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Soulwax, headed by David and Stephen Dewaele, are an alternative rock-electronic band from Ghent, Belgium.
The Electro-Rock Genius of Soulwax: A Musical Biography
In the world of electronic music, no other artist has managed to create the unique blend of rock, techno, and electro quite like Soulwax. This Belgian band has been making waves in the music industry since the late 90s, with an impressive discography and electrifying live performances. In this article, let's explore the life and works of Soulwax, from their humble beginnings to their greatest achievements.
Soulwax was created in Ghent, Belgium in 1995 by brothers David and Stephen Dewaele. The band started out playing guitar-heavy rock music, but soon found themselves drawn to the burgeoning genre of techno. They fused their love of rock and electronic music, creating a sound that was unlike anything else in the scene. Their breakthrough album, Much Against Everyone's Advice, showcased their unique sound, and established them as leading figures in the electro-rock genre.
One of Soulwax's most famous songs is probably Too Many DJs, released in 2000. The song is a playful send-up of the dance music industry and features a memorable synth riff that has since become an anthem among their fans. Another standout track is NY Excuse, which features a driving beat, catchy vocals, and a nod to the classic New Order tune Blue Monday. These are just a few examples of Soulwax’s unique brand of music that blends rock and techno.
Soulwax has continued to push boundaries throughout their career, incorporating new elements into their sound and experimenting with different production techniques. They have released several albums, including Any Minute Now and Nite Versions, each one showcasing their continued evolution as artists. The latter, in particular, features extended remixes of their biggest hits and showed the group's flair for reinvention and self-discovery.
One of the most iconic performances of Soulwax was their appearance at the Coachella festival in 2018. The band played a live set unlike any other, using a massive screen to display visuals and create an immersive experience for concert-goers. The setlist included some of their biggest hits, as well as new music that had not been previously released. This performance was praised by critics and cemented Soulwax's status as a must-see live act.
Soulwax has managed to remain relevant and influential throughout their career, inspiring countless other artists with their unique sound and innovative approach to creating music. Their genre-bending blend of rock and techno has earned them legions of devoted fans, and their electrifying live performances have solidified their reputation as one of the most dynamic acts in the industry. They will undoubtedly continue to be an important force in the electronic music scene for years to come.
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Exploring The Unique Sound of Soulwax

Ever since Soulwax burst onto the music scene eight years ago, they've gained a great deal of popularity thanks to their unique mix of genres and catchy beats. While some have criticized their automated sound, there's no denying that Soulwax has been able to capture an audience like few other artists can - and with good reason. With uplifting melodies and cleverly-crafted samples, it's easy to see why many believe that Soulwax is one of the most interesting musical acts around today. In this blog post, we'll be exploring both the positive and negative aspects of what makes Soulwax stand out from other bands.

Musical artistry is challenging, and creating a unique sound that separates you from a saturated market is even more daunting. However, Soulwax achieved this feet and is celebrated for their signature style. They've combined diverse sounds in a way that captivates listeners. From their hypnotic fusion of rock, electronic, techno, and punk, their sound boasts energy and character. But, with their automated melody, they've been criticized for lacking soul. In this blog post, we'll explore the duality that makes Soulwax so special, how their blend of musical genres stands out, and why their tracks remain an essential part of any playlist.

1. A Fusion of Genres

Soulwax's music is a unique blend of disparate sounds that combine to create immersive soundscapes. Their music is a fusion of indie, rock, techno, and punk sounds that are so carefully blended that it’s hard to distinguish where one genre ends, and another begins. Their music is a testament to mixing styles and creating a unique sound that's delightfully refreshing. Moreover, Soulwax has successfully fused this with dance beats, earning them a massive fan following in the electric and techno crowd.

2. Catchy Sampled Melodies

Samples are a crucial aspect of Soulwax's music. The band has masterfully interlaced samples from multiple sources into their music, creating catchy melodies that linger in your head long after you've listened to their tracks. The catchy and memorable chorus of their hit NY Excuse is an excellent example of how perfectly they've crafted these samples. The band has a knack for incorporating samples from various sounds, cultures and turning them into excellent tracks that dance music lovers worldwide appreciate.

3. The Synthetic Sound

While some fans argue that Soulwax’s music is too synthetic, it’s undeniable that their songs are fun. Their unique approach to beat-making and production emphasizes drums and keyboards at the forefront of their music. Soulwax understands that, at their core, music should be fun, and their synthetic sound allows them to produce danceable tracks that groove effortlessly.

4. The Experimentation Factor

Soulwax displays a willingness to experiment with their sound and create something unique. For instance, their song E Talking builds layer upon layer of sound in a sophisticated way, resulting in a fusion of electronic and rock music. They are always trying something new while maintaining their core sound and this experimentation has earned them new listeners over the years.

5. Collaborations & Remixes

Soulwax has partnered with notable artists like James Murphy and Robyn, resulting in tracks like The Missing of The Complete Recorded Works that have caught attention. Moreover, they've created many remixes for artists like Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, and Tame Impala that showcase their artistic prowess. Fans of the band can’t wait for more collaborations and remixes.

Soulwax is a band that consistently makes big strides in the music industry. Their distinct sound, a fusion of indie, rock, techno, and punk, brings something to the table for everyone, and they've proven this with their ever-growing fanbase. Their catchy samples and synthesized sound coupled with their willingness to experiment make them one of the best musical acts in the world today. The Soulwax phenomenon is not only about listening to great tracks but experiencing them, and their live performances have firmly placed them on the bucket list of concerts to watch. In conclusion, Soulwax is a group that’s here to stay, their signature sound is proving impactful and unique, and their wide-ranging genre transgressions have changed the music world for the better.
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1 - NY Excuse
2 - E Talking
3 - Krack
4 - Miserable Girl
5 - Slowdance
6 - Teachers
7 - Accidents and Compliments
8 - Much Against Everyone's Advice
9 - Compute
10 - Any Minute Now
11 - I Love Techno
12 - A Ballad to Forget
13 - Conversation Intercom
14 - Much Against Everyone's Advice
15 - Too Many Djs
16 - Dance 2 Slow
17 - Is It Always Binary
18 - Saturday
19 - Yyy/nnn
20 - The Truth Is So Boring
21 - Ny Lipps
22 - Too Many Dj's
23 - Overweight Karate Kid
24 - Another Excuse
25 - When Logics Die
26 - Proverbial Pants
27 - More Than This
28 - Temptingly Yours
29 - Funny
30 - Missing Wires
31 - Scream
32 - Please...don't Be Yourself
33 - Goodnight Transmission
34 - The Salty Knowledge Of Tears
35 - Heaven Scent
36 - Flying Without Wings
37 - E Talking - Radio Edit
38 - My Cruel Joke
39 - Please... Don't Be Yourself
40 - Another Excuse (dfa Remix)
41 - Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?
42 - Essential Four
43 - Masterplanned
44 - Preset Tense
45 - Ny Excuse (justice Remix)
46 - Transient Program For Drums And Machinery


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