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Exploring the Musical Journey of Spagna, the Queen of Italo Disco
For all you music enthusiasts out there, here's a treat for you! We bring to you the legendary Italian artist Ivana Spagna better known as Spagna, whose pumping Italo Disco music and soulful ballads have created a lasting impact on listeners worldwide. From the 1980s through the present day, Spagna has proven that good music knows no bounds. In this blog post, we delve into her musical biography, her genre-bending style, her best songs, famous concerts, and more. Let the journey to explore the life and works of Spagna commence.
Spagna started her career in music quite early, performing in clubs and pubs. She made her big break with her 1987 hit song Easy Lady, which became an instant hit across Europe and established her reputation as the queen of Italo Disco. After her successful debut, she went on to create an array of pop tunes and ballads inspired by the Italo Disco genre, which still remains her trademark style. What distinguishes Spagna from other artists is her ability to mix various genres and create something new.
One of Spagna's most iconic tunes that made her a household name is Call Me. The song features in her second studio album, 'You Are My Energy,' released in 1988. The song's catchy beats, dynamic vocal range, and emotive lyrics have created a lasting impact on pop music and still resonate with listeners worldwide. This song defines Spagna's style and has proven to be one of her most memorable songs to date.
Another great tune by Spagna is Every Girl and Boy, which marked her third album, 'No Way Out.' Released in 1989, the song has a carefree melody with lyrics that evoke a sense of freedom and joy. The dynamic tempo and catchy chorus showcase Spagna's songwriting talent. Even today, the song remains a crowd-pleaser that people always enjoy.
Throughout the 1990s and the 2000s, Spagna continued to captivate fans with her soulful ballads and upbeat tracks. Some of her standout tracks include Dance, Dance, Dance, Why Me, I Wanna Be Your Wife, and Lady Madonna. Each of these tunes has something unique about them, be it the danceable beats, catchy chorus, or Spagna's emotive vocals, making them a must-listen for any music enthusiast.
Spagna's live performances have always been lively and fun. She connects with her fans through her music and stage presence, creating a moment to remember. One of her most notable concerts was the 'SanRemo' festival in 1995, where she performed her hit song Gente Come Noi. Her powerful performance and delivery proved that she was a force to be reckoned with.
In conclusion, Spagna's music has stood the test of time, garnering innumerable fans worldwide. Her genre-bending style, emotive vocals, and inspiring lyrics are a perfect blend that continues to captivate listeners and keep her music relevant. From Easy Lady to Call Me to Dance, Dance, Dance, Spagna's music has something to offer to everyone. Her live performances embody the essence of true music, connecting with fans on a deeper level. If you haven't yet experienced the magic of Spagna's music, it's an opportunity that you shouldn't miss!


1 - Gente Come Noi
2 - Indivisibili
3 - Easy Lady
4 - Every Girl And Boy
5 - Call Me
6 - Sarah
7 - Friday
8 - Acqua
9 - Domani
10 - Mai
11 - Gloria
12 - Jealousy
13 - I Wanna Be Your Wife
14 - Dance Dance Dance
15 - Only Words
16 - I Always Dream About You