jones is a legendary name in music, and he certainly has had his share of both praise and criticism over the years. While there are plenty of people who delight in his soulful voice and iconic songs, there are just as many who don't think he's living up to expectations with his evolving musical style. Whether you consider yourself an ardent fan or someone who can barely stand him these days, we'll be analyzing both sides today to see what something critic - and something good - can be said about Tom Jones.

Tom Jones, a name that evokes nostalgia and reverence among music lovers, has been an influential force in the industry for over five decades. With hits like It's Not Unusual, Delilah, and What's New Pussycat, he has carved a place for himself in the annals of music history. However, there's a growing debate among music critics and fans alike if he still has the same spark we all know and love, or if his newer music falls short of his iconic past. In this blog, we’ll dive into both sides of the Tom Jones debate to understand the reasons behind this divide.

Starting with the critics of the Welsh superstar, many music critics today feel his newer music departs too far from his signature style. Several of them say that he's lost the magic he once possessed, and his recent tracks are uninspiring to listen to. Fans of Tom Jones' classic tunes also argue that he has had to rely on gimmicks to get recognition in the modern era. Jones' recent works have featured collaborations with music stars from other genres, which some see as a move to a more mainstream audience. However, critics argue that this does no favors to Tom's reputation as an impactful music veteran.

On the other hand, there are those who believe Tom still has that magic. They cite his latest album Surrounded by Time as evidence of his ever-evolving genius. They feel that he has pushed boundaries with his music instead of following the norm. While Tom's latest musical offerings may not be representative of his earlier hits in terms of genre, the album showcases his power as a vocalist and interpreter of music. Furthermore, they feel that Tom's willingness to experiment shows that he can't be typecast and pigeon-holed in one genre.

There’s a common misperception that fans of Tom Jones' classic music don't approve of his newer works. That is far from the truth as many of his fans adore his new tracks. It's their opinion that Tom doesn't have to stick to one genre, and his new sound is not only perfectly in tune with the trends but also something that sets him apart. In today's ever-changing and competitive music industry, an artist must stay in sync with the times and still remain true to their unique sound. Tom Jones' new material highlights the fact that he is still very much among the most significant icons in today's music scene.

At the end of the day, It's impossible to invalidate the opinions of Tom Jones fans and aficionados. It's a divisive conversation - but that's okay. Tom Jones is musical royalty, and everyone's entitled to their view – that's what makes music so incredibly subjective. His legacy remains alive, and we can all keep enjoying his music for years to come. Some people may prefer his earlier works, while others may enjoy his newer tracks, and both are valid. To say either group is wrong or right is pointless when it comes to music. Tom Jones is still a legendary singer who has continued to captivate audiences with his music, showing us that he still has the same charisma, talent, and skill that made him a music icon.
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1 - Smile Away Your Blues
2 - If He Should Ever Leave You
3 - Day by Day
4 - Delilah
5 - She's a Lady
6 - Thunderball
7 - Sex Bomb
8 - Burning Down The House
9 - Kiss
10 - Stoned In Love
11 - Love Me Tonight
12 - If I Only Knew
13 - Daughter Of Darkness
14 - I'm Coming Home
15 - A Boy From Nowhere
16 - It's Not Unusual
17 - Move Closer
18 - Green Green Grass of Home
19 - Detroit City
20 - Till
21 - Black Betty
22 - Letter to Lucille
23 - Without Love (There Is Nothing)
24 - I (Who Have Nothing)
25 - I Couldn't Say Goodbye
26 - It's Not Unusual
27 - She's A Lady
28 - What's New Pussycat?
29 - It's Not Unusual - 2nd Studio Version
30 - Baby It's Cold Outside
31 - What's New Pussycat
32 - Mama Told Me Not To Come
33 - With These Hands
34 - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
35 - (it Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again
36 - I'm Coming Home
37 - Without Love
38 - Motherless Child
39 - Burning Hell
40 - What Good Am I?
41 - Tower Of Song
42 - Looking Out My Window
43 - Not Responsible
44 - Give A Little Love
45 - Never Tear Us Apart
46 - Did Trouble Me
47 - Didn't It Rain
48 - Lord Help
49 - Sex Bomb (rmx)
2008: 24 Hours
2002: Mr. Jones
1999: Reload
1993: Rereleases
1992: Superstar
1990: First Hits
1982: Country
1981: Darlin’
1979: Rescue Me
1972: Close Up
1970: Tom
1968: Delilah


2023-12-14 h: 18:30
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Nottingham, UK
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