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Masters at Work is the house-garage production and remix team of Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez.
Exploring the Musical World of Nuyorican Soul
Nuyorican Soul, a name that has been stirring the soulful and groovy music lovers since the 1990s, is a musical project that came into being as a result of the collective efforts of DJs and producers Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez, two of New York's most celebrated house music maestros. The duo shot to stardom with their critically acclaimed debut album, Nuyorican Soul, which became an instant classic and a staple of the global music scene. In this blog post, we'll dive into the musical biography of Nuyorican Soul and explore some of their best songs, music genres, famous concerts, and a critic.
Nuyorican Soul is the brainchild of Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez, two DJs, producers, and lifelong friends who came together to explore the fascinating landscape of Latino and Afro-Caribbean music. The project began in the early 1990s when the duo started sampling and remixing classic Latin, jazz, and soul tracks and infusing them with their signature house music beats. Their debut album, Nuyorican Soul, released in 1997, is a musical masterpiece that features an all-star cast of Latin and jazz musicians, including Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Roy Ayers, and George Benson. The album's unique blend of house, jazz, and Latin music, topped with sublime vocals and live instrumentation, earned it wide acclaim and a dedicated following.
Nuyorican Soul's discography is a testament to their exceptional talent and versatility as producers and DJs. Their music transcends genres, blending elements of jazz, soul, Latin, and house music into a fresh and exciting soundscape. Some of their best songs include I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun, Runaway, It's Alright, I Feel It, Nautilus, and Mawtilus. Each of these tracks is a masterpiece in its own right, featuring infectious grooves, soulful vocals, and expertly crafted production.
Apart from their recorded works, Nuyorican Soul is also known for their thrilling live performances that showcase their virtuosity and musicality. Some of their most famous concerts include their 1997 album launch party at New York's legendary Nell's nightclub, where they shared the stage with legendary Latin and jazz musicians, and their 2001 showcase at London's Jazz Cafe, which was a sold-out affair and a testament to their global appeal.
Critics have hailed Nuyorican Soul as a musical revolution, citing their ability to bridge the gap between diverse musical styles and cultures. In the words of music critic Neil MacKenzie Matthews, Nuyorican Soul is a musical journey that takes us through the heart and soul of Latin, jazz, and house music, with each track a testament to the artistic vision and passion of its creators. Their music is both timeless and contemporary, fusing tradition with innovation and paving the way for future generations of music makers.
In conclusion, Nuyorican Soul is not just a musical project but a celebration of cultural heritage, artistic innovation, and creative collaboration. Their music has touched the hearts and souls of millions of listeners worldwide and continues to inspire and influence new generations of music makers. Their legacy is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring people together towards a common goal of creating something beautiful and meaningful. So, whether you're listening to their classic album or catching one of their unforgettable live performances, Nuyorican Soul is sure to touch your heart and soul and leave you craving for more.

The Soulful Journey of Nuyorican Soul: A Musical Biography

Are you a music lover looking for a fresh sound that combines soul, jazz, and Latin rhythms? Then you must check out Nuyorican Soul. This music project emerged in the mid-90s as a collaboration between two talented producers, Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez. Together, they reshaped the boundaries of contemporary music and brought new life to forgotten classics. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey that explores the origins, highlights, and legacy of Nuyorican Soul.

Nuyorican Soul is not just a band or a genre, but a fusion of styles that reflects the melting pot of New York City. The term Nuyorican refers to people of Puerto Rican descent that live in New York, and that heritage is ingrained in the project's identity. The duo started working together in the late 80s, and soon they became one of the most sought-after remixers in the industry. However, it was in 1996 when Nuyorican Soul released its self-titled album that they became recognized worldwide. The debut album featured an impressive list of guest artists, including Tito Puente, George Benson, and Jocelyn Brown, among others. The album was a success, earning Grammy nominations and critical acclaim.

One of the most iconic tracks of Nuyorican Soul is I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun. The song was originally released in 1971 by the British band Rotary Connection, but it was transformed into a soulful masterpiece under the hands of Vega and Gonzalez. The track features soulful vocals from Jocelyn Brown and infectious percussion. Another standout track is Runaway, which features vocals from India, a renowned singer of Indian descent. The song combines elements of house music, Latin rhythms, and India's vocals to create a vibrant and energizing sound that is hard to resist.

Nuyorican Soul released a second album in 1997, The Remixes, which collected remixes of some of their most popular tracks. The album showcases the duo's ability to reinvent and reinterpret classic songs from different genres, such as Funkadelic's Maggot Brain or Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit. In 1998, they released Masters at Work: Our Time is Coming, which was a compilation of their most significant hits and remixes.

Nuyorican Soul's music is a blend of different styles and influences, ranging from Latin jazz, funk, soul, and house music. The fusion of these styles creates a unique sound that embodies the multicultural nature of New York City. The duo's musical approach is also rooted in the past, as they sampled and remixed classic tracks from the 60s and 70s. Their music is a tribute to the pioneers of these genres, and they managed to bring them to a new generation of listeners.

Nuyorican Soul is more than just a music project; it represents a cultural movement that celebrates diversity and creativity. Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez's collaboration resulted in some of the most memorable tracks of the 90s and influenced a whole generation of producers and DJs. Their legacy lives on in the music they created and in the way they challenged the traditional boundaries of music. If you haven't heard of Nuyorican Soul, we encourage you to check out their albums and discover the magic of their soulful rhythms.
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1 - It's Alright, I Feel It!
2 - The Nervous Track
3 - Runaway
4 - Shoshana
5 - Sweet Tears
6 - Nautilus (Mawtilus)
7 - Mind Fluid
8 - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
9 - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix)
10 - Habriendo El Dominante
11 - You Can Do It (baby)
12 - Maw Latin Blues
13 - Gotta New Life
14 - Roy's Scat
15 - It's Alright, I Feel It
16 - Taita Caneme
17 - The Nervous Track - Ballsy Mix
18 - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix Edit)
19 - It's Alright, I Feel It (mood Ii Swing Remix)
20 - The Nervous Track (ballsy Mix)
21 - It's Alright, I Feel It! (roni Size Remix)
22 - Runaway (spanish Underground Mix)
23 - Runaway (india's Ambient Dream)