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Microthol is a unique art of its kind. It's a medley of musical history lived and performed at its best. Through microthol, the audience is captivated by a mystical merging of time featuring unforgettable melodies, iconic songs, inspiring rhythms, and powerful anthems. These masterful compositions transport you to an era of vibrant sounds ranging from blues and jazz to alternative rock and other sultry genres.
The Magical World of Microthol: A Must-Read for Music Lovers!
Whenever we talk about electronic music, it's impossible not to mention the amazing artist Microthol. Microthol is a prominent figure in the electronic music industry and has been creating a huge stir in the music industry with its unbelievable soundscapes and engaging musical beats. In this article, we are going to dive into the world of Microthol and uncover its musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts and critic at the end of the post.
Microthol is a pseudonym of Erich Bogatzky from Vienna, Austria. He began his music career in the mid-1990s as a DJ. He was a regular DJ at the most famous nightclubs in Vienna before moving on to producing electronic music in the early 2000s. Microthol has been known as an innovator who decided to create new concepts to redefine electronic music forever.
Music Genre:
Microthol's musical genre is diverse and an infusion of many sub-genres of electronic music. Microthol incorporates warm techno elements, spacey ambience and strong funk influences, all infused with intricate patterns of melody and rhythm.
Top Songs:
Microthol has released many remarkable tracks throughout its career. But if we talk about the best tracks of Microthol, then Modulator is a must-listen track. Modulator is a powerful techno track. It is characterized by a robust drumbeat, deep bass, and dynamic synth riffs all blending together in perfect harmony. Another track, named Traveller, reminds us of the legendary Kraftwerk with its retro- futuristic soundscapes.
Famous Concerts:
Microthol has done many live shows, but one of the most memorable and talked-about happened in 2015 at Berlin's famed Berghain club. It was an unforgettable event that exposed Microthol's ability at the highest level. During the set, the whole audience was drawn into a unique world of sound, a flow of emotion that made it an unforgettable night.
Michael Arlington, a well-known music critic and journalist, said in an interview with Microthol, Microthol is one of the most talented music producers of this generation. Their sound is not only ominous but captures the listener's attention to experience music in a new light by fusing different elements of electronic music with contemporary sound.
In conclusion, Microthol has created a distinct niche in the electronic music industry by bringing together different music genres and producing one-of-a-kind tracks. It's incredible how Microthol blends many elements to create a unique sound. Microthol undoubtedly remains one of the most exciting electronic music producers, and its music continues to captivate listeners worldwide.


1 - Schwarzschild Effect
2 - Mechanical Empire
3 - Midnight Moroder
4 - Binary Systems
5 - Acid Bosons
6 - Hydrogen Bonding
7 - Ghost Wave Detector
8 - Proton Decay
9 - Heliopolis
10 - Microkosmos
11 - Fragile
12 - stringslinger
13 - Smallfish
14 - Sweet Water Tank
15 - Late Shift At The Meson Factory
16 - Hostile Invasion
17 - Optical Refraction
18 - Deceptive Behaviour
19 - Fly
20 - Supergravity Solutions
21 - Drive Control
22 - Mod_electro_mix4
23 - Eigenstate Modulator
24 - Dissonanz
25 - Armoury Funk
26 - Atlas Detection
27 - The Bliss
28 - Midnight Moroder (alexander Robotnick Remix)
29 - Dark Star
30 - Andolit Swaras