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Susheela Raman


Susheela Raman (born on 21 July 1973) is an acclaimed British Indian musician. Raman has released five albums since 2001 and was nominated for the 2006 BBC World Music Awards.
The Soulful and Sultry Sounds of Susheela Raman
When it comes to fusing musical genres, Susheela Raman has mastered the craft. Her music draws on influences from Indian classical, jazz, and rock to create a sound that is both soulful and sultry. Raman's music is not only a celebration of cross-cultural music-making but also an exploration of identity and spirituality. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into Raman's musical biography, her best songs, and the genres she represents. We'll also touch on some of her famous concerts and a critic that has made an impact on her music.
Raman was born in London to Indian Tamil parents. Her family's love of music fueled her passion for singing, and she started performing at a young age. Raman's music career began in the 1990s when she released her debut album Salt Rain. The album received critical acclaim for its fusion of genres and Raman's powerful vocals. Raman's subsequent albums Love Trap and Music for Crocodiles continued to push the boundaries of cross-cultural music-making.
One of Raman's best songs, Nagumomo, is a tribute to the work of the South Indian poet-saint Thyagaraja. The song combines elements of Indian classical music with Western rock and jazz to create a haunting and mesmerizing sound. Raman's voice is at its most soulful and emotional on this track, and her music conveys a deep sense of spiritual longing.
Another standout from Raman's discography is Maya. This song showcases Raman's exploration of the blues as she blends it with Indian classical music. The result is a sultry and seductive track that leaves listeners wanting more. Raman's lyrics on this song explore themes of identity and transformation, making it a deeply personal and introspective piece of music.
Raman's music defies easy categorization, but it can be described as world music, specifically drawing from Indian classical music, jazz, and rock. Her music is an exploration of her identity as a British-Indian artist, and it reflects her experience of being caught between two cultures. This fusion of genres is a hallmark of Raman's music and sets her apart in the world music landscape.
Aside from her recorded music, Raman is also known for her dynamic live performances. Her concerts are known for their energetic and hypnotic quality. In 2019, Raman played a sold-out show at the Barbican Centre in London, where she showcased her latest album Ghost Gamalan. The album fused Indonesian gamelan music with Raman's distinct singing style and was hailed as a triumph by critics. Raman's live performances are a must-see for any world music lover.
In terms of critical acclaim, Raman has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. Her music has been praised for its innovation and genre-bending quality. A notable critic, Robin Denselow of The Guardian, has called Raman one of the most exciting artists on the world music scene. Raman's music has resonated with audiences around the world, with fans drawn to her unique fusion of genres and her incredible voice.
Susheela Raman is a true musical force, pushing the boundaries of world music and creating a sound that is uniquely her own. Her music represents an exploration of identity and spirituality, and it celebrates the beauty of cross-cultural music-making. Through her powerful voice and dynamic live performances, Raman has become a force to be reckoned with in the world music landscape. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to her music, Raman's music is not to be missed.

The Musical Journey of Susheela Raman: A Celebration of Diversity and Culture

Music has this miraculous way of transcending geographical boundaries and language barriers to bring people together. One musician who has beautifully showcased this through her captivating music is Susheela Raman. Born in London but raised in Australia, India, and the UK, Raman's music beautifully blends the East & West and seamlessly blends genres like Indian classical, jazz, and rock. Today, we take you through the musical journey of this eclectic musician, from her beginnings to her most successful albums and songs.

Susheela Raman's musical journey began when she was just a teenager, performing in various bands and discovering her love for music. However, it was her move to London that brought her closer to her roots in Indian classical music. She began learning under vocal maestro Shruti Sadolikar, who taught her the intricacies of Indian classical music. Raman's music explores the sounds of qawwali, Carnatic music, jazz, blues, and rock. Her musical influences range from Indian classical masters like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi to Western greats like Nina Simone and Jim Morrison.

Raman's first album, Salt Rain, released in 2001, was an instant success. The album fused elements of Indian classical music with jazz, rock, and African rhythms, creating a genre-defying sound that won audiences worldwide. It earned her several awards, including the UK Mercury Prize nomination and the South Asian Music Award. Her second album, Love Trap, released in 2003, delved deeper into her Indian classical roots, earning her critical acclaim. She released several albums after, including Music for Crocodiles, 33 1/3, and Vel.

Some of Raman's most famous songs include Maya, Salt Rain, Love Trap, Ennapane, and Sharabi. Her music is known for its soulful vocals, intricate beats, and addictive melodies. Her lyrics explore diverse themes such as love, identity, and politics. Her music feels like a celebration of diversity and culture, bringing together various sounds and instruments from around the world.

Raman's music has made her a global ambassador of Indian classical music, making it more accessible and appealing to audiences worldwide. She has played at several iconic venues, including the Royal Albert Hall and performed alongside legendary musicians like Zakir Hussain and Trilok Gurtu. Her music is known to effortlessly transcend language barriers, with her soulful melodies and enchanting rhythms touching the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Conclusion: Susheela Raman has rightfully achieved critical acclaim and a devoted fan base through her diverse sound and eclectic music. Her music is a celebration of the diverse cultures and sounds we have around us, which she blends into a musical journey that continues to inspire. We hope this journey into the musical biography of Susheela Raman has left you inspired to explore the vivid and colorful world of her music.
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1 - Mahima
2 - Maya
3 - What Silence Said
4 - O Rama
5 - Ganapati
6 - Ye Meera Divanapan Hai
7 - Bolo Bolo
8 - Mamavatu
9 - Trust In Me
10 - Nagumomo
11 - Woman
12 - Sarasa
13 - Salt Rain
14 - Kamakshi
15 - Love Trap
16 - Chordhiya
17 - Light Years
18 - Idi Samayam
19 - Song To The Siren
20 - Music For Crocodiles
21 - Meanwhile
22 - Save Me
23 - Blue Lily Red Lotus
24 - Amba
25 - Leela
26 - Sakhi Maro
27 - Bliss
28 - L'ame Volatile
29 - Half Shiva Half Shakti
30 - Dhamavati
31 - Manasuloni
32 - Love Lies (hit By A Rock Remix)
33 - Sharavana
34 - Raise Up
35 - I'm Set Free
36 - Like A Rolling Stone
37 - Sharvanna
38 - Oh My Love
39 - Heart And Soul
40 - The Same Song
2010: Vel
2007: 33?
2007: 33 1/3
2003: Love Trap
2001: Salt Rain