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The Rakes

Experiencing The Rakes' music is a thrilling auditory adventure sure to move music lovers in all the right ways. Combining components rooted in new wave and post punk currents with their uniquely avant-garde approach, The Rakes' songs bring an energized blistering sound. Accented lyrical dynamism guided by unexpected turns of phrase garners them big presence onstage, always delighting their lucky audiences. They also demonstrate well honed skill during vivacious dates as a live act playing to huge receptivity. While meshing what they enjoy into a sound that reflects it, you'll find groove filled tracks full of just the right kind of cool nuance surrounded by inventive structures bouncing between harmonies powered heavy guitar riffs creating melodic journeys unlike any other on this run through the conscious musical universe offered up by the The Rakes.
The Rakes: A Musical Biography
The Rakes, an indie-rock band hailing from London, emerged as an important part of the British music scene back in the early 2000s. With their unique blend of punk and indie rock, the band achieved worldwide success and critical acclaim in a shorter span of time. Today, we'll take a closer look at the career of The Rakes, their musical style, best songs, and a review of one of their most famous concerts.
The Rakes formed back in 2002, and their musical style was heavily influenced by punk. The band members included Alan Donohoe on vocals, Matthew Swinnerton on guitar, Jamie Hornsmith on bass guitar, and Lasse Petersen on drums. Their debut single 22 Grand Job released in 2004, garnered them a lot of attention and critical acclaim. The song reached number 22 on the UK Singles Chart, helping the band become more and more popular.
The Rakes hit the peak of their success with their critically acclaimed debut album Capture/Release, which was released in 2005. The album was produced by renowned British producer Paul Epworth, and it received positive reviews from critics and music lovers worldwide. The band's style of quirky songs about everyday life, driven by the energetic vocals of Donohoe, resonated with many. Retreat, Open Book, and Strasbourg quickly became fan favorites and remain some of the band's best songs to date.
The Rakes' music style can be best described as a blend of punk, new wave, and indie rock genres. The band was known for their fast-paced songs, witty lyrics, and catchy hooks that had fans singing along. Their sophomore album, Ten New Messages released in 2007, continued to showcase their unique style, but it didn't garner the same success as their previous album. Despite the change of direction in their music, singles like We Danced Together and The World Was a Mess but His Hair Was Perfect still impressed fans.
One of the Rakes' most famous concerts took place at the Glastonbury Festival in 2007. They played on the Other Stage and gave an exhilarating performance that captivated the audience. The band played songs from their two albums, including The Light from Your Mac, All Too Human, and Suspicious Eyes. It was a defining moment for the band and elevated them to the ranks of the most influential indie-rock bands of their time.
As with all music, however, The Rakes' released their third album, Klang, in 2009 and announced they would disband at the end of the year. The album saw the band delve into a new post-punk direction, but some critics felt that it didn't connect as well as their previous work. When The Rakes disbanded, they had become a part of the musical history of the British indie-rock scene.
The Rakes were an indie-rock band that left an impression on the music scene. They released two highly acclaimed albums, played influential festivals, and showcased their unique style to fans worldwide. Despite their short career, their music remains popular today, and they are still celebrated by fans of the genre. The Rakes' unique blend of punk, new wave, and indie rock inspired many bands that have since emerged, leaving a legacy that continues to influence music today.



The Musical Biography of The Rakes

Are you a music enthusiast who loves discovering new and exciting musical styles and influences? If so, then you should definitely check out The Rakes. This British indie rock band was formed in 2003 and quickly rose to fame with their unique style and sound. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the musical biography of The Rakes, from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs.

The Rakes were formed in London in 2003 by four friends: Alan Donohoe, Matthew Swinnerton, Jamie Hornsmith, and Lasse Petersen. Their musical style is characterized by a combination of punk, post-punk revival, and indie rock, with influences from bands such as The Jam, Wire, and The Smiths. The band quickly garnered a following in the UK underground music scene, and in 2004 they released their debut album, Capture/Release, which received critical acclaim and put them on the map as one of the most promising British indie rock bands of the time.

The Rakes continued to produce music and released two more albums, Ten New Messages and Klang, before they disbanded in 2009. Ten New Messages, released in 2007, showcased a more experimental side of the band, with a mix of punk, post-punk, and electronic influences. Klang, released in 2009, was a departure from their earlier style and was more electronic and dance-oriented, featuring collaborations with producers such as Alan Braxe and Paul Epworth.

The Rakes were known for their energetic and charismatic live performances, which were often characterized by Donohoe's intense and theatrical stage presence. Some of their most famous songs include 22 Grand Job, Retreat, and We Are All Animals, which feature catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and clever lyrics.

In terms of influences, The Rakes were heavily influenced by the post-punk and new wave movements of the late 70s and early 80s, as well as the Britpop movement of the 90s. Bands such as The Jam, Wire, The Smiths, and Blur were major sources of inspiration for The Rakes, and their music reflects a unique blend of these various influences.

In conclusion, The Rakes were an influential and innovative British indie rock band that had a significant impact on the music scene of the mid-2000s. Their unique style and sound, characterized by a blend of punk, post-punk, and indie rock, as well as their energetic live performances, made them a fan favorite. Though they disbanded in 2009, their music continues to be celebrated by fans and critics alike. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their music, The Rakes are definitely worth checking out if you want to experience the best of British indie rock.
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From Post-Punk Revival to Electroclash: The Unique Sound of The Rakes

The Rakes are one of those artists who have been trying to make music that helps create a bridge between both older and newer genres. Typically classified as indie rock, The Rakes often incorporate elements from post-punk revival and electroclash to create interesting rhythms with quirky lyrics. On one hand they've definitely achieved a unique sound, but on the other the effect can be slightly jarring for some listeners. In this blog post we'll be exploring both the critique and praise that has been voiced towards The Rakes throughout their career in an effort to better understand their style of music and where it finds its place in today's musical landscape.

The music industry is ever-evolving, and at times it can be a challenge for artists to find their place in the vast and diverse spectrum of genres. One band that has been making an effort to create a bridge between older and newer styles of music is The Rakes. Their signature sound is often classified as indie rock, but with the incorporation of post-punk revival and electroclash elements, they have managed to craft a unique style that separates them from other bands in the same genre. Throughout their career, they have both garnered praise and critique for their music. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at The Rakes' music, where it finds its place in today's musical landscape and what sets them apart from other artists.

The Rakes hail from London, England and formed in 2003. Their debut single 22 Grand Job gained attention in the UK indie scene and was quickly followed by their debut album Capture/Release in 2005. The album features a post-punk influenced sound and catchy hooks that immediately caught the attention of music critics. Their lyrics also stood out with their unique perspective on everyday life and social commentary.

As their career progressed, The Rakes began experimenting with electronic sounds and incorporating elements of electroclash into their music. Their second album, Ten New Messages, features more electronic beats and synthesizer sounds that complement the band's punk rock roots. Some critics praised the band for their ability to incorporate new sounds without losing their signature style, while others felt that the electronic elements overshadowed the band's original sound.

The Rakes' third album, Klang, features a more subdued and pop-influenced sound. It was met with mixed reviews, with some fans feeling that the band had strayed too far from their post-punk roots. The album's softer sound, however, gave The Rakes the opportunity to explore different genres and styles of music.

Despite disbanding in 2009, The Rakes' music still holds relevance today. Their unique blend of post-punk revival and electroclash elements has influenced numerous indie bands and continues to inspire new artists. The Rakes' contributions to the indie rock scene cemented their place in music history.

The Rakes' music is a distinctive blend of post-punk revival, indie rock, and electroclash influences that sets them apart from other artists in the same genre. Throughout their career, they experimented with different sounds and genres, while still maintaining their signature style. Their music is more than just catchy hooks and lyrics. It offers a unique perspective on everyday life and social commentary that continues to resonate with listeners today. The Rakes may have disbanded, but their music lives on and continues to inspire new artists. They are truly a band that has left a lasting impact on the indie rock scene.
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1 - Binary Love
2 - 22 Grand Job
3 - Strasbourg
4 - Open Book
5 - 1989
6 - Suspicious Eyes
7 - Little Superstitions
8 - Retreat
9 - The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
10 - Trouble
11 - We Are All Animals
12 - Terror!
13 - Down With Moonlight
14 - The Guilt
15 - When Tom Cruise Cries
16 - T Bone
17 - On A Mission
18 - Violent
19 - Time To Stop Talking
20 - We Danced Together
21 - Work, Work, Work (pub, Club, Sleep)
22 - Leave The City And Come Home
23 - You're In It
24 - That's The Reason
25 - The Light From Your Mac
26 - The Loneliness Of The Outdoor Smoker
27 - All Too Human
28 - Just A Man With A Job (le Poinçonneur Des Lilas)
29 - Bitchin' In The Kitchen
30 - Shackleton
31 - Muller's Ratchet
32 - The Final Hill
33 - Dark Clouds