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Sick Tamburo

Sick Tamburo: The Musical Genius who is Reshaping the Sound of Pop-Rock
Music is an art form that transcends barriers, and Sick Tamburo, the Italian indie pop-rock band, is a perfect example of the lovely expression of this sound. Founded in 2010, the band has been known to create music that cuts across different genres, from pop to rock to folk, and in this musical article, we will dive deep into the band's musical bio, best songs, genre, famous concerts, and review so that you can experience their artistry like never before.
The Musical Biography of Sick Tamburo
Sick Tamburo comprises of members Dario Persi, Manolo Remiddi, and Luca Ferrari. Their primary aim is to create music that builds connections between people, and their first EP titled Indigo was released in 2010. Later, they gained popularity with their 2013 album Orchidee that features 10 tracks with a unique pop-rock sound. Since then, they have been releasing music consistently, and they have become one of the most sought-after Italian indie bands, garnering a loyal fanbase.
Best Songs by Sick Tamburo
Sick Tamburo has an impressive catalog of songs. They are known to create music that is catchy, addictive, and relatable. Some of their best songs include Vita Istruzioni per L'Uso, a beautiful song inspired by the book of the same name, which has become an anthem in the Italian music industry. The catchy chorus and the piano melodies in Papillon will undoubtedly pull you into the world of Sick Tamburo, and Sotto la Luna will ignite a spark of hope within you every time you listen to it.
Music Genre of Sick Tamburo
Sick Tamburo's music is best described as a pop-rock with a fusion of folk, indie, and electronica, which is evident from their sound. Their style is versatile, ranging from pop-inspired clean guitar melodies to lush electronic beats to raw and gritty rock rhythms. This combination makes their music captivating and relatable.
Famous Concerts by Sick Tamburo
Sick Tamburo is known to perform their music with so much passion and energy, and it makes every concert an unforgettable experience. They have played in various venues across Europe and have performed at notable concerts such as the Verona Rock Festival. Their concerts showcase their ability to connect with their audience, and their fans rave about the experience.
Critics Review on Sick Tamburo
Sick Tamburo’s incredible music has not gone unnoticed. Critiques have been blown away by their music, and they have been described as a band that is reshaping the sound of Indie-pop by creating hauntingly beautiful melodies. Many articles have been written about their unique sound, which proves that Sick Tamburo is truly one of the best Italian bands in recent times.
Sick Tamburo is a musical genius that has created a unique sound that has drawn fans and critiques alike to their music since their formation in 2010. They're the perfect blend of pop and rock, with folk elements that add depth to their music. Their music is addictive and easy to connect with, making them one of the most sought-after artists in Italy. Sick Tamburo's music speaks to people, and their concerts are a reflection of the passion they put into their craft. They have achieved so much in their short time, and the future is undoubtedly bright for the band as they continue to create masterpieces for people all over the world to enjoy.


1 - Il Mio Cane Con Tre Zampe
2 - E So Che Sai Che Un Giorno
3 - Forse è L'amore
4 - Un Giorno Nuovo
5 - Intossicata
6 - Dimentica
7 - Sogno
8 - Non
9 - Topoallucinazione
10 - La Mia Mano Sola
11 - Prima Che Muoia Ancora
12 - Il Fiore Per Te
13 - Meno Male Che Ci Sei Tu
14 - Orubmat Kcis
15 - Tocca 24/7
16 - In Fondo Al Mare
17 - Qualche Volta Anch'io Sorrido
18 - Con Le Tue Mani Sporche
19 - La Mia Stanza
20 - La Canzone Del Rumore
21 - Quando Bevo
22 - L'uomo Magro
23 - Sei Il Mio Demone
24 - Ho Bisogno Di Parlarti
25 - Si Muore Di Aids Nel 2023
26 - Prima Che Sia Tardi
27 - La Danza
28 - Magra
29 - Televisione Pericolosa
30 - Niente Ti Dipinge Di Blue
31 - Oltre La Collina
32 - Se Muori Tu
33 - Aiuto Tamburo
34 - Pensiero
35 - Con Prepotenza
36 - La Fine Della Chemio
37 - Agnese Non Ci Sta Dentro (feat. Hardcore Tamburo)
38 - Baby Blu
39 - Il Piu' Ricco Del Cimitero
40 - Parlami Per Sempre
41 - Puoi Ancora
42 - Impermanente
43 - Tocca
44 - Finché Tu Sei Qua
45 - Forse è L'amore
46 - Per Sempre Con Me (feat. Roberta Sammarelli)
47 - Per Sempre Con Te
2011: A.i.u.t.o