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Midlake are an American folk rock band from Denton, Texas, formed in 1999. The band consists of Eric Pulido, McKenzie Smith, Paul Alexander, Eric Nichelson, Jesse Chandler and Joey McClellan.

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She Removes Her Spiral Hair
Paper Gown
Excited But Not Enough

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The Yin and Yang of Midlake's Music - A Critical and Appreciative Look

Have you ever listened to a song by the creative and intriguing indie rock band, Midlake? If not, then get ready for an earful of musical genius. This five-piece, Texas-based outfit has been producing wonderfully original tunes since 1999, blending together folk and psychedelia which creates enrapturing rhythms that have captivated listeners around the world. However, it would be misleading to paint Midlake’s work in only a positive light; while they certainly have earned their place among established musicians today, some people might take issue with certain aspects of specific songs or albums from over the years. In this blog post we are going to take a close look at both sides – something critical and something good – about Midlake so that you can decide if it is meant for your own personal listening pleasure!

Midlake, the Texas-based indie rock band, has been a favorite among music enthusiasts since their inception in 1999. With an original sound blending folk and psychedelia, they have produced captivating rhythms that draw you in from the first note. However, their music is not all sunshine and flowers, and in this blog post, we will analyze both the critical and positive aspects of Midlake's work, giving you an all-around picture of their music for your personal taste.

Let's start with the good stuff. Midlake's music is unique and captivating. Their signature sound, characterized by complex vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental arrangements, creates a dreamy atmosphere that wraps itself around you and takes you on a journey. Their 2006 album, The Trials of Van Occupanther, is a perfect example of this. Its lush production and storytelling style create a mood that feels like a hazy dream of a bygone era. Moreover, their ability to experiment with different sounds and styles is impressive, and this versatility keeps their music fresh and exciting.

However, along with their strengths, there are also critical aspects to Midlake's music. One critique that many might level against them is a lack of variety. Their sound is well-defined and often sticks to familiar elements, so it may feel repetitive to some listeners. Moreover, some might find their songs to be too long or drawn-out, especially when the band is focusing more on the instrumental aspects of the music instead of the songwriting. Overall, Midlake's style is for a specific type of listener that appreciates the slower pace of music and the nostalgic quality of their sound.

Another aspect of Midlake's music that deserves mention is their lyrical depth. Their songs are often introspective and melancholic, exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption. Their 2010 album, The Courage of Others, is a great example of this; it's a brooding, introspective piece that leaves you feeling like you've journeyed through a vast, emotionally charged landscape. This emotional depth can be both beautiful and challenging, as some listeners might find the lyrics too heavy or the themes too abstract to connect to.

In conclusion, Midlake's music is a poetic and enigmatic journey through the landscapes of folk and psychedelia. Their sound creates a captivating, dreamy atmosphere that transports you to another time and place. However, with this style comes some critical aspects - their music can be repetitive at times and not for everyone's taste. Nonetheless, their music is noteworthy for its emotional depth, storytelling, and experimental sound. In the end, if you're a fan of indie rock that explores sonic possibilities and lyrical themes with poetic depth, then Midlake is definitely worth exploring.
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1 - Roscoe
2 - Young Bride
3 - Head Home
4 - Acts Of Man
5 - Provider
6 - It's Going Down
7 - Aurora Gone
8 - Bandits
9 - Branches
10 - You Never Arrived
11 - In This Camp
12 - It Covers The Hillsides
13 - Chasing After Deer
14 - Winter Dies
15 - Core Of Nature
16 - Fortune
17 - Small Mountain
18 - Rulers, Ruling All Things
19 - Children Of The Grounds
20 - Bring Down
21 - Van Occupanther
22 - We Gathered In Spring
23 - The Old And The Young
24 - Antiphon
25 - Roscoe - Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Remix
26 - The Horn
27 - In The Ground
28 - Kingfish Pies
29 - Balloon Maker
30 - They Cannot Let It Expand
31 - I Guess I'll Take Care
32 - It's Going Down
33 - No One Knew Where We Were
34 - Some Of Them Were Superstitious
35 - Mr. Amateur
36 - He Tried To Escape
37 - Anabel
38 - Vale
39 - Mopper's Medley
40 - Ages
41 - This Weight
42 - Corruption
43 - Excited But Not Enough
44 - Paper Gown
45 - She Removes Her Spiral Hair


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