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The Tornados


The Tornados were an English instrumental group of the 1960s that acted as backing group for many of record producer Joe Meek's productions and also for singer Billy Fury.
The Tornados - A Cosmic Sound from the Past
If you love rock music, you must have heard about The Tornados. These British musicians formed in the early 1960s and had a significant impact on the evolution of rock music. Science fiction sounds, electric guitars, and a cosmic vibe converged in their music, making them one of the most original and creative bands of their era. In this article, we'll take a trip down memory lane, exploring The Tornados' musical biography, genre, best songs, famous concerts, and critics.
The Tornados have their roots in instrumental rock music, but they also experimented with pop, space rock, and psychedelic rock. The band was formed in 1961 by members of Joe Meek's production team, who were looking for a band to play some of Meek's compositions. The Tornados took their name from a book of tornados and other natural disasters, and they immediately landed a hit with Telstar, an instrumental song that became an international success, reaching number one in both the UK and the US.
Telstar was recorded at Meek's studio, and its distinctive sound was achieved using innovative production techniques, such as the use of a clavioline keyboard and reverb. Its otherworldly vibe and catchy melody made it a unique hit, and it's still a beloved song today.
The Tornados went on to record other hits, such as Globetrotter and Robot, which showcased their futuristic sensibility and talent for crafting catchy tunes. Their music was heavily influenced by Joe Meek's eccentricity and creativity, who was known for experimenting with sounds and concepts. Unfortunately, The Tornados' success was short-lived, and the band split up in 1967, disheartened by the lack of recognition and rewards.
Despite their limited career, The Tornados' impact on rock music is undeniable, and their music continues to inspire new generations of musicians. Their influence can be heard in bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Muse, who acknowledge their innovative and groundbreaking approach to music.
Critics praised The Tornados for their contributions to instrumental rock music and the influence of science fiction in their compositions. They were often compared to The Shadows, another instrumental rock band, but The Tornados had a more experimental and eclectic sound, combining different elements and creating a unique sonic universe.
Famous concerts by The Tornados include their performances on the TV show Thank Your Lucky Stars, several UK tours, and appearances at music festivals such as the Olympia show in Paris and the Knokke Festival in Belgium. Their energy and enthusiasm on stage were contagious, and they played with passion and creativity.
The Tornados are a band that deserves to be remembered and celebrated for their innovative and creative approach to rock music. Their influence lives on, and their music continues to inspire new generations. Although their career was short-lived, their impact on the evolution of music is undeniable, and their legacy will live forever in the history of rock music.
1 - Telstar
2 - Globetrotter
3 - Jungle Fever
4 - Love and Fury
5 - Hot Pot
6 - Exodus
7 - Dragonfly
8 - Chasing Moonbeams
9 - Bustin' Surfboards
10 - Bustin' Surfboards - Single Version
11 - Robot
12 - Ridin' The Wind
13 - Popeye Twist
14 - The Ice Cream Man
15 - Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue
16 - Dreamin' On A Cloud
17 - Life On Venus
18 - Telstar - Remastered
19 - Earthy
20 - Joystick
21 - Hymn For Teenagers
22 - Monte Carlo
23 - Aqua Marina
24 - Locomotion With Me
25 - Early Bird
26 - Swinging Beefeater
27 - The Breeze And I
28 - Stingray
29 - Stompin' Through The Rye
30 - Ragunboneman
31 - Granada
32 - Too Much In Love To Hear
33 - Blackpool Rock
34 - Chattanooga Choo Choo
35 - Indian Brave
36 - All The Stars In The Sky
37 - Pop Art Goes Mozart
38 - Costa Monger
39 - My Babe
40 - Theme From The Scales Of Justice
41 - Do You Come Here Often
42 - Night Rider
43 - Theme From A Summer Place
44 - Blue, Blue, Blue Beat